WWE Main Event Recap 1/6/14
Divas Champion Nikki Bella on the receiving end of a super kick from Paige WWE Main Event 1/6/14 / WWE.com

The staple of pro wrestling on Tuesday nights WWE Main Event, had a faced paced and interesting three-match lineup. The first match saw Nikki Bella facing off with Paige, then R-Truth mixed it up with Fandango and the night ended with the two powerhouses facing off. Jack Swagger went one on one with Titus O’Neil. We were also treated to a visit from Rusev and the lovely Lana as the United States Champion announced that he would be in the Royal Rumble. It’s not like we didn’t figure Rusev would be in the match, but as with any Royal Rumble the curiosity tends to rise as more of the top-level superstars make their claim for the popular pay per view.

While John Cena is showing off on Vine that he is still one of the strongest guys in the WWE, his lady Nikki Bella is trying to make her mark as the WWE Divas Champion. With sister Brie at her side she took on former champ Paige who has made a nice little bond with Natalya. In an intense faced paced match Paige got the better of the Bella Twin as a slight distraction by Brie backfired. Having Nattie at her side was a good thing for Paige as Natalya took out Brie to allow Paige to hit the superkick she has been displaying the past couple of weeks.

Soon after Paige landed her finisher the Ram-Paige to call it a night on the champ. There are rumors of a possible 3-way triple threat match for the Divas title at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View. This would include Natalya, Paige, and Nikki. For this to happen we would have to see Paige turn on Nattie (aren't you guys all expecting it too?) in the next few shows. The other question that looms is what does this do for Brie? For a while many thought she would be the one getting the push out of the two sisters but that has not been the case. Guess Brie mode will have to remain on pause for the time being.

No matter how much the universe gripes the push for Fandango will continue. R-Truth had been on a roll as of late and even teamed up with the Usos on Monday Night. Running into the Latin dancer would not fare well for the WWE emcee, as Fandango would edge him out in a very competitive match. Both wrestlers look like they could make a run and separate themselves from the middle of the pack but only Fandango seems to be getting that push.

While he has looked slightly better than when he originally came back it’s still hard for me to see him take out a top a guy without some kind of help. That help is not Rosa so we will see. Expect both of these competitors to be in the Royal Rumble. If the WWE want’s Fandango’s new stick to work then it is time for him to start feud. The return of Bo Dallas would be perfect even though it would be heel against heel feud, which is nothing new in the WWE. Hell that’s what the whole attitude era was anyway.

As I have noted in previous recaps before the fall of Jack Swagger continues to show it’s ugly face in the WWE Universe. While Swagger is still one of the more popular wrestlers his lack of mic skills is finally making his undoing. In his latest downfall he faced a revamped Titus O'Neil who seems to finally receive the push we thought he would get leaving NXT. This guy is one of the best pure athletes in the business and his mic skills, unlike Jack’s seems to be improving with each promo. With two guys like this we all expected a hi-octane match filled with explosiveness and that’s just what we got.

There was a mistake by the ref in the match as after the Swagger Bomb Jack went for the pin and the ref called rope before Titus was able to grab it. Even JBL, Michael Cole, and Booker T were talking about how terrible of a job the ref did but regardless it gave Titus back the momentum and saw Swagger on the receiving end of a Clash of The Titus. I could look these two guys go at it forever and hopefully a move up by Rusev can get Swagger and O'Neil a feud for the United States Championship. Though I still like a possible showdown with O’Neil and “swamp booty” Erick Rowan so hopefully something surfaces in the near future.