Monday Night Raw 6/1/15 Review

The show started with the Authority coming out without the WWE title that Dean Ambrose stole from Seth Rollins. They call out Ambrose but recieve Roman Reigns, who tells them that Ambrose wants a rematch at Money in the Bank in a Ladder Match. Reigns will also be in the match, but is told by Triple H that if he doesn’t win his all of matches tonight, he is out of the PPV match.

Roman Reigns - King Barrett

King Barrett got off to the advantage early in the match but Roman came back strong, before Barrett hit a bullhammer to seemingly close out the match. But in the end, Reigns won the match via pinfall after hitting the spear.

After Roman's victory, Divas Champion Nikki Bella reminds everyone that she is the longest current reigning champion in the WWE, with a six month reign. Paige then tells Nikki that she won a Battle Royal back in April and challenges her to a title match, which Nikki accepts and the match is set for later in the night.

Ryback (c) vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship.

Before the match, Ryback spoke to the WWE Universe about how proud he is, how the fans motivated him to become Intercontinental Champion and how Texas will always have a special place in his heart because the crowd welcomed him back when he came back from injury.

This match did not even get happen as Big Show came out and attacked Miz, before standing face-to-face with Ryback to set up a potential title feud with him.

Cut to Kevin Owens, who talks about how his son's role model is John Cena and he does not blame him, but rather he blames the WWE. He continues on to say that he will beat Cena at Money in the Bank. Cena then comes out and talks about his lifestyle and his catchphrases. He also talks about how he motivates kids who are fighting to keep on fighting and never give up. Kevin Owens runs out of the ring and heads backstage.

This was an excellent segment that showed how good Owens' mic skills was, and this was a great buildup to the rematch between these two at Money in the Bank in just under two weeks.

New Day comes out and starts bragging about them retaining the WWE Tag Team Titles at Elimination Chamber. They also made a cheeky San Antonio Spurs reference, saying that Tim Duncan has to retire, before Kofi Kingston said he is going to become Mr Money In The Bank.

A good heel promo for New Day, with the Duncan comment throwing fuel into the fire and adding to their status.

Dolph Ziggler with Lana - Kofi Kingston with Xavier Woods and Big E.

A good match between Kingston and Ziggler that went back-and-forth, with both guys showing why they are great superstars. It was a close match but Ziggler got the win via pinfall after reversing Kingston's rollup, pulling the tights for leverage. New Day attacked Ziggler after the match, but Prime Time Players came out to make the save, setting up a six-man tag team match.

New Day - Prime Time Players and Dolph Ziggler.

In true WWE fashion, the match started whilst they went to a commercial break. But once they got back, Prime Time Players took an early advantage. However The New Day started to take advantage of the numbers game, attacking Darren Young in the corner away from his partners. Momentum changed to the Prime Time Players again after Darren Young tagged in Titus O'Neil and he cleaned house. Prime Time Players and Ziggler picked up the win after O;Neil hit the Alabama Slam on Xavier Woods for the pinfall victory.

Roman Reigns - Mark Henry

The was made by the authority to make sure Roman was out of the Money in the Bank match, however it didn't go that way for them. When the bell rang, Reigns was clearly still feeling the effects of his earlier match - Barrett, allowing Henry to take control of most of the match. Despite this, Reigns won after hitting Mark Henry with a Superman Punch on the outside, getting back in the ring before the ten count for the win via count-out. After the match, Henry attacked Reigns with a World's Strongest Slam, then a splash, leaving him in the middle of the ring in pain.

Nikki Bella (c) vs Paige for the Divas Championship

A back-and-forth match saw Nikki take advantage of Paige early, before Paige turned the momentum towards her. Nikki dominated most of the matchup, and claimed victory thanks to help from twin sister Brie, who came from the bottom of the ring and rolled Paige up so the ref thought it was Nikki. 

It was great seeing twin magic again and this was a good setup for the next two weeks, leading up to their next match, which will most likely be at Money In The Bank.

Randy Orton - Sheamus

Shemus took advantage as the match started, easily wearing down Randy Orton. It was all Sheamus until Orton got into a comeback and started getting some momentum. Randy won the match via DQ after Sheamus used a steel chair, before continuing on the attack and shoving him into the barricade once or twice. The referees finally got Sheamus to back away from Orton for them to check on him, but he came back and hit Orton with the brogue kick for the second time.

A decent match by Sheamus and Orton, even though Sheamus dominated most of the matchup. It showed how strong he is going into the Money in the Bank match in two weeks.

We go backstage to Rusev, where the Russian is asked how he is feeling after his injury and losing Lana. He says that he has nothing after losing his title, his manager, and getting injured. He said that he was the one that was crushed this time, but vowed to get back what is his when he is fully healed from his injury.

A good little backstage segment for Rusev. He showed a little weakness but he mostly showed that he was going to come back better than ever.

Bo Dallas - Neville

Another high quality match between these two NXT rivals. Bo Dallas took advantage of this match early working on Neville, and it looked like Dallas was going to pick up the win. However Neville picked up some momentum and hitting the Red Arrow on Bo Dallas to earn the win.

This match showed that Neville does not go down without a fight, and also reinforced the fact that the Red Arrow one of the best moves in the company.

Roman Reigns - Bray Wyatt

Reigns still showed the effects from his last two matches. Wyatt started the match well, continuing to wear down a weak Reigns, before Rollins and J&J Security came out to distract Reigns.However that failed and Reigns got to keep his Money in the Bank spot after he hit the spear on Wyatt for the pinfall victory. After the match, Rollins, J&J security and Kane surrounded the ring, but Ambrose came out on the announce table, and made the save. Reigns and Ambrose ended the show leaving the arena through the crowd with Ambrose still having the title.

Reigns continued to prove that he is able to overcome anything the Authority throws at him. All he wants is to become Mr Money in the Bank so he can get a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match whenever he wants and anytime he wants.