Summary Boston Red Sox 3-4 Cleveland Indians in Game 3 of 2016 ALDS
Series switches to Boston now for Game 3 of the ALDS. | Photo: USA Today Sports
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The Indians are popping the champagne in their clubhouse, as they celebrate their first ALCS since 2007. They'll meet the Toronto Blue Jays for the right to play in the World Series. This is Aidan Thomas signing off. Good night!

MVP of the game goes to Coco Crisp, whose sacrifice bunt led to the two-run single that gave Cleveland the first lead of the game. His two-run home run proved to be the game-winner

Shaw works a full count...but he flies out to right field to end the game, the series, the Red Sox's season, and the career of David Ortiz

Pedroia walks! 1st and second for Travis Shaw

Bradley keeps the Red Soz alive!!! Full Count single to right field to bring up Pedroia. One on and two outs.

Two down...Leon is called out on strikes on a beautiful fastball that catches the inside corner. Down to their last out.

One down...Chris Young flies out to left field. 2 outs left. Sandy Leon up

Here we go...Three outs for the Red Sox to preserve Big Papi's career

Christian Vazquez is the only non-pitcher left on Boston's bench

Chris Young, Sandy Leon, and Jackie Bradley Jr due up for the Sox. Bradley will get a chance to redeem himself for a terrible series thus far

Kimbrel gets the pop out to finish the ninth inning.

Another strikeout for Kimbrel, as he whiffs Davis on a high fastball

Kimbrel fans pinch-hitter Michael Martinez...Rajai Davis, who pinch hit for Tyler Naquin earlier, is up now

3 outs left for the Red Sox to rally...but first they have to hold the Indians scoreless in the ninth. Craig Kimbrel in for the Sox

Bogaerts hits it sharply...but right at Kipnis...4-3 as we head to the ninth inning.

Sox trying to ensure that's not the last time Ortiz jogs off a baseball field

And that's it for David Ortiz...he is removed for a pinch runner in Marco Hernandez

Hanley doesn't try to do too much. He drives an RBI single to left field and it's 4-3. Ortiz the tying run on second base

Ortiz walks on four pitches...Cody Allen was not going to let Ortiz have a fairy tale moment

Ortiz has four outs left in his career right now...he could change that with a swing. 

For the second time in three innings, Big Papi represents the tying run at the plate

Francona is calling upon Cody Allen for the four-out save.

Betts has extra bases taken away by Jose Ramirez! Ramirez dives to snag Betts' hard grounder. Forces Shaw out at second. One on and two down for David Ortiz

And Shaw does his job as a pinch-hitter! Bounces a single into right field. One on and one out for Mookie Betts

Travis Shaw pinch-hitting for Aaron Hill

Pedroia strikes out looking...and the second baseman is not happy about the call

Miller is done for Cleveland. Bryan Shaw in to try to bridge the gap to their closer, Cody Allen.

Another sparkling defensive play, as Bogaerts bare hands a ground ball and guns out Chisenhall. Let's see if the web gems in the top of the inning spark the top of the order in the bottom of the eighth. Sox down to their final six outs. 

Betts with a fabulous catch!! Over the shoulder grab on a deep fly by Jose Ramirez to record the second out

Koji ties up Mike Napoli for a leadoff K

Koji Uehara in for Boston

Going back to why Young hit for Benintendi...

And Bradley whiffs again

Leon puts together an excellent at-bat but he has a hit taken away on a sharp line drive to third base. Two down for the ice-cold Jackie Bradley Jr. 

Regardless of who he was hitting for, Young does his job, working a full-count walk to bring up the slumping Sandy Leon

Young hitting for Benintendi (2 RBI in the series) instead of Bradley (hitless with six Ks) is an interesting move

Bogaerts grounds out.

Chris Young introduced as a pinch-hitter on deck. Interesting move by Farrell

Miller back on the bump for the Sox

Bogaerts (2-2), Benintendi (1-2) Leon (0-2) are due up for the Sox

Kelly with the strikeout to polish off a 1-2-3 inning. Bottom 7, here we come

Kipnis pops out for the second out of the inning

Hanley with a diving stop to take away a hit from Santana...1 down in the seventh.

Kelly back in to face the top of the Cleveland order

Quick MLB update: The Washington Nationals defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 8-3...they lead that series 2-1 

The Sox are down to 9 outs left. Their season, and Big Papi's career, is at stake. 

Hanley fans. The Sox notch one more run...but they still trail by two runs heading into the seventh.

Ortiz doesn't go deep, but his line out to center field is enough to score Pedroia. 4-2 Cleveland with two outs. Hanley up

Betts with a monster double off the Green Monster! Second and third with just one out. And who is up? David Ortiz

Hill works a 6-pitch at-bat, but he ultimately fans for the first out. Mookie up now

Aaron Hill pinch hits for Holt

And there it comes Andrew Miller. If the Red Sox are going to rally, they are going to rally off Francona's best. 

If there's one guy the Red Sox wanted leading off in an inning like this, it was Pedroia. He responds with a leadoff single.

Top of the order is up for Boston.

Kelly gets a ground out and the inning is over. But is 4-1 Cleveland after 5 1/2 innings

Kelly induces a pop out for the second out

Pitching change...Pomeranz is yanked in favor of Joe Kelly

And there goes the idea of the shutdown inning. Coco Crisp jacks a two-run shot over the Green Monster!  4-1 Cleveland!

Chisenhall bunts to advance Ramirez, but Pedroia makes a nice play to get the out at first

Pomeranz issues a leadoff walk to Ramirez

Pomeranz back out on the mound, looking for a must-have shutdown inning

Bradley hits it hard, but it goes right to Napoli for the groundout. 2-1 Cleveland after five frames. 

Bradley looks to break out of a major slump...3 for his last 33 dating back to the last few games of the regular season as well.

Leon's struggles continue as whiffs on a breaking ball. 

And a sudden breath of life has been injected into these Red Sox fans

Great baserunning by Bogaerts! Read Benintendi's high fly ball perfectly as it scrapes the monster. Just  beats the relay throw home and it's 2-1. Benintendi with the RBI double!

Benintendi is up now. He hit into a tough-luck double play in the second inning

And Bogaerts gets the second hit of the day off Tomlin...lines a single to center field for a one-out single

Bogaerts, the only guy with a hit for the Red Sox, is up now with one down

Hanley Ramirez gives it a ride, but Chisenhall tracks it down on the warning track

And Pomeranz polishes off a beautiful inning by fanning Napoli. Halfway through, and Cleveland leads 2-0.

Lindor retired for the first time tonight with a pop out to Pedroia

Kipnis was glad to see Buchholz off the hill, but he has the same luck against Pomeranz. Whiffs for the first out.

The Red Sox are going to want to strike off of Tomlin quickly before Francona is able to bring in Andrew Miller to eat up two innings

The Red Sox haven't scored in 14 innings now...could spell trouble as they have five innings left in this one. 

Buchholz is done...Drew Pomeranz in to pitch. Farrell is not taking any chances, not with his team already down 2 runs

Ortiz gets his pitch and misses it. Follows it up with a ground-out to first base. 

Right now, only the sight of David Ortiz walking to the plate can bring the crowd to its feet

Mookie Betts flies out to right field to bring up Big Papi.

Drew Pomeranz is up in the pen for Boston, as Brock Holt goes down looking on three pitches.

Buchholz avoids further damage by fanning Santana. But it's 2-0 Cleveland after three and a half innings.

The 2 RBI hit from Naquin was the first postseason hit in his career for the rookie

Pedroia with a great play! A diving stop saves a hit. Naquin advances to second, but two down now in the inning.

And the damage is done this time. Naquin with a two-run single and its 2-0 Cleveland!

Crisp lays down a sacrifice bunt. Two runners in scoring position now for Tyler Naquin

Buchholz is struggling to find the zone...2-0 count on Crisp

A walk and two runners on with nobody out for Coco Crisp! Can Buchholz escape another jam?

Another foul with Ramirez running

Chisenhall fouls off a full-count pitch with Ramirez going on the pitch

Chisenhall is 1-1 and up now for Cleveland

Ramirez doesn't hit it hard, but he finds a hole on a slow ground ball that gets into right field for a leadoff single.

Sparkling play by Jose Ramirez! A sliding stop at first base and a bullet of a throw to first base to easily retire Pedroia on a play that looked like a sure single. 0-0 after 3 innings. 

Tomlin painting the black early on in the game. He catches Bradley looking for the second out.

Bradley, 0-6 with five Ks so far in the series, is up for the Sox

Leon did not look good...called strike, foul ball, and a called strike on an 89 mph fastball down the middle for the strikeout. 

Leon, Bradley Jr, Pedroia up for the Sox

A fine defensive play by Hanley Ramirez saves the inning for Buchholz. Napoli grounds out to Holt, whose low throw is picked by Hanley Ramirez for the third out.

Lindor creates a two-out threat by slicing a double off the Green Monster

Buchholz not afraid to challenge hitters early on, as he fans Kipnis for the second time today on a fastball down the middle

Santana grounds out to start the third inning

Buchholz facing the top of the order again.

Tough luck for the rookie, as he hits one hard up the middle but Francisco Lindor gloves it and turns a double play. 0-0 after 2 innings. 

Benintendi up for Boston.

Bogaerts looked a lot better in that at-bat...lining a single off the green monster. 1st and 2nd with one out.

Bogaerts is slumping badly with just one infield hit over the first two games, along with four strikeouts

Hanley flies out to center, bringing up Xander Bogaerts

Ortiz works a leadoff walk. Hanley Ramirez up now.

Ortiz has 3 hits against Tomlin in his career...not one of them stayed in the park. 

Ortiz has been quiet so far in this series for have to figure he won't go out silently in his final postseason, regardless of when it ends. He's leading off for Boston.

Buchholz inducing some cheers as he gets out of the inning with a ground out to Brock Holt at third base. Bottom 2 coming up with the score 0-0.

Buchholz ties up Naquin with a nasty cut-fastball that clips the inside corner for a strikeout. Two out with Chisenhall still standing on first...Roberto Perez coming up for Cleveland

Crisp lofts a fly ball to center field for the first out. Tyler Naquin up for the Indians.

Chisenhall beats the shift, as his bullet of a line drive clips the end of Brock Holt's glove and dribbles into center field. Leadoff man on for Cleveland...Coco Crisp up for Cleveland

Chisenhall leads off for Cleveland

Sorry folks! Brief technological delay, but we are back up! Sox went 1-2-3 in the bottom of the first. 0-0 after 1 inning

Tomlin out to the mound for Cleveland

Fires a strike on 3-0 and induces a ground-out on the next pitch! 0-0 heading to the bottom of the first

Buchholz in a 3-0 hole against Ramirez

Napoli lines out to right field on the next pitch. Jose Ramirez trying to get something out of the inning for Cleveland

Buchholz challenges Napoli with a 91mph fastball down the middle and Napoli whiffs. 1-2 count now

Three years ago, the Red Sox loved seeing Mike Napoli smash home runs at Fenway during the playoffs...they would not appreciate it right now...Napoli just hit a monster foul ball

Lindor pokes a single into center, and the Indians are threatening quickly...two on and one out for Mike Napoli

Buchholz looking sharp early as he fans Kipnis on a changeup in the dirt.

Jason Kipnis up now for Cleveland

Ugly start for pop-up gets caught in the wind and Bogaerts misses it. Santana reaches for Cleveland. 

Managers and umpires meeting at home plate...first pitch coming up!

10 minutes until first pitch!

The Red Sox have announced that, if they win today, they would start Rick Porcello on Tuesday, rather than #4 starter Eduardo Rodriguez. They would then have E-Rod or David Price available for the possible Game 5. 

Neither team made any changes to their lineup after the postponement. Both Francona and Farrell like what they have lined up for Game 3, which is set to start in just over 90 minutes!

The game has been postponed until tomorrow at 6:08 pm. If the Red Sox can survive game 3, this could be big, because it would allow Rick Porcello, who has been nearly unbeatable at home, to pitch Game 4 at Fenway Park. We'll see you tomorrow! Be sure to tune back in!

The Red Sox stick with the same attack that produced 0 runs in Game 2. Maybe Farrell's thinking it can't happen twice in a row? Pedroia (2B) Holt (3B) Betts (RF) Ortiz (DH) Ramirez (1B) Bogaerts (SS) Benintendi (LF) Leon (C) Bradley Jr. (CF)

The lineups have been announced! Cleveland shakes things up a little bit: Santana (DH) Kipnis (2B) Lindor (SS) Napoli (1B) Ramirez (3B) Chisenhall (RF) Crisp (LF) Naquin (CF) Perez (C) ...Tomlin on the mound

Game 3 is sure to be exciting, so be sure to tune in to VAVEL MLB's coverage of this thrilling matchup between the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians!

Cleveland will likely stick with the same offensive attack they have gone with in the first two games. The attack has garnered 11 runs over two games, and forced both Sox starters out of the game quickly. Jason Kipnis and Francisco Lindor have been expected sparks for the Indians, while unexpected sources of hitting have emerged from the bottom of the order, in the likes of Roberto Perez. Mike Napoli is a big power threat in the middle of the order, has is Carlos Santana, who will likely bat leadoff on Sunday. One question will be whether Brandon Guyer gets the start. Guyer didn't start Game 1, but he went 3-4 in Game 2. Francona has a couple of good decisions to make, as he looks to keep the Indians rolling, right on into the ALCS.

Although starting lineups have not yet been announced, the Red Sox may do some shuffling with their order, as they have lacked a spark in the first two games. Brock Holt has been solid out of the #2 hole, accumulating four hits over the first two games, but it's been one of the few bright spots for Boston. Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz have been a combined 2-16, as the veteran leaders of this club have done very little to help the cause. Mookie Betts has just one hit while batting third. Manager John Farrell said that the Sox do best when the bottom of their order produces. That has not happened yet. Xander Bogaerts, whose 2nd half slump has carried into the postseason, has just one hit, combining with Jackie Bradley Jr.  to go 1-14 with 9 strikeouts. The young stars, both of whom sparked the Red Sox during the majority of the season, have become dead weights in the lineup. Will Farrell dare to sit one or both of them? He needs to figure out a combination of hitters that can break the Red Sox out of their slump. 

Josh Tomlin looks to continue his hot streak, as the Indians look to clinch an ALCS berth. Getty Images

Opposing Buchholz on the hill will be Josh Tomlin, who has also bounced between the bullpen and the rotation. However, in a Cleveland rotation decimated by injuries, Tomlin gets the nod in Game 3, attempting to give Cleveland the series sweep. Tomlin has been just as hot as Buchholz in September, pitching to the tune of a 1.40 ERA and a 2-1 record over his final four starts. He hopes to continue to work of Corey Kluber, who allowed just three hits over 7+ innings on Friday. 

Clay Buchholz could once again make himself adored by Red Sox nation with a big game on Sunday.

Trying to send the series to a fourth game for Boston will be hurler Clay Buchholz, the veteran who battled through a rocky season before finishing strong, earning the Game 3 nod. Buchholz was thrice sent to the bullpen, but he earned his spot back in the rotation, with a string of excellent starts to end the year. He took his spot back for good in September. During the month, he boasted a 3.57 ERA, a mark that was misleadingly high. Excluding a rough start against Toronto, Buchholz has dominated, to the tune of a 1.40 ERA in his other four starts in September. He'll look for more of the same against Cleveland, who roughed up both Rick Porcello and David Price in Cleveland.  

Saturday was a travel day for the two squads, as the series shifts to Fenway, where Boston is looking for a little boost from their home crowd. They need two wins at their home stadium to force a Game 5 back in Cleveland. 

Miller and Francona's other top reliever, Cody Allen, got a rest in Game 2, as the Indians cruised past Boston, 6-0. Lonnie Chisenhall had the big blow for the Indians, a 3-run blast in the second inning. The two wins have brought the Indians to the verge of the ALCS, a stage they haven't reached since 2007, when they blew a 3-1 series lead to the Red Sox, who went on to win the World Series. 

The Indians are going for the sweep of the Red Sox, after taking the first two games at home. The first one was a nailbiter, as the Indians staved off multiple comeback attempts by the Red Sox, winning 5-4. The big news in that game was manager Terry Francona's use of ace reliever Andrew Miller. Expected to be the closer when he came to Cleveland, Miller has taken over as Francona's jack of all trades. In Game 1, Miller entered in the fifth inning, pitching two dominant frames, defusing the Red Sox comeback.  

Welcome to VAVEL MLB's coverage of Game 3 of the ALDS between the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park, in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm Aidan Thomas, and I will be your host for this LIVE coverage of what is sure to be a thrilling matchup.