VAVEL 2015 MLB Hall of Fame Ballots

The Hall of Fame is announcing the candidates, if any, that will be entering the MLB Hall of Fame tomorrow at 2:00 PM EST. The candidates are voted on by BBWAA members, and each BBWAA member receives up to 10 "yes" votes. A candidate needs 75% of "yes" votes to enter the Hall of Fame, and 5% to remain on the ballot for next year. A candidate has 10 years on the ballot before being removed, but some candidates who were on the ballot before the number of years was lowered from 15 still get 15 years on the ballot.

Here is how the voting turned out from seven VAVEL writers:

Player Years on Ballot Josh Biesada Raymond Bureau Tyler Milliken Max O'Neill Ricky Salvatore Bryan Schwartz Parker White Outcome
Craig Biggio 3rd Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 100%
Pedro Martinez 1st Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 100%
Jeff Bagwell 5th Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 100%
Randy Johnson 1st Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 85.7%
Mike Piazza 3rd Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes 85.7%
John Smoltz 1st Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes 85.7%%
Curt Schilling 3rd Yes   Yes   Yes Yes Yes 71.4%
Tim Raines 8th Yes   Yes     Yes Yes 71.4%
Fred McGriff 6th   Yes     Yes   Yes 57.1%
Barry Bonds 3rd Yes Yes   Yes       57.1%
Roger Clemens 3rd Yes   Yes   Yes     57.1%
Mike Mussina 2nd       Yes     Yes 42.9%
Lee Smith 13th   Yes       Yes   42.9%
Carlos Delgado 1st           Yes   14.3%
Edgar Martinez 6th               0%
Alan Trammell 14th               0%
Jeff Kent 2nd               0%
Mark McGwire 9th               0%
Larry Walker 5th               0%
Don Mattingly 15th               0%
Sammy Sosa 3rd               0%
Gary Sheffield 1st               0%
Brian Giles 1st               0%
Nomar Garciaparra 1st               0%
Darin Erstad 1st               0%
Tom Gordon 1st               0%
Jason Schmidt 1st               0%
Cliff Floyd 1st               0%
Jermaine Dye 1st               0%
Rich Aurilla 1st               0%
Troy Percival 1st               0%
Aaron Boone 1st               0%
Tony Clark 1st               0%
Eddie Guardado 1st               0%

Here are some quotes from our writers as to why or why not they voted "yes" for a candidate:

Raymond Bureau on voting "yes" for Lee Smith: "He retired as the all-time saves leader when closers pitched multiple innings for saves."

Josh Biesieda on voting "yes" for Jeff Bagwell: "Since 1871 Bagwell ranks 11th in OBP, 12th in SLG, 13th in OPS, 17th in wOBA, 19th in ISO among 1st basemen. [He is the] only 1st baseman in the 30/30 club. 5th best defender according to Def (Def = Fielding Runs Above Average + Positional Adjustment), 9th in UZR, 11th in DRS."

Ricky Salvatore on voting "yes" for Barry Bonds: "Although Barry Bonds used PEDs, he is still the all-time home runs leader. While PEDs contributed to his power, you have to be great at baseball to hit 762 career home runs. Also, Bonds played in the Steroid Era, when many players were taking steroids. While this does not make cheating acceptable, Bonds still managed to excel past his teammates and opponents. While steroids may not be ethical, Barry Bonds deserves to be in the Hall of Fame do to his feats unachieved by others."