Seventh Umpire Added To League Championship and World Series Crew

The was reported by The Associated Press that the Major League Baseball will have a seventh umpire running the League Championship games and the World Series. The main reason for this is to get balls and strikes correct. This season, with the expansion of the replay system, almost every play has been called or reversed correctly. 

An extra official that will cover home plate for Game One and switch to the right field for Game Two. The seventh umpire will shift back to the replay booth back in New York for the rest of the series. Another umpire will cover the replay booth duties for the first two games of the series and then will work on the field. 

There will be six umpires running the wild card games and the best of five series. The seventh umpire was created by both the players union and the league. 

According to ESPN, the MLB began having six umpires on the field starting up during the 1947 World Series, way back when Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers opened the series at Yankee Stadium.