Highlights and runs: Boston Red Sox 4-6 Texas Rangers in MLB


11:14 PM8 days ago

Our coverage of the Boston Red Sox vs Texas Rangersgame of the 2023 MLB regular season comes to an end

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11:05 PM8 days ago

End to game

Rangers 6-4 Red Sox
11:01 PM8 days ago

9- Up

Pitching Change: Jose Leclerc replaces Aroldis Chapman.
11:00 PM8 days ago

End | 8 Inning

Leaving the top of the eighth inning, Texas has a 6-4 lead.
10:55 PM8 days ago

8- Down

Pitching Change: Zack Weiss replaces John Schreiber.
10:54 PM8 days ago

Mid | 8 Inning

Going into the top of the eighth, Boston had no chance to score.
10:45 PM8 days ago

End | 7 Inning

Taveras strikes out, but Texas is back ahead 6-4.
10:41 PM8 days ago

7- Down

Heim gets free on a bases-loaded bases-loaded walk, Seager scores.
10:36 PM8 days ago


Jung connects for a single and brings Semien to the plate for the Texas lead.
10:35 PM8 days ago

7- Down

Pitching Change: John Schreiber replaces Chris Murphy.
10:25 PM8 days ago

7- Down

Pitching Change: Chris Murphy replaces Mauricio Llovera.
10:25 PM8 days ago

Mid | 7 Inning

Chapman beats Devers and Turner to close out a tough inning for Texas, now the Rangers will come to bat.
10:20 PM8 days ago

7- Up

Pitching Change: Aroldis Chapman replaces Andrew Heaney.
10:20 PM8 days ago

7- Up

Alex Verdugo grounded into fielder's choice, Dalbec reached on an error by Seager to score from 2B. 
10:16 PM8 days ago

7- Up

Rangers manager Bruce Bochy ejected by HP umpire Ben May.
10:07 PM8 days ago

7- Up

Pitching Change: Andrew Heaney replaces Chris Stratton.
10:07 PM8 days ago

End | 6 Inning

Bottom of the sixth inning, Texas now leads 4-3.
10:03 PM8 days ago

6- Down

Taveras singles, Heim comes to the plate from 2B, now Texas goes on to win this game.
10:01 PM8 days ago

6- Down

Jonas Heim connects on a double to bring Adolis Garcia from 1B to the plate, tying the game.
9:58 PM8 days ago

6- Down

Pitching Change: Mauricio Llovera replaces Brennan Bernardino.
9:50 PM8 days ago

Mid | 6 Inning

Red Sox go 1, 2 and 3, good inning for the Rangers reliever. At bat, Texas.
9:44 PM8 days ago

6- Up

Pitching Change: Chris Stratton replaces Nathan Eovaldi.
9:44 PM8 days ago

End | 5 Inning

Lowe hits into a double play, very unproductive inning for Texas. At bat, Red Sox.
9:36 PM8 days ago

5- Down

Pitching Change: Brennan Bernardino replaces Tanner Houck.
9:36 PM8 days ago

5- Down

Semien singled, Taveras scored, Carter advanced to 3B. Texas scored.
9:28 PM8 days ago

Mid | 5 Inning

Justin Turner led off with a grounder to the box, top of the order for the Red Sox. At bat, Rangers.
9:21 PM8 days ago

End | 4 Inning

Bottom of the fourth inning, nothing the Rangers can discount. At bat, Red Sox.
9:12 PM8 days ago

Mid | 4 Inning

Leading off the top of the fourth, the Red Sox go 1, 2 and 3. At bat, the Rangers.
9:05 PM8 days ago

End | 3 Inning

Bottom of the third inning, Rangers can't score. Red Sox lead 3-1.
8:59 PM8 days ago

Mid | 3 Inning

Trevor Story misses, but the Red Sox take a 3-1 lead.
8:57 PM8 days ago

3- Up

Yoshida singles, Urias and Devers score, Boston leads 3-1.
8:56 PM8 days ago

3- Up

Turner grounded into the box, Dalbec took advantage and scored the tying run for Boston.
8:41 PM8 days ago

End | 2 Inning

Evan Carter misses with two men on base, second inning falls, Rangers go ahead 1-0.
8:35 PM8 days ago

2- Down

8:29 PM8 days ago

Mid | 2 Inning

Connor Wong led off with a grounder to the infield that induced a double play, top of the second inning. Up to bat, Rangers will come.
8:23 PM8 days ago

End | 1 Inning

First inning down, Texas is retired 1, 2, and 3. Up to bat, come the Red Sox.
8:16 PM8 days ago

Mid | 1 Inning

Going the top of the first inning, the Red Sox fail to score runs in the first inning.
8:10 PM8 days ago


7:52 PM8 days ago

Seattle and Texas, battling for the last postseason berth

Currently tied with a 82-68 record, both teams are looking to make the postseason, Texas must start tonight by beating Boston, with whom they have a negative 3-1 record on the season.
7:46 PM8 days ago

Starting Lineup- Rangers

7:44 PM8 days ago

Starting Lineup- Red Sox

7:42 PM8 days ago

Start of coverage

We are already in the coverage of the game between Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers, one more game of the MLB 2023 regular season, everything that happens here we will tell you about it in VAVEL.
8:05 AM8 days ago

Stay tuned for the Red Sox vs Rangers live stream

In a few moments we will share with you the Red Sox vs Rangers starting lineups, as well as the latest information from Globe Life Field. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live updates from VAVEL.
8:00 AM8 days ago

How to watch the Red Sox vs Rangers game live?

You can watch the Red Sox vs Rangers game live on MLB TV.
If you want to follow it on streaming, you can follow MLB.com. 
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.
7:55 AM8 days ago

Starting Pitcher- Rangers

Nathan Eovaldi- RHP
Former Boston pitcher Nathan Eovaldi opens the game for the Rangers. On the season he has an 11-4 record with a 2.96 ERA and 118 strikeouts in 22 games played.
7:50 AM8 days ago

Starting Pitcher- Red Sox

Tanner Houck- RHP
Pitcher Tanner Houck opens the game for the Red Sox, on the season he has a 5-9 record with a 4.94 ERA and 87 strikeouts in 18 games played.
7:45 AM8 days ago

The Rangers' season

The Texas Rangers have had a good season, but they are not assured of a postseason berth and are in a battle with Toronto and Seattle for the last two wild cards in the American League. 
They are currently second in the American League West division, with a record of 82-67, with a .550 average percentage.
7:40 AM8 days ago

The Red Sox season

It has been a disappointing season for Boston, the team led by Alex Cora had one of the most critical years of the last ten seasons. 

Today they are in last place in their division in the American League, with a 74-76 record and a .493 average percentage.

7:35 AM8 days ago

Face to face: Red Sox vs Rangers

This will be the fifth meeting between the two teams this season, so far, the record is in Boston's favor.

Texas is 45-30 in home games and 82-67 overall. Boston has a 36-38 record in away games and a 74-76 record overall. 

7:30 AM8 days ago

Rangers look to clinch postseason berth

The Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers face off tonight in the second game of their three-game series. 

These two teams met last July in Boston, with the Red Sox winning 2-1. Now, in Texas, the Rangers are looking to clinch the series in order to qualify for the Playoffs.

7:25 AM8 days ago

The game will be played at Globe Life Field

The Boston Red Sox vs Texas Rangers game will be played at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, USA, a stadium that cost $1.2 billion to build and is the second most expensive state-of-the-art MLB baseball stadium.
Photo: Globe Life Field
Photo: Globe Life Field
7:20 AM8 days ago

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