5 Best Trade Destinations For Philadelphia Phillies' Cole Hamels

We are just a few days away from MLB Trade Deadline, and one of the biggest names on the market still available is Cole Hamels. After last night's no-hitter, the market is high on him, so here are some possible destinations for the Philadelphia Phillies' ace. 

Boston Red Sox: Here is a team that had high expectations this season, but fell apart. Boston is most likely not going to make it to the playoffs. There have been some talks over the past few seasons between Boston and Philadelphia about sending Cole Hamels to Boston. There has been one big problem in the trade talks in Boston not willing to give up the key prospects that Philadelphia wants. GM Ben Cherington has to realize that giving up your prospects for a guy like Cole Hamels is a good thing. Cole Hamels, according to reports, actually wants to play in Boston; it would be a good fit for the team that needs a number 1 ace and Philadelphia needs prospects to rebuild with. This could fully help the Red Sox get back to the playoffs next season. The salary might be a little high, but looking at the contracts that Boston gave Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval the team would most likely be comfortable with his contract.

Los Angeles Dodgers: The team already has two of the best pitchers in baseball via Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, but is that enough to get Los Angeles to the World Series? If the team could add one last pitching ace like Cole Hamels to the already loaded top two in the starting rotation, that would make Los Angeles a juggernaut come October. The Dodgers are in a close race in the NL West, only having a 2 game lead over San Francisco Giants for the first place in the division, so adding someone like Cole Hamels would be a massive help down the stretch, in the very close NL West race. Zack Greinke is going to be a free agent soon; there might a chance that he won't resign. Since he will most likely want a boatload of cash, Cole Hamels would be a good backup plan just in case Zack Greinke leaves via free agency. Los Angeles obviously has some interesting prospects that might interest Philadelphia to pull the trigger and send him to Chaves Ravine. The possibility of Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke, and Cole Hamels for the top three in the rotation would spell nightmares for National League in the playoffs.

New York Yankees: This would be the most unlikely landing spot out of the five teams. New York is not really willing to give up the prospects that Philadelphia, as the asking price is too high for Cole Hamels. If New York could actually get this deal done, it would help out the pitching staff immensely. New York Yankees are on the road to the playoffs, but the team still has some holes. CC Sabathia is aging, and his stats are showing it. Getting a guy like Cole Hamels might make them a threat in the American League once October comes around.  

Detroit Tigers: At the trade deadline last season, Detroit Tigers made a big splash on the day of the deadline by acquiring David Price from Tampa Bay Rays. Could Detroit do something massive for the second trade deadline in a row, acquiring Cole Hamels? The hitting for Detroit is healthy, but the problem in Detroit is pitching. Other than David Price, no starting pitcher has an ERA under 4.18, with seasoned veterans like Justin Verlander having career worst seasons. Adding Cole Hamels would fix that problem for Detroit, adding another stud of a pitcher to make a tandem with Price.

Chicago Cubs: Yes, you all are probably wondering, why would the team that Cole Hamels just no-hit go after him? Simply, if you can't beat them, trade for them. The Chicago Cubs are in a win-now mode, and adding someone like Cole Hamels might help them get a push to a possible wild card spot in the National League Playoff race. The team has some nice young pieces that Philadelphia wants, but it might be a little costly to give up good players that could be stars in the future. A starting rotation including Hamels, Jon Lester, Jake Arrieta, and Jason Hammel would be a force to contend with.