Scooter Gennett Cuts Himself in the Shower, DL Stint Possible

In one of the more strange injuries this year, Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Scooter Gennett sliced his hand open while reaching for body wash in the shower after a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday.

He took to Instagram to display his wound of battle.

The cut required the 24-year-old to receive five stitches to close it. The former 16th round pick in the 2009 MLB draft spoke with's Adam McCalvy about the incident that left him with a sliced hand and questions to answer.

"I just found the right angle and sliced it open," Gennett said. "I knew [it was bad] because it started bleeding everywhere. I didn't feel any type of pain. I don't know if that's me and my tolerance, but it wasn't painful. I knew I was going to need stitches and I ended up getting five.

"I have my strength and everything, but something like that reopening and getting worse isn't what we want."

It's an apropos story that fits with the Brewers abysmal start to the 2015 season. The team currently boasts the worst record in baseball at 2-10. In addition to that, they have scored the fewest runs and have the third worst ERA.

To add salt to the wounds, Brewers manager Ron Roenicke noted to McCalvy that it's possible the newly clean-cut Gennett could see DL time as a result of his injury.

"There's always that chance [of a DL move]," manager Ron Roenicke said. "Obviously, we're at a spot now where we don't want to play short. If we feel like we need to, then that's what we'll do."

On the season, Gennett is batting just .207/.303/.207 with zero HR and one RBI. Upon his return, the Cincinnati, Ohio native will look to scrub away his troubles and replicate his breakout season of 2014 in which he batted .289/.320/.434 with nine HR and 54 RBI in 137 games.