Resume and Highlights: Tigres 1-0 Rayadas in Liga MX Women´s 2023


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Thank you for following the Tigres 1-0 Rayadas game, tonight the Amazons advanced to another final, while Rayadas ends their cycle with Eva Espejo. Be sure to visit so that you don't miss any Liga MX Femenil match.
11:06 PM16 days ago


Tigres advances to the final after defeating Rayadas by the minimum score at the Volcan, and will now face America in a rematch of the last final.
11:01 PM16 days ago


The match ends with a victory for Tigres.
10:56 PM17 days ago


Tigres does not lend the ball to the rival.
10:51 PM17 days ago


The game is already 7 minutes into the second half and the match is very tight due to multiple fouls.
10:46 PM17 days ago


A powerful shot that the Rayadas goalkeeper manages to clear.
10:41 PM17 days ago


Chinwendu misses one in the box.
10:36 PM17 days ago


Rayadas is saved from the second.
10:31 PM17 days ago


Goooooooooooool Tigres! Mayor alone in the box finds the ball and shoots with power to force Rayadas to score two.
10:26 PM17 days ago


A very dangerous play by Rayadas that almost ended in an own goal by Tigres.
10:21 PM17 days ago


The duel is very close and it looks like it will be a decisive goal.
10:16 PM17 days ago


Tigres change
In: Mercado 
Out: Antonio
10:11 PM17 days ago


Substitution of Rayadas

In: Burkenroad and García. 
Out: Evangelista and Giammona.

10:06 PM17 days ago


Rayadas' long-range shot goes wide.
10:01 PM17 days ago


Rayadas has a chance, but it's not as clear-cut.
9:56 PM17 days ago


Rodriguez receives a yellow card.
9:51 PM17 days ago


The visitors are saved from conceding a goal.
9:46 PM17 days ago


Rayadas approaches the goal.
9:41 PM17 days ago


The second half begins.
9:36 PM17 days ago


End of the first half.
9:31 PM17 days ago


4 minutes are added to the first half.
9:26 PM17 days ago


Mayor again misses one in front of the box.
9:21 PM17 days ago


Tigres makes a great recovery and comes out playing.
9:16 PM17 days ago


Great mistake by Rayadas, but the play is disallowed.
9:11 PM17 days ago


Reyes shoots outside the area and sends the ball wide.
9:06 PM17 days ago


Rayadas also wants to respond, but is more erratic in front of the box.
9:01 PM17 days ago


Another erratic arrival by Tigres.
8:56 PM17 days ago


Tigres continues to try to score the goal that gives them the lead.
8:51 PM17 days ago


Rayadas wants to respond by coming down the right flank.
8:46 PM17 days ago


Antonio misses a great opportunity in the area.
8:41 PM17 days ago


The game is starting to look like the first leg.
8:36 PM17 days ago

Mayor, unmarked, heads in front of the goal and the goalkeeper gets her hands on the ball.
8:31 PM17 days ago

Seoposenwe makes a big mistake inside the box.
8:26 PM17 days ago

Rayadas with a mistake at the start feels the pressure of the rival.
8:21 PM17 days ago

First shot by Rayadas and the ball easily reaches the goalkeeper's hands.
8:16 PM17 days ago

The match begins at the volcan.
8:11 PM17 days ago

Rayadas is in the stadium

Thus came the visiting team:
8:06 PM17 days ago

Starting XI Rayadas

This is how the visiting team comes out:
8:01 PM17 days ago

Tigres starting XI

This is how the home team comes out:
7:56 PM17 days ago

Raydas without her trainer

Eva Espejo, Rayadas' coach, was sent off in the first leg and will miss tonight's game. The bad news is that it may have been her last game as Rayadas' coach, as she announced that she will leave the club at the end of the tournament, but if she advances, she will be able to say goodbye in the final.
7:51 PM17 days ago

The felines are on their way to the stadium

This is how Tigres left for the stadium:
7:46 PM17 days ago

Tigres gets bigger against Rayados

Tigres has been very dominant in the League and this has brought them great success, but in the Regio Classic they have been able to hold off Rayadas, after not losing in four consecutive league and playoff matches.
7:41 PM17 days ago

Another tie approaching?

The first leg between Tigres and Rayadas ended in a goalless draw in one of the duels with few thrills, but it was a foregone conclusion, since in 31 matches they have drawn in 15 games, and should they draw tonight, Tigres would be the one to advance to the final due to their position in the standings.
7:36 PM17 days ago

America awaits opponent

The first team to qualify for the final is America Femenil, the team from the capital city qualified after defeating Chivas with a score of 4-3, America is reaching its third consecutive final and is undoubtedly a great candidate to win the trophy.
7:31 PM17 days ago

We continue

Thank you for following the Tigres vs Rayadas telecast, tonight we are expecting a great duel between two of the best teams in the league. Stay tuned because below we will tell you everything you need to know before the start of the second leg of the semifinal.
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Stay tuned to follow Tigres vs Rayadas live here

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Tigres vs Rayadas live, as well as the latest information from the Universitario Stadium. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch Tigres vs Rayadas online and live

The match will be televised on VIX.
Tigres vs Rayadas can be tuned in from VIX's live streams.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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Watch out for this Rayadas player

Christina Burkenroad, forward. One of the best players in the league, with 30 years old she is living her best moments as a Rayada player, she is currently the top scorer of the team in this tournament scoring 10 goals in 14 games played, now more than ever Rayadas will need goals and this player will be crucial to get the victory.
7:11 PM17 days ago

Watch out for this Tigres player

Maricarmen Reyes, Midfielder. At the age of 23 she has become a goal scoring champion scoring 15 times, now more than ever her team will need her contribution, since it is a duel where the second finalist will be defined, at home and with their people they have the best scenario to reach another final.
7:06 PM17 days ago

Latest Rayadas lineup

Tajonar, Bernal, Cadena, Bernal, Del Campo, Giammona, Perez, Delgadillo, Simental, Seoposenwe, Burkenroad.
7:01 PM17 days ago

Latest Tigres lineup

Santiago, Espinoza, Rodriguez, Gutierrez, Antonio, Delgado, Ovalle, Ferral, Cruz, Reyes, Mayor.
6:56 PM17 days ago

Arbitration quartet

Central: Priscila Perez. Assistants: Enedina Caudillo and Luis Garcia. Fourth official: Aranza Quero.
6:51 PM17 days ago

Rayadas with a complicated outlook

Rayadas is not coming from a great tournament, however, they remained in the top 4, the superiority of the 4 big teams over the rest of the teams is notorious, but they are the 4 semifinalists, the best teams and the ones that guarantee a show, Rayadas has a big test against Tigres and they must not only go out to win, the team must recover their form to be able to score, In the first leg, Rayadas were without Simental and Eva Espejo, the latter announced that she will not continue with the team after the end of the tournament. With all this against them, Rayadas knows that they need to go out for the victory, regardless of who is waiting for them in the final, Rayadas must play against Tigres in an early final, this is where they are required to play at the highest level or else they will be out.
6:46 PM17 days ago

Tigres to show its competitive level

The Amazons did not have the best tournament and, nevertheless, it was enough for them to win the league leadership, Tigres was not the goal-scoring machine they had been for a long time, but the squad was still one of the best, the Amazons are a very dangerous team in the playoffs and they made this clear when they faced Pumas, but without a doubt the victory was budgeted, Their biggest challenge would be in the semis against Rayadas, their biggest rival was once again in the final stages and in the playoffs it is well known that surprises always come. In the first leg, both teams had few opportunities and Tigres were unable to take advantage of their numerical advantage in practically the entire second half; their advantage is that in the second leg a draw will be enough to advance to another final.
Tigres Union/Image: TigresFemenil
Tigres Union/Image: TigresFemenil
6:41 PM17 days ago

There is no tomorrow

The second leg semifinals of the MX women's league have arrived and the classic regio will determine the second finalist, the great party of women's soccer is waiting for the next great competitor, what was seen in the first leg game disappointed many, however there is no advantage for anyone on the scoreboard, the big challenge now is for Rayadas, while Tigres with a draw qualifies.
6:36 PM17 days ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Tigres vs Rayadas match, corresponding to the Liguilla Liga MX Women's 2023. The match will take place at the Estadio Universitario at 9:00 PM ET.