Results UFC 189: Chad Mendes - Conor McGregor 2015
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12:42 Thanks for joining me tonight for the live coverage of UFC 189.

12:36 Conor McGregor is the new UFC Interim Featherweight Champion winning by Knockout. 

12:31 Round 2 has started McGregor took the  early in the 1st but Mendes took lead ending the round.

12:30 Round 1 in the books.

12:20 The hype for this match is outstanding. There are so much at stake besides the championship.

12:05 The moment everyone waiting for. Up next Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes for the Interim UFC Featherweight Championship

12:00 Robbie Lawler retains the UFC Welterweight Championship against Rory MacDonald. He  won via Knockout. 

11:59 Round 5 starts up.

11:58 Round 4 ends anything can happened  here.

11:54 Round 4 starts MacDonald spends to take advantage of the last round.

11:52 Round 3  ends MacDonald won that round hurting Lawler.

11:46 Round  3 has started Lawler won round 2.

11:43 Good combination by Lawler

11:40 Round 2 has beguin.

11:40 Round 1 is over Robbie Lawler takes the advantage of this round.

11:34 Both champion and challenger look ready  to  put on an amazing fight for the UFC Welterweight Championship.

11:17 Up next the co main event of the night, Robbie Lawler defends his UFC Welterweight Championship against Rory MacDonald.

11:08 Round 3 is underway and Jeremy Stephens wins the fight via Knockout. Amazing fight from both fighters.

11:07 Round 2 is done Stephens took the round. 

11:02 Round 2 underway.

11:01 Round 1 is over Bermudez did so much damage to Stephens in round 1.

10:56 Bermudez taking advantage early in round 1 of this fight.

10:55 Both fighters look ready to get this started.

10:47 Up next Dennis Bermudez face off vs. Jeremy Stephens.

10:43 Gunar Nelson wins in round one with a submission.

10:41  Gunnar Nelson with a big right hand  almost had Thatch for the Knockout.

10:34 Gunnar Nelson vs. Brandon Thatch up next.

10:23 Round 3 is underway and Thomas Almeida wins the fight straight out of the gate via Knockout.

10:22 Great round 1 for Pickett.

10:20 Amazing start from Brad Pickett dominating Thomas Almeida.

10:14 Pickett and Almeida look focused for the first fight of the night.

10:11 Brad Pickett faces Thomas Almeida to kick off the great night of fights.

10:00 Its Showtime! the night we have been waiting for UFC 189 is underway live on Pay Per View.

9:57 The hype for  Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes is great. This is going to be a fun fight to watch.

9:49 With the prelims now done, Just under 10 minutes away till the pay per view starts.

9:47 Last fight of the prelims finish without the judges.  Matt Brown wins the fight by Submission.

9:43 Matt Brown taking control in the first round.

9:33 Up next Matt Brown goes up vs. Tim Means.

9:32 Alex Garcia wins by decision.

9:30 Round 3 is done. So far all of the fights has gone the distance. Judge decision coming up next.

9:26 Round 3 is underway.

9:25 Round 2 ends.

9:19 Round 2 is underway.

9:18 Round 1 is over Garcia won that round.

9:16 Good first round by Garcia so far.

9:08 Up next Mike Swick vs. Alex Garcia.

9:02 John Howard wins this fight via split decision.

9:00 The fighters go the distance, judge decision coming up next.

8:55 Good knees to the body by Pendred.

8:53 End of round 2, good round for both fighters.

8:51 Nice punches by Howard.

8:48 Round 2 is underway.

8:47 Good round by Pendred.

8:41 Both fighters look ready.

8:34 Up next John Howard vs. Cathal Pendred.

8:30 Cody Garbrandt wins by decision, great won he improves to 7-0.

8:29 This fight went the distance, good 3rd by Garbrandt now to the judges. 

8:27 Good ground and pound by Garbrandt.

8:22 End of round 2, Garbrandt won the round.

8:19 Close call for Garbrandt, almost had the finish.

8:16 End of round 1, Garbrandt took that round.

8:01 Its time for the first fight of the night. We are in for a great night of fights!

the main event Irishman Conor McGregor will be fighting Chad Mendes for the interim UFC Featherweight Championship. This fight was going to be Jose Aldo - McGregor, but Aldo recently injured himself, so Mendes took over for Aldo to fight McGregor. In the standup game the advantage will be in McGregor's corner as his striking is lights-out with his great punch speed. He lands them on point in most of the fights, which is why most fighters stay away from him and his standup. In the ground game it will have to go to Mendes, as his ground game is effective; he can control the fight down low. If he stays on the ground most of the fight, he will have a good chance of walking out with the gold. In the end, in this writer's prediction: McGregor will become the new interim UFC Featherweight Champion. His striking and stand up skills is better than Mendes  he also has a ground game to use to his advantage as well.

In the co-main event Robbie Lawler will be defending his UFC Welterweight Championship against hungry contender Roy McDonald. This will be a good fight, a both of these fighters are talented stars, so this will be fun to watch. In the standup game the advantage will be Lawler. There is a reason why he is the champion. He has really good standup skills,  great hands, and fast, hard punches. He also has admirable defense, even though McDonald has him in that department. But overall Lawler is the better standup fighter. On the ground the advantage will have to go to McDonald, as his takedown defense is great. He can finish the fight quickly on the ground. However, in the end, this writer predicts that Lawler will prove why he is the champion, over a good contender in McDonald. Lawler has good takedown defense and since McDonald spends more time on the ground, that is his advantage. Lawler should be looking for his standup game because that is what he does best, constantly in attack-mode.

Dennis Bermusdez will be looking to get into the Featherweight Division rankings, when he fights vs. another up-and-comer looking to get on the rankings in Jeremy Stephens. In the standup game the advantage will be Jeremy Stephens, with his heavy punches and good defense as well. He will be looking to keep this fight standing up, because that is where he is at his best. On the ground the advantage will have to go to Bermusdez, he has amazing takedown defense, but he can also hold his own taking his opponent to the ground. He also has good standup skills but Stephens is better at him at there. In the end this writer predicts Bermusdez will use his ground game to his advantage. He will surprise Stephens with his well-rounded nature, and end the fight on the ground.

Gunner Nelson will be looking to climb up the division when he faces a tough challenge in Brandon Thatch. Winning this fight for Thatch would be huge for him beating a ranked fighter, in the Welterweight Division.  In the standup fight the advantage will be in Thatch's corner, as he has more punches landed per minute, but they are less accurate then his opponent's.  His Knockout percentage is impressive at 73 percent, which will be a big difference in this fight. On the ground the advantage will be in Thatch's row as well, as he has a better takedown accuracy, and defense then Nelson. Thatch will be looking to take him down to the ground, if he cannot finish him standing up with his striking. In the end this writer predicts Thatch will be picking up a huge win over a ranked opponent. He has the standup and ground game to do it. He is a well-rounded fighter that will continue to make noise in the UFC.

Brad Pickett will be hoping to improve his ranking in the Bantamweight Division, facing Thomas Almeida. In the standup game Almeida will be having the advantage here, in almost every striking category he is better than Pickett. Almeida is a great striker with fast hands, great speed on his punches. He can also defend himself pretty well. On the ground game, Pickett will try to dominate, as he has good takedown accuracy but Almeida has the better takedown defense. If Pickett wants to have a chance to win this fight, he will have to keep this fight on the ground at all times. In the end this writer predicts that Almeida will win this fight, as he is all-around the better fighter then Pickett standup wise. He has a great standup, but on the ground he can hold his own with a good takedown defense, so this is a fight that he should win.

With the prelims done we now go into the main card. We have the welterweight championship being defended as well as the interim Featherweight Championship being defended.

In the last of the prelim Mike Brown will be facing off vs. Tim Means in another Welterweight bout. In the standup matchup the advantage goes to Brown. The power in his punches will be something we have to watch, and he has great hands, an overall better striker then Means. Defensively on the standup Means has the advantage defending more punches then Brown. The advantage for standup will still be going in Brown's corner. On the ground game however the advantage goes to Means. He has good takedown accuracy, and takedown defense. Means also has average striking, but his main strength is taking the fight to the ground. In the end this writer predicts Means will prove he dominates on the ground game tonight. This will be the difference maker. Brown has to keep this fight standing up if he has a chance.

Mike Swick will be looking to prove he is still at the top of his game, when he faces Alex Garcia. A win for Garcia over someone like Swick is going to be big for him in pushing his way up the Welterweight Division. In the standup game Garica will have the advantage, as his good striking will be key. He has a great standup defense, going along with good striking. Swick will be a tough challenge as he is trying to get on top of the division. The ground game will be even, but Garcia is known to takedown his opponents during the fights effectively. It will be a close battle on the ground between the two of them, so this will be fun to watch. This writer's prediction: Garcia will prove himself vs. a veteran like Swick, improving his stock in the Welterweight Division rankings. The standup game will come into play during this fight for Garcia, and Garcia has proven that he can finish the fight on the ground and standing up. Do not be surprised if Swick pulls out with the victory in this fight, though, as this will be tight throughout.

John Howard will be looking for a climb up the rankings, when he fights Cathal Pendred. Whoever wins this fight will most likely move up in the chart in the Welterweight Division. Pendred will be having the height advantage which is always helpful when you are fighting in the Octagon. In the standup battle Howard will have the 'upper hand' as he has heavy hands which could be the difference maker in this fight. On the ground Pendred has the advantage as his takedown defense will help a lot, Howard has the been known for bringing people down to the ground and pounding them down low, but Pendred can defend himself pretty well.

Cody Garbrandt will be looking to keep his undefeated 6-0 record alive, facing his biggest challenge to date in Henry Briones who is 19-4-1. This will be a tough test for Garbrandt who has never faced a fighter like Briones. On the standup game the advantage goes to Briones with great striking. His defense is impressive as well but standup is where he does most of his damage. On the ground, however, is where Garbrandt is at his best, as he has better takedown average and accuracy then Brione. Garbrandt also has good defense which may come in handy in this fight vs. a striker like Briones.

Good evening MMA fans and welcome to's Live coverage of UFC 189. My name is Martin Lee and I will be your host for this live for this evening. We have a stacked card tonight with 2 big title fights with our two co-main events.