Goal and highlights: Leon 0-1 FC Juarez in Liga MX 2021


9:00 PMa month ago

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8:59 PMa month ago

Goal and highlights

7:57 PMa month ago

Match ends!

With a stunning free kick goal by Jefferson Intriago, FC Juárez surprises and defeats León in Guanajuato.

With this result, the Borderers will leave the basement of the standings with 8 points, while the Esmeraldas will remain at the top of the table with 15 points.

On the tenth date of Liga MX, the Bravos will host Querétaro and La Fiera will visit Atlas.


(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
7:51 PMa month ago


Five minutes of repositioning are added.
7:44 PMa month ago


FC Juárez also makes its last change: Flavio Santos replaces Fabián Castillo.
7:44 PMa month ago


León changes its lineup for the last time in the match: Iván Rodríguez and Emmanuel Gigliotti replace Santiago Colombatto and José Ramírez.
7:41 PMa month ago


FC Juárez also makes another move: Alberto Acosta comes off and Pol García comes on.
7:41 PMa month ago


Cota! Rodolfo dives in and makes a great save on Jefferson Intriago's goal-bound shot.
7:32 PMa month ago


Jefferson Intriago scored from a free kick to put the Bravos ahead on the scoreboard.
7:30 PMa month ago


Santiago Colombatto, player of León, receives a yellow card for a strong infraction on Fabián Castillo.
7:28 PMa month ago


León makes a new substitution: Jean Meneses replaces Elías Hernández.
7:28 PMa month ago


León has clearly dominated play in the second half; however, they have not yet managed to get on the scoreboard.
7:17 PMa month ago


Hugo González! The Bravos' goalkeeper was outstanding and twice prevented the Fiera from taking the lead after containing shots from Ángel Mena and Luis Montes.
7:10 PMa month ago


FC Juárez also changes its lineup for the first time in the game: Jaime Gómez comes on in place of Paul Aguilar.
7:09 PMa month ago


León made its first moves of the match: Víctor Dávila and Luis Montes came on for Gabriel Ormeño and Luis Montes.
7:08 PMa month ago


Stiven Barreiro! The home defender looks alert and, close to the goal line, clears Fabián Castillo's shot.
7:06 PMa month ago

The second half begins!

The match between León and Juárez resumes.
6:49 PMa month ago

First half ends!

After 45+3', León and Juárez are tied in Guanajuato; both teams have not been at their best, especially the home team.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
6:47 PMa month ago


Three minutes of stoppage time were added.
6:47 PMa month ago


In the last few minutes, the pace of the game has slowed down as both teams have lowered their intensity and continue to generate very little danger.
6:35 PMa month ago


Great defensive work by Alberto Acosta as he swept the ball away from Omar Fernandez, who was on his way to score inside the box.
6:33 PMa month ago


Paul Aguilar, FC Juárez defender, becomes the first cautioned player of the match.
6:26 PMa month ago


Little by little, FC Juárez has evened out possession of the ball, and when they don't have it, they retreat in the middle block, making it difficult for León to progress easily.
6:19 PMa month ago


Rodolfo Cota reacted well to deny Maximiliano Olivera's low shot; FC Juárez looked the better side on the counterattack.
6:10 PMa month ago


For the moment, and as expected, León has taken the initiative and possession of the ball.

They have already made their presence felt in FC Juárez's area, but have not been able to finish the play with the final touch.

6:00 PMa month ago

The match is underway!

The ball is rolling! León and FC Juárez are already facing each other at the Nou Camp.
5:49 PMa month ago

Leaders of FC Juarez

For now, Argentine Gabriel Fernández, who was not called up for this game due to injury, has been the most important player in the Bravos' offense.
(Foto: Liga MX)
(Foto: Liga MX)
5:44 PMa month ago

Leaders of Leon

For the moment, and once again for another tournament, Ángel Mena has been the most outstanding element of the Fiera's offense.
(Foto: Liga MX)
(Foto: Liga MX)
5:37 PMa month ago

FC Juarez: substitutes

Felipe Rodríguez; Adrián Mora, Luis Pavez, Pol García, Jaime Gómez, José Madueña, Andrés Iniestra, Francisco Contreras, Flavio Santos y Carlos Rosel.
5:37 PMa month ago

Leon: substitutes

Iván Vázquez; Gil Burón, William Tesillo, Pedro Hernández, José Rodríguez, Luis Montes, Jean Meneses, Jesse Zamudio, Víctor Dávila and Emmanuel Gigliotti.
5:32 PMa month ago

FC Juarez: confirmed lineup

Hugo González; Maximiliano Oliveira (C), Paul Aguilar, José García, Víctor Velázquez, Alberto Acosta, José Esquivel, Matías García, Jefferson Intriago, Diego Rolan y Fabián Castillo.
5:27 PMa month ago

Leon: confirmed lineup

Rodolfo Cota; Andrés Mosquera, Jaine Barreiro, Osvaldo Rodríguez, Elías Hernández, Santiago Colombatto, Fidel Ambriz, Ángel Mena, José Ramírez, Santiago Ormeño and Omar Fernández.
5:22 PMa month ago

History between Esmeraldas and Bravos

Historically, in short Liga MX tournaments, these two institutions have faced each other on four occasions, with three wins for León and one draw.

FC Juárez has yet to defeat the Fiera.

5:17 PMa month ago

Referee designations for the León vs FC Juárez match

The central referee for this match will be Adonaí Escobedo; Marco Bisguerra, first line; Mauricio Nieto, second line; and Brian González, fourth official.
5:12 PMa month ago

Let's get started!

There is just under an hour to go before León and FC Juárez face off; both teams are already set up at the Guanajuato stadium and will be warming up in a moment.
5:07 PMa month ago

Tune in here Leon vs FC Juarez Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Leon vs FC Juarez live, as well as the latest information from Nou Camp Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
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FC Juarez: last lineup

Hugo González; Pol García, Paul Aguilar, Víctor Velázquez, Alberto Acosta, José Esquivel, Flavio Santos, Matías García, Jefferson Intriago, Diego Rolan and Fabián Castillo.
4:52 PMa month ago

Leon: last lineup

Rodolfo Cota; Andrés Mosquera, William Tesillo, Jaine Barreiro, Osvaldo Rodríguez, José Rodríguez, Elías Hernández, Ángel Mena, Santiago Colombatto, Víctor Dávila and Omar Fernández.
4:47 PMa month ago

How is FC Juarez coming along?

On Friday, the Borderers took advantage of their home advantage at the Estadio Benítez Juárez to surprise and beat Cruz Azul 2-1, with goals from Pol García and Víctor Velázquez.
4:42 PMa month ago

What's next for Leon?

Last Saturday, in their visit to the Estadio Universitario, and in one of the best duels of the competition, the Esmeraldas drew 2-2 against Tigres; their goals were scored by Elías Hernández and Ángel Mena.
4:37 PMa month ago

FC Juarez, to get out of the basement

Meanwhile, the team coached by Ricardo Ferretti has had a very poor performance in terms of both performance and results; for the moment, it is in the last position (18) in the classification with 5 points, the result of one win, two draws and five losses. They have scored seven goals and conceded fourteen.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
4:32 PMa month ago

Leon, in search of the runner-up position

The team coached by Ariel Holan has accompanied its good footballing performance with positive results; it currently occupies fourth place in the general table with 15 points, after four wins, three draws and one loss. They have scored thirteen goals and conceded nine.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
4:27 PMa month ago

León and Juárez, with different realities

This Saturday afternoon, in the state of Guanajuato, the Fiera and the Bravos will play one of the matches that, on paper, looks like one of the most contrasting of this week's matches, due to the current situation and the totally different squads that both institutions have in the current Mexican soccer competition.
4:22 PMa month ago

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