WWE Superstars and their Comic Book Counterparts
Who would CM Punk most likely be in the comic book world? Source: WWE.com

The comparison to athletes and comic book characters is pretty common but they lack creativity. If you're strong or tough, you're Superman or the Hulk. If you're fast, then you're the Flash. Here at Vavel, we try or best to be as creative as possible with our articles. That said, let’s take a moment to compare WWE superstars to comic book characters, but by more than just their physical attributes.

Mr. McMahon

The list of people that have been screwed by Mr. McMahon and The Corporation or The Authority is longer than the Great Khali's legs. Everyone knows this and he or she still signs on the dotted line, hoping to be the person that tricks the devil. It happens, but it comes with pain, torture, and sometimes selling your soul. While Mr. McMahon doesn't like to get his hands dirty (he has tons of people to do that for him), he will in fact step in and fight if he feels he has to. If for nothing else, to prove to his minions that he won't ask anything of them he wouldn't do himself.


If there is one person in any comic book universe you don't want to make a deal with, it's Mephisto. Even though the fine print may say one thing, you've gotten so tripped up in everything else that you didn't realize a sentence or two that make all your efforts null and void. Like Mr. McMahon, Mephisto doesn't like to engage in physical altercations, but will if he has to. This fits Mr. McMahon to a T.

*side note* the writer of this article is talking about the character Mr. McMahon. Not actually Vince McMahon the real person.

Triple H:

Let's take a closer look at Hunter Hearst Helmsley. This is a man who started off as an arrogant aristocrat, who learned to appreciate humanity and actually loved it more than his "Blue Blood" upbringing. Thus becoming the cofounder of D-generation X. He eventually leaves to go back to being a suit and tie guy and run the company like he probably feels he was destined to. Who does this sound like?


In the beginning, Thor was a rash, arrogant, and mighty warrior. While he was always tough, it wasn't until he was cast down to Earth and became mortal that Thor came into his own. Conversely, It wasn't until Hunter Hearst Helmsley left his blue blood persona behind to become one of the founders of DX did HHH start to come into his own. Just like Loki creating the Avengers, the Corporation created DX. Thor is destined to become the All Father and rule Asgard just like Triple H is destined to take over when Mr. McMahon retires.

CM Punk:

CM Punk even has his lackies like Norman Osborn. Image Source "accelerator3359.comt

Here we have a guy who oozes talent, knows it, and takes every opportunity to tell everyone how great he is. This is a guy who is almost never the strongest guy in the fight, but 90% of the time he is the most prepared and the most talented. He may not be a leader, but he has been the voice of the people. He can also be a complete jerk and tell the people to go screw. CM Punk is all about one thing: how do the things he does affect himself. Another thing we have seen Punk do over and over is use everyone else to do his bidding while he escapes to fight another day. Whether it was the Nexus or the Straight Edge Society, punk remained the cult of personality (pun totally intended).

Norman Osborn:

Jazz hands... source Marvel.com

Not the Green Goblin, but Norman Osborn. Is there anyone more arrogant than he is? Someone who's smart enough, physically strong enough, and capable enough to beat anyone when he sets his mind to it? What is Norman Osborn's biggest problem? Norman Osborn. Whenever Norman has a good thing going, he will continuously poke the bear. Norman Osborn has fought on the side if good and will deliver these great speeches about how he's a man of the people, but at the end of the day, Norman Osborn is looking out for his own interest. Norman was also never against putting teams together to do his bidding. Whether it was the Sinister 6 or the Dark Avengers or the New Dark Avengers and more recently with his newest stint as the Goblin King. Norman is also a chick magnet despite all his crazy.

John Cena:

This is the man who is the epitome of good. He has a phrase that he will say over and over to keep himself in line. A guy who'd rather take hit after hit before compromising his morals. A guy who's been beat down more times than can be counted, but still manages to get back up and keep saying "Hustle, Loyalty, and respect". A champion of the people even when some of the people don't want him. And even those people who hate him still can't help but respect him.

The Amazing Spider-Man:

This writer never cosigned the Superman comparison. Superman is loved and respected by all he encounters in the DC Universe. Superman rarely takes a beating. Spider-Man gets beat down almost as much as any hero in comics and has never compromises his integrity. Cena has "Hustle, loyalty, respect" and Spidey has "With great power, comes great responsibility". Both phrases are really cheesy, but rein true to some people. And just like J. Jonah Jameson will run around calling Spider-Man is a menace without any real reason or proof, the IWC (internet wrestling community) will go and say that Cena sucks and will almost never give him his props. Even though, deep down they know he is as good as he seems. Spider-Man may not be the best fighter, but like Cena, he is probably the best hero.

Paul Heyman:

The man behind the man who is the 1 in 21 and 1. Paul Heyman. The guy who needs no contract to sell you salt water in the ocean or sand in the desert. He speaks and you listen intently. You may even know that it is complete and utter bull-poop, but he entices you with his words. He's had wrestlers under contract not getting paid because they believe in him and his cause. Sometimes it really is all about him. And sometimes, it's definitely all about him. At the end of the day, Heyman is a man who uses his vast intellect to get what he wants.


My name is Loki Heyman... Source villianwiki.com

Never has a villain done so much without lifting a finger at times. The silver tongue snake even cheated death itself by making the lords of hell (Mephisto included) think they'd get his soul none of them got his soul in the end because they never assumed they could be tricked. Sometimes his plans will backfire, but Loki will always manage to escape and plan for another day. Loki's biggest strength is his wa with words, but unfortunately, it can also be the thing that gets him into trouble. Heyman has constantly gotten himself in and out of trouble with his words. It's a gift and a curse.