Lucha Underground: Unique Opportunities

The show opens with Dario meeting Aerostar on the roof of the temple.  It’s a one-sided conversation where Dario reminds Aerostar of what’s at stake. The key Dario wears is very noticeable. Aerostar says nothing, but talkings never been his thing.

Dario is magic. He’s evil, but he’s not annoying like so many authority figures these days. This is all they needed to do to put over the match and get fans ready for later in the show. The key being made noticeable probably means something is going to happen with it in the next few weeks.

The first match of the night is the Trio’s tournament match with King Cuerno, Texano, and Cage taking on Hernandez, Puma, and Mundo. Konnan is not present at ringside. This match is absolutely loaded with talent, and they live up to it. King Cuerno shines the brightest. He’s Brett Hart level smooth taking and giving bumps in the ring. 

Hernandez is not as big as he used to be, but the decrease in size has made him more fluid and he was also very impressive. The end comes when Texano hits Puma with his bull rope, and then he gets hit with the Thrill of the Hunt from Cuerno. Cage, Cuerno, and Texano advance to the finals of the tournament.

This was a dynamic match, which highlighted the difference between Trio’s wrestling and straight American tag wrestling. There were great combination moves and tons of great interchange. The show literally could have just been this match. Cuerno is a legit superstar, and he gets the pin on the Champ.

Dario emerges from his office to announce that he wants a preview of the Trio’s final and announces that right now Cage, Havoc, and the Mack will have a triple threat match. Havoc and Cage get in a ton of good spots in another solid match. Havoc gets a bunch of near falls, but Cage is able to clear out Mack and hit the Weapon X for the pinfall on Havoc.

The win was needed for Cage. He’s a huge star, and LU needs to start building him back up again. Havoc didn’t lose 100% clean and was the star of the match. For his part, Mack was ok.

Dario is in the bathroom with Drago, and this is his chance to cut a promo for Drago. There was a good solid promo from Dario, but Catrina still has best bathroom promo on this show so far.

They cut to the ring, where Pentagon, Jr. is alone with Mellissa Santos and tells her to announce that he dedicates his next sacrifice to his master. She goes to leave, and Pentagon grabs her as apparently she will be his victim. Vampiro gets out of his seat and is ready to hit the ring, but Sexy Starr is out to make the save.

Pentagon is a massive star.  There’s no heel more over in the company right now.  It’s likely that he will break Starr’s arm.  It makes sense that the show is gearing towards him versus Puma for the strap at some point.  This will probably happen at the end of the summer on the live special.

Drago and Aerostar are out for their final match to determine who will have the unique opportunity. Dario fills in as the ring announcer. It must be noted that he also does that well. They work a completely different match from all the previous. It’s more of stiff style as compared to their high-flying affairs of the past. Aerostar hits his free-fall splash, but Drago survives it. 

The spot of the match that even made Dario happy occurs when Drago gets out a table but ends up on it. Aerostar hits him with a splash from over the top rope but misses a little and lands half way on Drago and the other half onto the floor face first. From there, Aerostar dominates but can’t find a finish. Drago hits the tail of the Dragon wrap up and gets the win.

Despite all the animosity, the two embrace and share a nice moment in the ring of respect. Dario hits the ring and tells Drago that he will now get a title shot, but if he loses, he’s banned from the Temple.

Drago and Puma will be a high-stakes match when it happens. Hopefully, LU waits at least three weeks before giving up this match.  It will be a shame if Drago gets banned, but Puma is the hotter commodity at this time, so it’s likely that Puma would win.

A side note, Davari, formerly from the WWE, was in the crowd, and was highlighted a few times. It’s unclear what the plans are for him, but the announcers did mention him.

LU puts out another great show. It was their best blend of overall booking with not too many promos and just enough match action. The pace of the matches was just right. This company continues to climb.