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The Orioles advance to the ALCS after a 3-0 sweep of the Tigers.

FINAL: Orioles 2, Tigers 1

Bottom of 9th, 3 Outs: Hernan Perez grounded into a double play, third to second to first, Nick Castellanos out at second. 

Bottom of 9th, 1 Out: Zach Britton intentionally walks Nick Castellanos.

Bottom of 9th, 1 Out: Bryan Holaday strikes out swinging. 

Bottom of 9th, 0 Outs: J.D. Martinez doubles to deep right. Victor Martinez scores.

Bottom of 9th, 0 Outs: Victor Martinez doubles to deep left.

Top of 9th, 3 Outs: Nick Hundley strikes out on a 92 MPH fastball.

Top of 9th, 2 Outs: J.J. Hardy flies out to center.

Top of 9th, 1 Out: David Lough flies out to third.

Bottom of 8th, 3 Outs: Ian Kinsler grounded out to third and Torii Hunter grounded out to second. Miguel Cabrera later grounded out to second base.

Top of 8th, 3 Outs: Nelson Cruz picked off at first. 

Top of 8th, 2 Outs: Nelson Cruz grounded into a fielder's choice. Adam Jones out at second.

Top of 8th, 1 Out: Adam Jones walked on six pitches.

Top of 8th, 1 Out: Steve Pearce flies out to center. 

Bottom of 7th, 3 Outs:  Rajai Davis popped out to second base. 

Bottom of 7th, 1 Out: Nick Castellanos walked on seven pitches. 

Bottom of 7th, 1 Out: Bryan Holaday fouled out to the short stop. 

Top of 7th, 3 Outs: Nick Markakis struck out swinging on a 94 MPH fastball. 

Top of 7th, 2 Outs: Ian Kinsler bobbles the ball, but gets Ryan Flaherty at second base. 

Top of 7th, 1 Out: Nick Hundley popped out to first and then Ryan Flaherty singles to center. 

Bottom of 6th, 3 Outs: J.D. Martinez grounds out to second.

Bottom of 6th, 2 Outs: Bud Norris gets Victor Martinez to ground out to first.

Bottom of 6th, 1 Out: Miguel Cabrera grounds out to third base on the first pitch. 

Top of 6th, 3 Outs: J.J. Hardy goes down looking on 94 MPH fastball from David Price

Top of 6th, 2 Outs: Delmon Young grounds out to David Price.

Top of 6th, 1 Out: Nelson Cruz goes deep on an 84 MPH fastball. He ripped that ball just around the foul pole for a two-run home run. That is his second of the series. 

Top of 6th, 1 Out: Adam Jones hits a slow grounder between the third baseman and short stop. He reaches base with a single.

Top of 6th, 1 Out: Steve Pearce flies out to left field. 

Alex Avila has trouble getting back to his feet after taking foul off his mask and comes out of the game.

Bottom of 5th, 3 Outs: Bud Norris gets Torii Hunter to fly out to right field after throwing only one pitch.

Bottom of 5th, 2 Outs: Bud Norris gets Ian Kinsler to pop out to second base. 

Bottom of 5th, 1 Out: Don Kelly struck out swinging, but is safe at first on wild pitch by Bud Norris

Bottom of 5th, 1 Out: Andrew Romine grounds out to second base. He is o for 2 in this ball game. 

Top of 5th, 3 Outs: David Price gets Nick Markakis to strike out looking on a 93 MPH fastball. Still zero's on the board. 

Top of 5th, 2 Outs: On the first pitch to Jonathan Schoop, he flies out to shallow right. Torii Hunter had to hustle for that ball. 

Top of 5th, 1 Out: Ryan Flaherty grounds out to Ian Kinsler. David Price came back from down 3-0 in the at-bat to get Flaherty. 

Bottom of 4th, 3 Outs: Bud Norris gets Nick Castellanos swinging on an 86 MPH slider. That pitch has really been working for him today.

Bottom of 4th, 2 Outs: Alex Avila strikes out on a 94 MPH fastball by Bud Norris

Bottom of 4th, 1 Out: J.D. Martinez grounds out to the pitcher Bud Norris on the first pitch of the at-bat. 

Top of 4th, 3 Outs: Nick Hundley flies out to deep center field. Don Kelly made the running catch for the Tigers. 

Top of 4th, 2 Outs: David Price battles back and gets J.J. Hardy to fly out to center field on an 88 MPH cutter.

Top of 4th, 1 Out: David Price tosses a 94 MPH fastball and gets Delmon Young swinging right through the pitch.

Top of 4th, 0 Outs: Nelson Cruz nails the ball right under the reach of Ian Kinsler. He did a great job of just trying to put the ball in play.

That was a crucial out for the Orioles. The Tigers had two runners in scoring position. 

Bottom of 3rd, 3 Outs: Bud Norris gets Victor Martinez to fly out to shallow center after a nine pitch at-bat.

Bottom of 3rd, 2 Outs: Miguel Cabrera grounds into a fielder's choice. Torii Hunter safe at third on throwing error by J.J. Hardy.

Bottom of 3rd, 2 Outs: Torii Hunter grounds into a fielder's choice, Don Kelly runs half-way to third, but turns and and gets thrown out at second.

The Orioles missed on 24.6 percent of the fastballs they saw thrown in the upper third of the strike zone or higher, above league average. David Price allowed a slash line of .178/.239/.284 in plate appearances to end in such pitches this season, all lower than league average.

Don Kelly takes second base after getting a really good jump.

Bottom of 3rd, 1 Out: Ian Kinsler flies out to shallow left field. 

Bottom of 3rd, o Outs: Don Kelly singles and gets things started for the Tigers offense. 

Bottom of 3rd, 0 Outs: The Tigers will be led by Don Kelly, Ian Kinsler and Torii Hunter this half inning. 

Sorry for the delay. Through two and a half innings, the game is tied 0-0.

The starting lineups are set. We are about 40 minutes away from baseball. 

1. N. Markakis, RF I. Kinsler, 2B
2. S. Pearce, 1B T. Hunter, RF
3. A. Jones, CF M. Cabrera, 1B
4. N. Cruz, DH V. Martinez, DH
5. D. Young, LF J. Martinez, LF
6. J. Hardy, SS A. Avila, C
7. N. Hundley, C N. Castellanos, 3B
8. R. Flaherty, 3B A. Romine, SS
9. J. Schoop, 2B D. Kelly, CF

2:38 PM EST - Showalter was asked about slugger Chris Davis, who was suspended last month following a positive test for an amphetamine. The 25-game suspension came with 17 left in the regular season, so the Orioles would need to advance for him to have any chance of returning. "If we don't win one more game against Detroit, nothing is going to come next," Showalter said. "That's something we will turn our attention to if and when his days are up. ... I talk with Chris as often as possible."

2:37 PM EST - If the Tigers do not win today, they will be eliminated and the Orioles will move on to the American League Championship Series. This is a crucial matchup for manager Brad Ausmus and the Detroit Tigers

2:33 PM EST - "They won the American League Central, and they did some really good things with all their players," Showalter said. "I've said before that when this thing's over, the team that wins is going to have some weaknesses, and the teams that are eliminated are going to have some strengths, but it's a cold world this time of year."

2:28 PM EST - The Orioles have been led by Delmon Young. The veteran has had one at-bat, but it was a crucial at-bat. He ripped a drive down the line to clear the bases and lead Baltimore to a late game win. 

2:25 PM EST - Nelson Cruz has went 4 for 8  with three RBI's. Cruz added a home runs in Game 1 of the series. Nick Markakis has been another superstar for the Orioles to this point in the postseason. He has hit .375 along with one home run and three RBI's.

2:21 PM EST - As expected, Miguel Cabrera has led the way for the Tigers. He is 4 for 7 with a double and a home run. He has also racked up one RBI. The other two threats for the Tigers have been Victor Martinez and J.D. Martinez. The "Martinez Bro's" have gone 5 for 16 with three RBI's and three home runs. However, the strike out rates have been up, six strikeouts between the two sluggers. 

2:16 PM EST - "I've pitched in some big games in my career. This obviously might be the biggest," Norris said. "But as far as I'm concerned, it's another 60 feet, 6 inches. I'm just going to go out there and compete and pitch as best I can."

2:14 PM EST - Baltimore was planning to send Miguel Gonzalez to the mound, but made a change to Bud Norris on Saturday afternoon. After four straight losing seasons, Norris got back on track with a 15-8 record and a 3.65 ERA. He started 28 games and gave up a total of 67 earned runs. 

2:10 PM EST - "This is the time you want to be able to step up for your team, for your fan base, for the city of Detroit," the star left-hander said Saturday. "This is a special moment, to be able to go out there and throw my game, and that's what I plan on doing."

2:08 PM EST - The Tigers will look to David Price to get the job done in a crucial situation. He was solid through the regular season with a 11-8 record. He also has a 3.11 ERA and a 1.146 WHIP. The previous Cy-Young winner will try and go late into the ball game especially with the bullpen struggling. 

2:05 PM EST - "Obviously, we've got one of the best guys in the game going right now, so obviously we're in a good situation there," Chamberlain said. "We've still got to do everything else that combines that nine-inning game, but at the end of the day, we're going to go out and be the team we've been all year. It's put us in a good position. It's put us in some tight positions, but we've come out and we know what we're going to do."

2:00 PM EST - Sanchez pitched in Game 2 and was lights out. He pitched two perfect innings before giving the ball up. Coke pitched in Game 1. He pitched only 1/3 of the inning. He gave up one hit and one earned run. Soria has pitched in both games this postseason. He has allowed five runs on four hits over one total inning. He has also walked two batters. Soria has a 45.00 ERA this postseason. Chamberlain was a solid pitcher in the regular season. He was an amazing set up man, but not so much in the postseason. He has only recorded one out while pitching in both games. He allowed four runs on three hits. Chamberlain has a 108.00 ERA. 

1:55 PM EST - "I think that's the backbone of our team, has been our starting pitching, so we feel like there's some depth there," Detroit manager Brad Ausmus said. "You don't want to be down 0-2 in any series, but we are at home, we have David Price going (Sunday) and we have Rick (Porcello) on Monday, if we have Monday."

1:52 PM EST - The Detroit Tigers (0-2) are in a crucial win or go home game against the Baltimore Orioles (2-0) at 3:45 PM EST on TBS. The Orioles took the first two games of the series because of a struggling Tigers bullpen. This game will be played at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan.

1:49 PM EST - The Detroit Tigers went 90-72 in the regular season. Their opponent is the Baltimore Orioles who went 99-66, in the regular season, in Game 3 of the American League Division Series at 3:45 PM EST. 

1:45 PM EST - Good afternoon and welcome to VAVEL USA's coverage of the Major League Baseball, playoff edition. Today, our game features the Detroit Tigers taking on the Baltimore Orioles in an American League Division Series game. I am your host Evan Petzold. You can follow me on twitter @LastWordEvan.