How Important Is Bayley Vs Sasha Banks To The Divas Revolution?
Can these ladies put on another classic? Photo Source:

Not since the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus, or more recently, Melina and Beth Pheonix has the WWE Universe cared this much about the female superstars as they currently do, and once again NXT will be putting the spotlight on them, in the biggest way possible.  

Bayley will defend her NXT Women's Championship against the 'Legit Boss', Sasha Banks in a 30 minute IronMan (Women) match, in a rematch from their battle at NXT:Brooklyn, a match that was considered by many to be one of the greatest women's matches of all time.  

Whilst the pair stole the show, and arguably the entire weekend with their last clash, this time they will create history no matter what happens in the ring, as the match becomes the first ever women's main event at a WWE special.  

Because of this, there has been a lot of hype and bravado regarding this highly anticipated rematch, and both the WWE Universe, and the locker room are excited about it, meaning there is no shortage of pressure the second time around.  

The battle will certainly be a unforgettable moment in WWE history, but how important will the outcome and success of the match itself be, in terms of the overall Divas division? 

Does the Divas Revolution need this match? 

Ever since Stephanie McMahon shook the very core foundations of the main roster Divas division by bringing up former NXT divas ; Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks, promising the fans a "Diva's revolution" things have seemed to struggle.  

Something just has not felt right about the whole thing, things have not changed much, the Diva's still get little promo time, the storylines are incoherent and whilst they have gotten more time in the ring, the fans are yet to be blown away by a women's match on the main roster.  

NXT provided fans with something different, women getting plenty of time to showcase their skills, not just being given five or ten minutes or being placed in a bathroom break position on a card.  

When this so called 'revolution' took place, that is exactly what fans wanted to see, NXT had exposed women's wrestling again, highlighting just how entertaining it can be and that has not translated to the main roster.  

Yes, there have been some changes, and the women are getting more coverage, but it does not feel as exciting as it is down at the developmental system, NXT, where fans are amazed on a weekly basis by the abilities of these athletes, and they are treat as equals to the male talent. 

You only have to re-watch the past Takeover events to see that it has become commonplace for the 'Diva's' matches to steal the entire show, whether it be; Banks - Bayley at Brooklyn, Banks - Lynch at Unstoppable or the fatal four way at Takeover: Rival, it has become the norm.  

Why have the managed to steal the shows? They were given time and good storylines and most importantly, they all have the wrestling ability to back it up inside the squared circle.  

Once again, two of the four women (or 'four horsewomen' as they have named themselves) who arguably created this revolution with their amazing matches and efforts will square off, and they will have 30 minutes to tear the roof off of Full Sail.  

Unlike before, the ladies will not steal this particular show, as this is their show, the whole night is centered around them as they main event, it is now their chance to simply live up to expectation and try go beyond that.  

This is where they can help the revolution, by proving to everyone that the female superstars can deliver when provided with a huge opportunity like this, and this could translate to the women finally getting more time in the ring on Raw and Smackdown.  

Because ultimately, that is what this revolution should have been about, and there is still time to make it that way, and NXT:Respect will be a platform to take the revolution to the next level. 

Can they live up to the pressure? 

With all this pressure upon them, many will be speculating as to whether or not Bayley and Banks can live up to the hype, and put on another classic, unforgettable match and with the added challenge of an Ironman stipulation, it will certainly be a tough test.  

If anyone can handle the pressure, the huggable Bayley and the boss Sasha Banks are the two ladies to do it, these two athletes are two of the companies current top superstars, including all the male wrestlers.  

Both these women can work, they have unbelievable chemistry in the ring (just watch their match at Brooklyn) and if you saw the WWE:24 documentary on NXT:Brooklyn, you can clearly see both these women are incredibly passionate about the women's division. 

They are genuine fans at heart and have a great deal of admiration for one another, they will be aware of the pressure and the opportunity which they have, but it is simply the next step in two promising careers.  

As for the result, the one that makes sense is to see Bayley retain her championship and go on to be the main focus on the Diva's division in NXT, helping the new batch of athletes to reach her level.  

This match should see the end of Banks's time with the developmental brand as she rides off into the sunset to the main roster on a full time basis, closing the curtain on her NXT career.  

Bayley's future also lies on the big leagues of Raw, and it is inevitable that she will make the leap to the main roster eventually as she is simply too good to be wasted, but she also deserves her moment as champion, and as the number one diva in NXT.  

Bayley has had to contest with three phenomenal athletes over the past year to earn the spot that she is now in, and she deserves every moment of the title reign she now has. 

What impact will it have? 

Should the match deliver, the impact it could potentially have may change the landscape of women's wrestling for good, in a very positive way.  

As mentioned earlier, a successful match between these ladies could see a shift in how the women are portrayed on the main roster, and may guarantee them extended in-ring time, which is much needed.  

They have not just the chance to continue their legacies but continue the growth of NXT, a brand that seems to get bigger and better as every day goes by, as each Takeover special comes the expectation increases, that's down to the wrestlers themselves.  

NXT is best for business, gifting wrestling fans around the world with something different, whilst at the same time training and developing future talent.  

But more importantly than NXT or any Diva's revolution, it will continue to fly the flag high for women's wrestling, not Diva's or models but women, who love to wrestle and deserve to be treat equally to the males.  

Both these superstar's deserve all the praise in the world for getting themselves into this position in the first place, and I have no doubt that the match will not disappoint anyone and the importance to the women's division could well be game changing.