Let's Overreact - Completely Insane Observations One Week Into The 2015-2016 PGA Tour Season

The 2015-2016 PGA Tour season has officially begun. One event is in the books, and 46 tournaments remain on the schedule.

But we can't wait that long to make rash, crazy judgements. After all, you're reading a sports article, and you demand a journalist making hot takes based off of one week of competition. 

As the dust settles on the Frys.com Open, we feel very confident in these hottest of hot takes.

Emiliano Grillo Is The Second Coming Of Jordan Spieth:

Jordan Spieth is the greatest golfer of a generation. This is not disputed. But his time is over, and the Grillo Era has officially begun. He played the Web.com Tour Championship, and what happened? He won. He played the Frys.com Championship, and what happened? He won. Sure, he may just play well at tournaments named after web sites, or he is the greatest talent we've seen in the past six days. Let's hope Jordan Spieth and Jason Day enjoyed their time at the top, because it's over.

Rory McIlroy - One Foot Into Retirement:

He's injury prone (tears an ankle playing soccer). He hasn't won a major in over 12 months (2014 PGA Championship). Let's face it - Rory McIlroy is done. Is T26 at the Frys.com Open the best he could muster? For someone who is supposedly "healthy", how didn't he win this tournament by seven strokes? Besides, McIlroy is an old man now - he turned 26 back in May. Grillo is 23. You do the math.

Ollie Schniederjans Is A Bust:

T48? That's pathetic. For someone who is supposed to be a great superstar in the making, how is that the best he can do? Sure, he finished only one stroke back of Brooks Koepka, who should have played on the Presidents Cup if Team USA had a decent coach. And sure, he finished better than major winner Angel Cabrera and J.J. Henry, who won last season, but that's not the point. The point is...do better.

Tyrone Van Aswegen Will Win A Major:

Sure, there may not be much meat on the bone when Emiliano Grillo wins at least two majors, but at some point this season, maybe the PGA Championship, Tyrone Van Aswegen will walk away with a major championship. His putting was on point all week at the Frys, and he knows how to stay out of trouble. Take last season, where he finished 191st in the FedEx Cup standings, and throw it in the trash. No one is more prepared to win a major than Van Aswegen.

The Long Drive Era Is Over:

The two guys in the playoff, Grillo and Kevin Na, are not known for their long drives. They are accurate drivers of the ball that will either lay up on par 5s or, in Na's case, hit driver off the fairway. This proves that, not only can short hitters excell, but it's actually a much bigger advantage than being a long driver. Throw those drivers out. Flush them down the toilet. The era of laying up is upon us.