Phillies GM Reuben Amaro Says Team Will Not Trade Cole Hamels

Cole Hamels figured to be one of the biggest names on the trade block going into the 2015 offseason. Of course, he still is. However, Philadelphia Phillies general manager Reuben Amaro Jr. said in an interview that he does not plan to trade his left handed starting pitcher. If this is true, which it is wise to believe it is true until he gets traded, it could really shake up the market for starting pitching.

If Amaro is not taking offers on Hamels, it means one less pitcher will be off the market, and it will increase the market value for whichever pitcher the Washington Nationals decided to trade, as well as for James Shields, who appears to be playing a waiting game as of now. Maybe Amaro has a plan in mind? Of course, with his recent failures there's reason to doubt it is any good. However, the Cole Hamels situation is intriguing and could play a part in many teams off-seasons this year, as well as next year, where there is a very deep and talented pitching market led by David Price and Jordan Zimmermann.

Cole Hamels contract has 4 years and $96 Million left. A hefty price, but one that could certainly be worth paying for a clear top of the rotation starter. It has also been reported that the Texas Rangers had the basis for a deal before the Phillies thought the Rangers were asking for too much money in return to pay for part of Hamels salary, according to Ken Rosenthal.