Score 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star Game (6-3)
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That's it from us in Cincinnati!! Thank you for joining us, and enjoy the rest of your night.

As expected, Mike Trout wins the MVP and becomes the first to do so in consecutive years -- 5th to win two total.

David Price gets the win and Clayton Kershaw gets the loss.

Bottom 9th, 3 out (6-3) That's it!!!! The American League has won the 2015 Major League Baseball All-star Game!!

Bottom 9th, 2 out (6-3) Kris Bryant now flys to right for the second out.

Bottom 9th, 1 out (6-3) Perkins gets Crawford to fly out to Brock Holt in left, but scores Braun from third.

Bottom 9th, 0 out (6-2) Glen Perkins in to close it out but Ryan Braun has other plands and leads the inning off with a triple.

Top 9th, 3 out (6-2) The home crowd erupts as Champan strikes out the side!!!

Top 9th, 2 out (6-2) This time, Chapman throws a 103 mph heather right by Mike Moustakas.

Top 9th, 1 out (6-2) 102.

Top 9th, 1 out (6-2) He strikes out Brock Holt with another 101 mph fastball.

Top 9th, 0 out (6-2) And comes back with 101 on the next pitch, albeit a ball.

Top 9th, 0 out (6-2) 99 on the gun to start.

Top 9th, 0 out (6-2) Aroldis Chapman, to the delight of the home crowd, is in to pitch the 9th.

Bottom 8th, 3 out (6-2) IGLESIAS!!!! The Tigers short stop ran into the hole, spun and fired to first all in one motion to get Grandal out at first.

Bottom 8th, 2 out (6-2) Davis though comes back and gets his second strike out.

Bottom 8th, 1 out (6-2) Upton moves to second as the ball gets by Martin. 

Bottom 8th, 1 out (6-2) Justin Upton reaches with a one-out single to left.

Bottom 8th, 1 out (6-2) See ya!! The Royals reliver gets the Rockies third baseman swinging.

Bottom 8th, 0 out (6-2) Arenado vs. Wade Davis.

Top 8th, 3 out (6-2) Iglesias bounces one to third to end the inning.

Top 8th, 2 out (6-2) The American Leauge extend their lead after Dozier blasts one to straight away center!

​Top 8th, 2 out (5-2) The Pirates reliever is mowing them down, gettting his second strike out of the inning.

​Top 8th, 1 out (5-2) Melancon strikes out Brett Gardner who gets K'd for the second time this game.

Top 8th, 0 out (5-2) Mark Melancon pitching now for the National League. 

Bottom 7th, 3 out (5-2) Machado nabs the high bouncer and throws out AJ Pollock to end the bottom of the seventh.

Bottom 7th, 2 out (5-2) Betances got the second out of the inning by striking out Joe Panik.

Bottom 7th, 1 out (5-2) The Chicago Cubs rookie draws a one out walk.

Bottom 7th, 1 out (5-2) Kris Bryant now up to bat.

Bottom 7th, 1 out (5-2) Dellin Betances in and nearly gives up a bomb to right, but gets Crawford to eventually ground out to Kipnis.

It's time to stretch!!! You all deserve it.

Top 7th 3 out (5-2) K-Rod finally gets out of the inning, but not before giving up two runs.

Top 7th, 2 out (5-2) AJ Pollock running a ball down off the bat of Prince Fielder, but scores Manny Machado.

Top 7th, 1 out (4-2) Mark Teixeira hits into the shift for the out, but moves Machado to third.

Top 7th, 0 out (4-2) Manny Machado just misses one as he hits one off the lower part of the right field wall, bringing in Holt.

Top 7th, 0 out (3-2) Brock Holt, pinch running for Trout, gets a good read and steals second.

Top 7th, 0 out (3-2) The former Angel, Francisco Rodriguez, walks Mike Trout to start the inning.

Bottom 6th, 3 out (3-2) Troy Tulowitzki hits a soft grounder to Kipnis and forces out Molina at second to end the sixth.

Bottom 6th, 2 out (3-2) Yadier Molina delivers with a single up the middle.

Bottom 6th, 2 out (3-2) A throw pulls Teixeira off the base allowing Goldschmidt to reach first.

Bottom 6th, 2 out (3-2) Britton gets Harper to strike out for the second out of the inning.

Bottom 6th, 1 out (3-2) Zach Britton now in for the American League.

Bottom 6th, 1 out (3-2) Machado throws out Todd Frazier at first who's been retired in each of his three at bats tonight.

Bottom 6th, 0 out (3-2) ANDREW MCCUTCHEN!!!!! He brings the NL back within one after a bomb to left.

Top 6th, 2 out (3-1) Good morning, good afternoon and good night!!! deGrom strikes out his third batter of the inning with Jose Iglesias his last victim.

Top 6th, 2 out (3-1) deGrom making quick work of the AL getting his second strike out.

Top 6th, 1 out (3-1) Bunch of fielding changes for the NL ad deGrom striking out Vogt. 

The New York Mets' Jason deGrom now in for the NL.

Bottom 5th, 3 out (3-1) Chris Archer's only blemish was a one-out walk to Peralta in the inning with the American League still up by two runs.

Bottom 5th, 2 out (3-1) Pederson swings through a heater from Archer for the second out.

Bottom 5th, 1 out (3-1) Peralta draws a one-out walk.

Bottom 5th, 1 out (3-1) Archer gets Rizzo to fly out to center.

Bottom 5th, 0 out (3-1) Chris Archer of the Tampa Rays now in.

Top 5th, 3 out (3-1) Kershaw gets out of the jam with a nasty curve ball to strike out Brett Gardner.

Top 5th, 2 out (3-1) On the next pitch, Lorenzo Cain scoots one down the left line and Albert Pujols scores from second.

Top 5th, 2 out (2-1) And Fielder delivers!!! After going down in the count, he drives in Mike Trout to retake the lead.

Top 5th, 2 out (1-1) Prince Fielder now in for Nelson Cruz.

Top 5th, 2 out (1-1) Kershaw walks Albert Pujols.

Top 5th, 2 out (1-1) Manny Machado drove one to deep left field but Joc Pederson was there at the wall to haul it down for the second out.

Top 5th, 1 out (1-1) Manny Machado in for Josh Donaldson.

Top 5th, 1 out (1-1) Mike Trout races down the first base line to avoid the double-play.

Top 5th, 0 out (1-1) Escobar gets a single off of Clayton Kershaw to leadoff the top of the 5th.

Bottom 4th, 3 out (1-1) Then David Price gets Buster Posy to lineout to right in another quick inning.

Bottom 4th, 1 out (1-1) Bryce Harper goes down swinging on slider down and away.

Bottom 4th, 0 out (1-1) It's David Price vs. Bryce Harper time.

Top 4th, 3 out (1-1) Unfortunately for the American League, Jose Altuve hits a grounder to LeMahieu who forces out Perez at second.

Top 4th, 2 out (1-1) Perez, despite striking out, gets to first and Lorenzo Cain advances to third because of the wild pitch.

Top 4th, 2 out (1-1) Bryce Harper catches a lazy fly ball to right off the bat of Adam Jones. 

Top 4th, 1 out (1-1) Lorenzo Cain squeeks one past Todd Frazier for a single.

Top 4th, 1 out (1-1) Now in the game for the National League is Madison Bumgarner and he gets Nelson Cruz to pop up on one pitch.

Bottom 3rd, 3 out (1-1) Then on one pitch, Todd Frazier goes down with a ground ball to second.

Bottom 3rd, 2 out (1-1) Felix retires Andrew McCutchen easily.

Bottom 3rd, 1 out (1-1) DJ LeMahieu lines out to Mike Trout on the second pitch of the AB.

Bottom 3rd, 0 out (1-1) Felix Hernandez in to pitch for the American League. 

Top 3rd, 3 out (1-1) Pujols rips one on a line to straight away center where Andrew McCutchen puts it away for the third and final out of the inning.

Top 3rd, 2 out (1-1) Josh Donaldson draws a two-out walk, his second walk of the evening.

Top 3rd, 2 out (1-1) Gets Trout swinging though with a breaking ball well outside the zone.

Top 3rd, 1 out (1-1) Cole really throwing the gas here in his outing, but missing a tad every now and then on location.

Top 3rd, 1 out (1-1) He comes back, however, and pops up Alcides Escobar for the first out.

Top 3rd, 0 out (1-1) Cole's first pitch missed outside.

Gerrit Cole now in to pitch for the National League after Zack Greinke's two solid innings, despite giving a leadoff homer to Mike Trout.

Bottom 2nd, 3 out (1-1) Joc Pederson couldn't stop his swing and strikes out to end the inning.

Bottom 2nd, 2 out (1-1) A pitch gets away from Perez and Peralta moves up 90 feet.

Bottom 2nd, 2 out (1-1) Jhonny Peralta bloops one to shallow right and ties the game!!!

Bottom 2nd, 2 out (1-0) Rizzo reaches for a pitch and grounds out to Albert Pujols and keeps Goldy at third.

Bottom 2nd, 1 out (1-0) Buster Posey hits a soft grounder to short but moves Goldschmidt over to third base as a result.

Bottom 2nd, 0 out (1-0) Paul Goldschmidt reads the play excellently with Josh Donaldson air-mailing a throw and the Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman moves to second.

Top 2nd, 3 out (1-0) What a play from DJ LeMahieu!!! The Colorado Rockies second baseman slides to stop a ball from getting by and throws accurately to get Jose Altuve.

Top 2nd, 2 out (1-0) He finally throws a 95-mph fastball right by Perez to get another K -- his fourth.

Top 2nd, 1 out (1-0) Good battle between Salvador Perez and Greinke going.

Top 2nd, 1 out (1-0) Adam Jones goes down swining for Greinke's third strikeout of the game. 

Top 2nd, 0 out (1-0) Zack Greinke back on the mound to start the second.

Bottom 1st, 3 out (1-0) Donaldson made a fantastic play to end the inning getting out the speedy Harper to complete the 1,2,3 inning.

Bottom 1st, 2 out (1-0) Dallas Keuchel battling with Bryce Harper here with the count going full.

Bottom 1st, 2 out (1-0) Home town hero Todd Frazier hits a soft grounder to Josh Donaldson for the second out.

Bottom 1st, 1 out (1-0) Keuchel throws a first pitch at 98 mph hour then gets him out on the next pitch with a pop-up to Ablert Pujols.

Top 1st, 3 out (1-0) LeMahieu catches a Lorenzo Cain fly ball in very shallow right field to end the top of the first.

Top 1st, 2 out (1-0) Greinke gets his second strikeout of the game as he gets Nelson Cruz swinging.

Top 1st, 1 out (1-0) There it is! Zack Greinke gets Albert Pujols looking with a pitch outside.

Top 1st, 0 out (1-0) Now Greinke walks Donaldson after starting ahead in the count. 

Top 1st, 0 out (1-0) GONE!!! Mike Trout lifts a 1-2 pitch over the right field fence to give the American League the early lead in this All-Star Game!

Top 1st, 0 out (0-0) First pitch has finally been thrown by Greinke and it is a called strike!

Teams are being announced as we speak, or type. Then the anthem and then it'll be time to play ball!

Pregame ceremonies are getting underway at the Great American Ballpark!

We are just under an hour away from first pitch!!!! You all getting excited? If not, well then you better be.

Finally, the National League lineup for the 2015 All-star GameAndrew McCutchen (CF), Todd Frazier (3B), Bryce Harper (RF), Paul Goldschmidt (1B), Buster Posey (C), Anthony Rizzo (DH), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Joc Pederson (LF), DJ LeMahieu (2B); Zack Greinke (P). 

Here is the American League starting lineup: Mike Trout (CF), Josh Donaldson (3B), Albert Pujols (1B), Nelson Cruz (DH), Lorenzo Cain (RF), Adam Jones (LF), Salvador Perez (C), Jose Altuve (2B), Alcides Escobar (SS); Dallas Keuchel (P).

It is time to announce the starting lineup for both the American League and the National League.

Last but not least, we must talk about Bryce Harper. The Washington Nationals center fielder is starting this season where he left off the last one. He has already hit 26 home runs and also has a high batting average -- .339. His slugging percentage (.714) is absolutely out of this world, leading every other major leaguer by .09. This is just absolutely ridiculous. No one should have a SLG that high, at least, no one of this planet. 

The Pittsburgh Pirates' Andrew McCutchen is having another fantastic season, despite going relatively unnoticed to most of the baseball world. He leads his club in most offensive categories including a .295 batting average, .392 on base percentage, 48 runs, and 56 runs batted in. The Pirates are on their way to another year in the postseason and he is a gigantic reason why they are in the position they are currently in. 

Buster Posey is being Buster Posey again this season and is rightly named to the All-Star roster. Of all the catchers in baseball, he has the highest batting average with a .314 BA. His on base percentage and slugging percentage for a catcher: .318, .489 respectively.  

Joc Pederson  -- the 2015 Homerun Derby runner-up -- will be the first Dodgers rookie position player to play in the All-Star game after he replaced the St. Louis Cardinals' Matt Holliday and rightfully so. In his first full big league season, the youngster is putting up some good numbers in the NL West. Despite not having that great of a batting average, just .230, but has hit 20 homeruns and 40 RBIs. At 23 years of age, you can see he has all the tools to become one of the games greats when all things are said and done. 

Now, the National League's starting pitcher is none other than the Los Angeles Dodgers' Zack Greinke. We talked about ERA with Dallas Keuchel, however his is far better, nearly a full point better at 1.39. This is pretty remarkable especially considering the fact that he has thrown the most amount of innings of any other National League pitcher. 

However, it was the Houston Astros' Dallas Keuchel who has been named the starting pitcher for the American League. The 27-year-old Tulsa, Oklahoma native is having a phenomenal season for his ball club. In 19 games started this season, he has thrown 137.1 innings and gets 9.10/K per nine innings. His ERA is one of the best in the league and is currently sitting at a little above two -- 2.23.

Chris Sale is having a season for the history books and simply cannot be stopped at the moment. The White Sox ace leads MLB in K/9 striking out 11.87 batters each time out on the mound. He also has the second highest WAR with 4.2 Wins Above Replacement; only 0.6 behind the Nationals' Max Scherzer. 

Just look at who will be coming in later in the game. Mark Teixeira, the aforementioned Albert Pujols, Jose Bautista, Manny Machado, Adam Jones, and Prince FielderEven Stephen Vogt can hit a long ball or two when the situation calls for it as he did with the Oakland A's on Sunday hitting a two run shot to clinch a 2-0 win over the Cleveland Indians. 

The main difference when you look at these two squads are their reserve players. The National League has some good, up and coming players mixed in with some veterans that know how to play the game amongst the best in the world. There's a lot of power coming off the bench for the American League and that could be the deciding factor when the final pitch is thrown. 

We can't not mention Miguel Cabrera when we're talking about the loaded American League starting lineup. Despite the Tigers bullpen issues, Cabrera is tearing up opposing pitchers, leading baseball with a whopping .350 batting average. seventh in slugging percentage-- .578, and is sitting in third in on base percentage with a .456 OBP; .010 points behind Bryce Harper in first.

Next, Jose Altuve is having a monster of a season thus far for the Houston Astros. He leads the American League in stolen bases with 25 and is third overall behind Billy Hamilton and Dee Gordon. Altuve also has an outstanding .337 batting average, leads his team with 16 doubles and 98 hits in 83 games played this season. 

First thing's first, we have to talk about the reigning American League MVP, Mike Trout. Heading into the All-Star break, he is tied for the league lead in home runs (26) along with his fellow All-Star teammate, Albert Pujols. Last year he had just 36 home runs in 152 games played, so he is well on his way to breaking his career best.  

We're going to be spending some time looking at the lineups of both the American League and the National League now looking at key players and where the damage might come from both. 

Hello and welcome to VAVEL's live coverage of the 2015 MLB All-star Game from the Great American Ball Park in beautiful, Cincinnati, Ohio. My name is Kyle Sennikoff and I will be bringing you all the action of tonight's exhibition game which is slated to start around 8:00 PM EST. Thank you again for joining us tonight!