Mets' Syndergaard Gets ERA Adjusted From 2.55 to 1.82 Without Throwing A Pitch
Syndergaard - Photo Courtesy of Zimbio

According to ESPN, the New York Mets successfully appealed to Major League Baseball to have a May 22 single off the bat of Pittsburgh's Gregory Polanco changed to an error on first baseman Lucas Duda.

With the reversal granted, Noah Syndergaard's season -- and career -- ERA goes from 2.55 to 1.82. Two runs originally scored as earned that inning have been changed to unearned.

Duda had failed to field a ball on his backhand in the second inning. Polanco's two-out grounder went past him and into right field. Polanco also will lose an RBI.

"That was definitely an error," Duda said after that game. "That's a play I should make 10 out of 10 times. I just came a little bit up on it and it stayed down. That's an error. No doubt. That's my fault."