VAVEL Exclusive: Interview with Jake Wesley

VAVEL Exclusive: Interview with Jake Wesley

Recently, Jake Wesley has made news for breaking MLB news, or what he thinks is happening. According to many, he is simply making information up and stealing other people's scoops. He was nice enough to speak with VAVEL USA about these allegations.

Stevie Larson

Note: This interview was conducted via texmessage, and Jake did not know any of the questions ahead of time.

Jake Wesley is a 14 year old baseball insider from Missouri. Yes, you read that right, he's a 14-year-old insider. He has also been accused of stealing other people's stories. He was nice enough to allow VAVEL USA to interview him about those allegations.

 What spurred you to start reporting?

“Baseball is my passion, and I believe I have a very strong knowledge on Major League Baseball, and want to share that knowledge."

Where do you truly get your information from?

“I have sources with a few MLB teams. I also share information with colleagues on Twitter.”

So, all information is your own, you don’t “steal” information from other reporters?

“Not intentionally. If I don’t credit other reporters, it means that I got the information from a source. Not them on Twitter. And I try to credit them in a further tweet, if I'm proven that I wasn’t first. I don’t steal.”

Do you have any comment on the parody Twitter accounts of you?

“A lot of them are funny to be honest.”

So you are not mad about them?

“The ones that are mean, I despise, but the ones that do it to be funny, I laugh with."

Have you looked at the reddit post about you? If so, do you have any comment on it?

“Of course, It is inaccurate on many levels. I don’t follow the guy who they say I stole the Pablo story from, I didn’t steal it from him. With Meola, I didn’t steal his report. Also some of the things they say I tweeted, I did not.”

What have you learned from this whole experience?

“Well, I need to bat 1.000 at all times. I’m a teenager, can’t get far by not being perfect.”

That leads perfectly into my next question. Do you think people have been harder on you because of your age?

“Yes, absolutely.”

How so?

“Well, I don’t get respect by a lot of adults. I get a lot of “the teenager is wrong again” when in reality the only time that I have been wrong is with Cespedes. Sharing info from others isn’t me being wrong.”

Right now, where do you think your credibility stands?

“Pretty low.”

Do you think you can rebuild it? If so, how?

“Of course, I need to be perfect from now on, as I mentioned before.”

Why should people take you as a credible source?

“That’s a really good question I can’t answer. It’s really based on people’s opinions on me. I’m doing my best in this business, and I made one mistake. And if I was another person, I would be skeptical to believe Jake Wesley as well. A teenager? I understand why people don’t believe in me, but my goal is to prove them wrong.”

Have you ever seriously considered deactivating your Twitter account?


What made you keep it active?

“I want to prove people wrong." 

How have people at school been treating you through all of this?

"They love it."

Is there anything else you want to add?

"I don't think so."

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