NXT Divas Debut On The Main Roster But Is This Bad News For NXT?
The NXT Divas arrive on Monday's Episode of RAW / fansided.com

On Monday Night’s episode of RAW we saw a possible changing of the guard in the Divas division. For the past few weeks Paige has been trying to bring together the rest of the main roster Divas (we say that jokingly) against The Bella Twins, Divas Champion Nikki and her twin sister Brie. Immediately as this started to play out rumors around twitter and the like began to flare up that this could be the storyline to bring up some the NXT talent. Well everyone was right and on Monday Night Stephanie McMahon returned to make her monthly appearance and did a hell of a job introducing three NXT divas up to the main roster. While there was two surprises on the call up this truly bodes well for the main roster but can the same be said for NXT? Maybe not.

One of the strangest things about the call up is the announcement of Becky Lynch first. True her and Paige have some history but you would think Charlotte would have gotten the first nod even though the pop for all three of these ladies was substantial. In a previous NXT episode Charlotte and Sasha teamed up in BFF fashion against Emma and Dana Brooke. It would seem like the overall conscious would be to bring the two up as the BFF to join Paige in her fight against Team Bella (which added Alicia Fox).

Though that was not the case as we saw Lynch and Charlotte join forces with Paige while The Boss herself Sasha Banks would be aligned with Naomi and TaminaTamina. This added more intrigue to what roles these ladies will play on the main roster as the WWE has a Divas division that seems to be full of heels. Only time will tell how this all plays out as clearly the creative department must be setting up something for SummerSlam and beyond with the female talent.

So, that begs the question of what’s going to happen in NXT now that three of their top Divas have been called up? One would have to look at Sasha’s arrival without the belt as a hint that she may lose it soon. It’s possible that it could happen at the upcoming NXT Takeover event but who would she pass the torch too. The obvious answer would be Bayley. She even more than Lynch is a Diva that fans have wanted to see on the main card but a recent injury may have put Becky Lynch in that position (even though Becky has suffered a recent injury as well). The three NXT Divas will go back and forth between the two programs for some time for no other reason than to keep things exciting in NXT. Outside of Emma most of the current NXT talent is just not ready to take over the spotlight as Queen Bee of NXT.

Camilla is decent on the mic but has tons of work to do to polish her in ring ability. Dana Brooke looks fabulous and is coming along quicker than expected but don’t think she will exist in the realm of NXT long as we could see a big push to get her up to the main roster. Bayley is ready but needs to heal up, as this is the second injury in sometime to sideline her questioning her durability. Alexa Bliss could receive the same push as Brooke but needs to do more on the mic and on camera than just being another pretty face. Even though she seems to garner more of response than any Divas on either roster Blue Pants has fallen into a worker role, which makes no sense with her in ring ability and fan push. We have not heard too much from her on the mic so that could be the reason she is where she is on the roster of talent.

There is tons of potential with the upcoming Divas in NXT but there is no denying the void that will be left by the call up of Banks, Charlotte and Lynch. Many fans are worries that once the three are put in the hands of the main roster creative that they will ultimately fail. The same can be said with the creative in NXT if they don’t find a way to make the current Divas standout more. In ring talent will surpass all and that’s the biggest issue with the leftover NXT Divas. With Bayley and Emma more than likely duking it out for the NXT Divas crown in the near future that should provide more than enough time to get these wrestlers where they need to be. If not then there will be a huge drop off of momentum in the Divas division after one of the most promising years in WWE history.