Highlights and runs: Los Angeles Dodgers 6-1 Seattle Mariners in MLB
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6:56 PM5 days ago

Our coverage of the Dodgers vs Mariners game of the 2023 MLB regular season comes to an end.

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6:53 PM5 days ago

End to game

Dodgers 6-1 Mariners
6:47 PM5 days ago

Mid | 9 Inning

Bottom of the ninth inning for the Dodgers, up to bat for the Mariners to attempt a heroics.
6:40 PM5 days ago

End | 8 Inning

End of the eighth inning, the Dodgers remain up by a score of 6-1.
6:33 PM5 days ago

Mid | 8 Inning

Bottom of the top of the eighth, Dodgers add one more, lead 6-1.
6:29 PM5 days ago

8- Up

6:26 PM5 days ago

8- Up

Pitching Change: Dominic Leone replaces Eduard Bazardo.
6:25 PM5 days ago

End | 7 Inning

End of the seventh inning, the Mariners' chances are slipping away.
6:11 PM5 days ago

Mid | 7 Inning

Bottom of the seventh inning, Dodgers lead 5-1.
6:04 PM5 days ago

End | 6 Inning

Mariners leave two men on base, concludes the sixth inning.
5:50 PM5 days ago

Mid | 6 Inning

Bottom of the sixth, Bazardo manages to keep the Dodgers from scoring runs.
5:44 PM5 days ago

6- Up

Pitching Change: Eduard Bazardo replaces Logan Gilbert.
5:39 PM5 days ago

End | 5 Inning

At 1, 2 and 3 the Mariners go, the fifth inning is consumed, the Dodgers remain 5-1 ahead.
5:35 PM5 days ago

Mid | 5 Inning

Going into the top of the fifth, the Dodgers lead 5-1.
5:29 PM5 days ago

End | 4 Inning

End of the fourth inning, still no score for the Mariners, Dodgers lead 5-1.
5:20 PM5 days ago

Mid | 4 Inning

Leaving the top of the fourth inning, the Dodgers lead 5-1.
5:18 PM5 days ago

4- Up

Heyward single brings Rosario to the plate from 3B
5:09 PM5 days ago

End | 3 Inning

End of the third inning, score remains the same, Dodgers lead 4-1.
5:02 PM5 days ago

Mid | 3 Inning

Going into the top of the third inning, the Dodgers lead 4-1.
4:54 PM5 days ago

End | 2 Inning

Julio Rodriguez misses with the bases loaded, Dodgers lead 4-1.
4:51 PM5 days ago

2- Down

Crawford singled with bases loaded, scored Suarez from 3B.
4:39 PM5 days ago

2- Down

Pitching Change: Ryan Yarbrough replaces Shelby Miller.
4:38 PM5 days ago

Mid | 2 Inning

Going to the top of the second inning, Dodgers lead 4-0.
4:36 PM5 days ago

2- Up

4:35 PM5 days ago

2- Up

Single by Wong, bringing Amed Rosario to the plate from 3B.
4:29 PM5 days ago

Mid | 1 Inning

End of the first episode, Dodgers lead 1-0.
4:20 PM5 days ago

Mid | 1 Inning

Leaving the top of the first inning, Dodgers lead 1-0.
4:16 PM5 days ago

1- Up

4:11 PM5 days ago


3:42 PM5 days ago

Dave Roberts is in the running for the World Series

In the midst of the celebrations for a divisional title, manager Dave Roberts assured that this title will be the first of three they will win this season. 
"This is one. We'll do this three more times. Enjoy this moment because it's special," Roberts said.
3:38 PM5 days ago

Dodgers clinch National League West title

The team captained by Dave Roberts is once again divisional champion in the National League West, the tenth divisional title for the Dodgers in the last eleven seasons. 
3:35 PM5 days ago

Starting Lineup- Mariners

3:34 PM5 days ago

Starting Lineup- Dodgers

3:31 PM5 days ago

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Stay tuned for the Dodgers vs Mariners live stream

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Dodgers vs Mariners live, as well as the latest information from T-Mobile Park. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's up-to-the-minute live online coverage.
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How to watch Dodgers vs Mariners live?

You can watch the Dodgers vs Mariners game live on MLB TV, ROOTNW and SportsNet LA.

If you want to follow it on streaming, you can follow MLB.com. 
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.

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Starting Pitcher- Mariners

Logan Gilbert- RHP 
Pitcher Logan Gilbert opens the game for the Mariners, on the season he has a 13-5 record with a 3.62 ERA and 176 strikeouts in 29 games pitched.
3:55 AM6 days ago

Starting Pitcher- Dodgers

Shelby Miller- RHP 
Pitcher Shelby Miller opens the game for the Dodgers, on the season he has a 1-0 record with a 2.00 ERA and 36 strikeouts in 31 games played.
3:50 AM6 days ago

The Mariners' season

The Mariners are looking to stay in contention for one of the American League wild cards, in a neck-and-neck battle with the Toronto Blue Jays for the last Playoff berth. The Seattle Mariners will try to reach their second consecutive postseason, something they have not achieved since the 2000 and 2001 seasons. Currently, the Mariners are third in their division with a record of 81-67 and a winning percentage of .547, trailing Toronto in the battle for the third Wild Card spot.
3:45 AM6 days ago

The Dodgers' season

The Los Angeles Dodgers, captained by Dave Roberts, will once again be at the October party. Filled with experienced players and multiple championship rings, the Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the heavy favorites and contenders for the World Series title. Currently, the Dodgers are the division champions with a 90-57 record and a .612 winning percentage, fourth best in the majors and second in the National League.
3:40 AM6 days ago

Head-to-Head: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Seattle Mariners

These two teams are meeting for the third time this season, that matchup will be featured only in this weekend's three-game series. In the regular season, the Dodgers have a 42-31 record as visitors, while the Mariners have a 41-32 record at home.
3:35 AM6 days ago

The third game of the series will be played this Sunday

The series between the Dodgers and the Mariners reaches its end, a win for both could be key for the definition of the Playoff spots.

The visitors are first in the NL West, while the locals are in the fight for a wild card spot in the American League.

3:30 AM6 days ago

The stadium

The match will be played at the Seattle Mariners' home park, T-Mobile Park, located in the city of Seattle, in the state of Washington, in the United States. This stadium, inaugurated in 1999, has a capacity for 47,943 spectators.
Photo: Sports Illustrated
Photo: Sports Illustrated
3:25 AM6 days ago

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