Goals and Highlights: Venados 1-2 Cruz Azul in Friendly Match
Image: VAVEL


12:02 AM5 months ago


Watch the best moments of Venados 1-2 Cruz Azul.


11:53 PM5 months ago


The game is over, the score is 1-2 in favor of Cruz Azul
11:52 PM5 months ago


3 minutes are added
11:50 PM5 months ago


Goal Cruz Azul Cabecita Rodríguez defines on the left, the goalkeeper touches the ball but cannot prevent it from entering
11:48 PM5 months ago


Penalty in favor of Cruz Azul, foul from Mayo about Jonathan Rodriguez
11:42 PM5 months ago


Shot by Santiago Giménez that is blocked by Venados' goalkeeper.
11:40 PM5 months ago


The Cruz Azul players called for a foul outside the area, the referee said there was no foul.
11:39 PM5 months ago


Substitutiton Venados

Off: Doupre

Enter: Gómez

11:37 PM5 months ago


Center below Rodríguez the ball is rejected, corner for Cruz Azul
11:36 PM5 months ago


Goal Cruz Azul defensive error on the left, the ball rebounds to Jonathan who passes to Huescas and defines an empty goal
11:32 PM5 months ago


Martinez's center on the left, the rejection is defensive throw-in for Cruz Azul
11:29 PM5 months ago


The forward of Cruz Azul dont hit the ball in the hand-to-hand big mistake of Santiago Giménez.
11:27 PM5 months ago


Dangerous free kick for Venados outside the area
11:26 PM5 months ago


Great collective play by Venados, the shot goes wide
11:25 PM5 months ago


Substitution Cruz Azul

Off: Gudiño

Entra: Corona

11:21 PM5 months ago


Free kick in favor of Cruz Azul, could be the tying goal.
11:18 PM5 months ago


Clear chance by Venados in hand-to-hand sends it over the goal
11:16 PM5 months ago


Dangerous free kick for Venados Martinez's rejection is good, throw-in.
11:14 PM5 months ago


Offside of Zerezero
11:12 PM5 months ago


Long distance shot that goes off track, goal kick for Venados.
11:08 PM5 months ago


Foul on Pablo Aguilar, on the left side, free kick in favor of Cruz Azul.
11:04 PM5 months ago


The second half starts at the Carlos Iturralde Rivero stadium
10:50 PM5 months ago


The first half ends Venados 1-0 Cruz Azul.
10:49 PM5 months ago


Midfield foul on Zerecero free kick in favor of Venados
10:41 PM5 months ago



Venados  Change                                                                     Off: Ortegón Enter: Lora


10:38 PM5 months ago


Angulo's shot passes near the goal, goal kick Venados.
10:36 PM5 months ago


Substitution of Cruz Azul 

Off: Jurado

Enter: Gudiño

10:34 PM5 months ago


Center by the right side of Mora, the header goes a little off-track, goal kick for Cruz Azul
10:33 PM5 months ago


Angulo was trying to shoot outside the area but a defender steals the ball from him.
10:26 PM5 months ago


González's foul on Alvarado dangerous free kick for Cruz Azul
10:23 PM5 months ago


Offside from Cruz Azul
10:20 PM5 months ago


Venados makes short passes between them looking for space to attack Cruz Azul
10:16 PM5 months ago


Goal Venados, great shot from Amador hitting the post on the right outside the area, great goal from the young man.
10:14 PM5 months ago


Very slow game, without a clear possession of a team.
10:10 PM5 months ago


Deep pass to Angulo, offside
10:08 PM5 months ago


Start the game in Yucatan, enjoy it.
10:07 PM5 months ago

Lineup Venados

The XI starters from the home team.

Dogrpre, Luna, González, González, Martínez, Enríquez, Amador, Mayo, Zerecero, Pérez, Lora.

10:03 PM5 months ago

Lineup Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul has this XI starters.


9:57 PM5 months ago

Carlos Iturralde Romero Stadium

The stadium is named after Carlos Iturralde Rivero in honor of the only Yucatecan soccer player who has played for the Mexican national team. It was inaugurated in 1987, it has an approximate capacity for 18,000 spectators and boxes for local executives and visitors, as well as for press spaces.

The first goal in the history of the stadium was scored by the Yucatecan Alonso Diego Molina.

9:53 PM5 months ago

Warm up away team

The away team already warm up at the Carlos Iturralde Rivero Stadium


9:45 PM5 months ago

Schedule Venados

The Liga de Expansión MX team announced their schedule.


9:39 PM5 months ago

Schedule Cruz Azul

Here the most attractive games of Cruz Azul.

WEEK 1 Cruz Azul vs Xolos

WEEK 3 Monterrey vs Cruz Azul

WEEK 4 León vs Cruz Azul

WEEK 6 Toluca vs Cruz Azul

WEEK 7 Cruz Azul vs Santos Laguna

WEEK 8 Tigres vs Cruz Azul

WEEK 10 Cruz Azul vs Pumas

WEEK 17 América vs Cruz Azul

9:29 PM5 months ago

Preseason Cruz Azul

After tonight's game, Cruz Azul will travel to Pachuca, Hidalgo, where he will face the Tuzos in his second preseason game.
9:26 PM5 months ago


In recent days there has been a strong news that Roberto Alvarado will go to Guadalajara while they will arrive at the Noria Mayorga and Antuna. Definitely who does not win in the exchange of players is Cruz Azul.
9:18 PM5 months ago

Out of Cruz Azul

These players will no longer be part of the Cruz Azul squad for Apertura 2022.                                                                  Walter Montoya

Yoshimar Yotún

Orbelín Pineda

Alexis Pena



9:14 PM5 months ago

New Players Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul is being assembled for the new campaign in 2022, so it signed the Uruguayan Christian Tabó from Puebla
9:06 PM5 months ago

Weather conditions

24 ° C Precipitation probability: 11% Humidity: 90%. Wind: at 0 km / h.
7:05 PM5 months ago

Stay tuned to follow Venados de Mérida vs Cruz Azul live in a preseason friendly match.

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Where and how to watch Venados de Mérida vs Cruz Azul online and live in preseason friendly match.

The match will not be broadcast.

If you want to watch the match online, VAVEL is your best option.

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Key player of Cruz Azul

Christian Tabó:

He arrived yesterday at Cruz Azul's hotel and became the first reinforcement of the team for the Clausura 2022 tournament, he comes from Puebla being the 10th player and the figurehead for the team coached by Larcamon, much is expected of this player and in this preseason game he seeks to demonstrate why he arrived at Cruz Azul to earn the starting position.

6:50 PM5 months ago

Key player of Venados

Eduardo Herrera:

An old acquaintance in first division, with 33 years old he is the player with more experience in the Venados team, in the tournament he had 15 games as a starter and scored 4 goals, in first division, he was in teams like Puebla, Necaxa, Santos Laguna, Veracruz, and with the team that shined the most were the Pumas of the UNAM. 


6:45 PM5 months ago

Cruz Azul's latest lineup

This is the last lineup that Professor Juan Máximo Reynoso sent to the field:

6:40 PM5 months ago

Latest Venados de Mérida lineup

This is the latest lineup of Venados de Mérida:

6:35 PM5 months ago

Cruz Azul: Testing young players and the possible debut of Christian Tabó.

The team coached by Juan Reynoso will have its first preseason game against Venados, this game will be of great importance to see young players such as Rodrigo Huescas, who had already made his debut in the first team, as well as the first reinforcement of the team, Christian Tabó, who comes from Puebla and is an old acquaintance of Professor Juan Reynoso.
6:30 PM5 months ago

Venados: Gain experience against first division teams.

Venados will host Cruz Azul in a friendly match that they should take advantage of to gain experience with first division teams, remembering that in the last tournament they finished in 9th place and were eliminated in the quarterfinals against the current finalists, Potros de Hierro del Atlante.
6:25 PM5 months ago


Good evening to all VAVEL friends!

Welcome to the live broadcast of Venados vs Cruz Azul, a preseason friendly match. The match will take place at Carlos Iturralde Rivero Stadium at 20:00 CDMX.