Results And Commentary From 2015 World Gymnastics Championship Women's Team Final
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Team USA wins the gold with a 181. China picks up the silver with a 176. Great Britain wins bronze with 172. Team USA wins their third straight World Championship, and Team GB wins their first medal in the team event in style, doing it on home soil. This was Anthony Distler, thank you very much for joining me this afternoon.

It's a 15.733 for Biles!

Biles. Flawless. Team USA is screaming with joy. They pick up their third straight World Championship!

15.075 for Raisman, and now...Simone Biles.

Downie scores a 15.13, and Great Britain passes Russia for the bronze medal! This stadium is going mental. The ladies can't stop crying. What an unbelievable performance by the home team.

Raisman MORE than makes up for her struggles in qualification. Amazing routine on FX for her. Tinkler with a 15.08 on VT. Ellie Downie next, and she hits a huge vault.

Nichols with a 15.0 on FX. Raisman is next. She and Biles will have two victory dances, essentially. 

Great routine for Nichols. Fragapane with a 14.833 on VT. Tinkler next. She has a big one, but a slight hop on the landing. 

Japan is unable to catch Russia, despite Russia's struggles. Team GB needs a big vault to have a chance. Fragapane starts strong. Nichols for US on FX.

14.5 for Afanasyeva. Disappointing for her.

This event will end exactly as it should - Biles on the floor.

Afanasyeva, the best FX gymnast in Russia, doesn't come with her best stuff. Between this and BB, Russia has really given it away.

Teramoto on UB. Very strong routine. 14.225. Tutkhalyan of Russia with a 13.925 on FX. Japan could pass Russia here.

14.766 for Pasanka. Team China currently celebrating. They have the silver medal.

14.833 for Mao Yi on VT. 

Pasanka with a foot out during FX. Wang with a 15.2 on VT. China may have silver locked up.

Wang on VT. Low degree of difficulty, but she gets through it no problem. Pasanka on FX for RUS.

With one rotation to go, it's 1) USA 2) CHN 3) RUS 4) JPN. Japan a point and a half behind Russia for the bronze. US has an almost six point lead over China. Baring a disaster, the battle is for silver and bronze.

14.366 for Shang on FX. 

Shang with a good FX, but just steps out of bounce on her final tumble. Komova with a 13.3 on BB. Three up, three down for RUS

Komova with a fall off beam. Russia may be costing themselves a silver medal here.

15.166 for Miyakawa on VT. Japan getting some big scores on the vault right now. 13.533 for Kharenkova on BB.

Another RUS fall, this time Kharenkova on BB. Wang Yan with a 14.633 on FX 

Fragapane with a 14.633 on floor. Team GB doing what they need to do in order to get back into it. Biles with a 15.2 on BB. 

Simone Biles, completely flawless on beam. Going to be incredibly tough for anyone to top.

Raisman with a 14.266 on beam. Biles up next. She lead this event after qualifying.

Raisman makes up for her struggles in qualifying with a strong BB routine. A hop on the dismount was her only mistake.

Nichols starts with a 13.966 on BB. Raisman next.

Amy Tinkler, who turned 16 today, with a strong FX. Team GB has fallen to fifth, and they need six great routines going forward.

After two rotations: 1) USA 2) RUS 3) CHN 4) CAN. Team USA with a three point lead now.

Rebecca Downie follows her sister on BB, and scores a 13.8. 

15.300 for Kocian. Douglas with a HUGE 15.333. Team USA beats RUS on the uneven bars, and they should take a commanding lead in the event.

Madison Kocian with a huge UB routine. Should be someone post-15. Downie with a 14.133 on BB.

All three Canadian women with big vault routines. Already a 14.8 and 15.01 posted. Black scores a 15.1. Exactly what CAN needed.

Downie with a really good BB routine. Nails the dismount. Nichols with a 14.8 on UB. 

Nichols begins for Team USA on UB. Not a high degree of difficulty, but nails every part of the routine. Ellie Downie up for GBR on BB.

Sae Miyakawa has a great routine going on FX, but steps out on a pass. Japan will be unable to catch the top teams without a huge score from Miyakawa. Still a beautiful routine. 14.633

Komova over rotates on UB and falls. Both CHN and RUS unable to make the moves necessary to catch USA. 14.0 for Komova. 13.3 for Wang on BB.

Spiridonova with a 15.14. Wang goes off the beam. Hasn't landed anything cleanly.

Team USA and Team Russia move to UB, the strongest event for RUS and weakest for USA. Spiridonova begins with a really strong performance. Lisa Top of NED falls on the dismount on the VT. Fan with a 14.40 on BB. Wang Yan up next.

Fan of CHN with a great BB routine. China performing well in the finals. Volleman with a 14.1 on VT.

Volleman of NED with a good vault. Tiny hop on the landing. Need some big scores here.

After one rotation: 1) USA 2) RUS 3) CHN 4) GBR. USA has a one point lead over Russia. Russia and China seperated by fractions of a point.

China got three big routines on UB. They look a lot stronger than they did in qualifying.

Teramoto of Japan with a few bobbles on BB. They can't afford many mistakes. Afanasyeva with a 15.166 on VT, and Russia leaves the vault with three really good scores. Teramoto with a 13.9.

Paseka scores a 15.600 on VT for RussiaShang with a 15.233 on UB.

Shang kicks it off for China on UB. Big routine. Should be scored high. Gets China into it. Komova scores 15.100 on VT.

Komova for Russia on VT. Double twist, with a slight jump on the landing, but a good start.

14.233 for Black on FX. 14.833 for R. Downie on UB.

Elsabeth Black of Canada with a really good floor routine. Needed it for their chances. Rebecca Downie with a big UB routine. 

13.133 by Downie on UB. Carlotta Ferlito of Italy has a good BB routine, but falls in the middle. Teams trying to catch USA are currently struggling to do so.

Ellie Downie falls on the UB. Looked to land hard, but got right back up. Not what GB needed, but good form by Downie to continue. Biles with a 15.966 in VT.

POWERFUL vault by Simone Biles. A slight hop on the dismount, but they got exactly what they needed out of VT. Harrold scores a 14.33 for GB on bars.

15.233 for Douglas on VT. Strong start. Maggie Nichols nails a 2 and a half twist with a strong landing. Ruby Harrold with a good UB routine for GB.

Douglas nails a double. Clean landing. 

Douglas to kick things off on VT. 

Team USA announced. Biles leading the team on stage. Dowell and Skinner are with the team, so all that talk of the two being left out appears to be false.

Team Great Britain just announced with pyro and a special introduction. Crowd is going insane. It's like a rock concert in there.


All this bag pipping makes me miss "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. R.I.P, Hot Rod.

Flags are out, and so are the fireworks. Teams are walking in now. Team USA only walking in with five gymnasts. Brenna Dowell nowhere to be seen, as well as McKayla Skinner, their alternate.

American audiences currently aren't seeing the Finals Ceremony, but if Twitter is any indication, things have gotten...weird.

Louis Smith of Great Britain's men's team now doing an interview on the floor in front of the crowd. He won the silver medal in the pommel house at the Olympics in 2012, and he and the rest of the British men are currently in third in the team standings heading into finals tomorrow.

The opening ceremonies are officially called the "Finals Ceremony", since this is the event to kick off the finals. Comedian Des Clarke is starts things off.

@GymCastic on Twitter is reporting that Dowell news through various other sources.

UPDATE: Unconfirmed reports that Brenna Dowell didn't work out with the team today, and her picture has been removed from the rest of the team's. This is from fans at the event, not any official news source, but if true, it sounds like Dowell left the team.

UPDATE: The fans have been seated and the arena is prepped. The Opening Ceremonies are about to begin!

Opening ceremonies are now less than a half hour away. The women will take the floor 45 minutes after that. 

For those of you who may be following along but are not quite vested in gymnastics, here are a few abbreviations that will be used throughout the event: VT=Vault, UB=Uneven Bars, BB=Balance Beam, FX=Floor Exercise

Team USA is seeking to win their fourth straight gold medal in a major competition. They have won two straight World Championships to go along with their Olympic gold in London. The record for most consecutive gold medals won in this event is five by Romania between 1994 and 2001, though Romania was unable to win gold at the 1996 Olympics in that time frame.

UPDATE: Teams have begun to arrive to the SSE Hydro Arena. Team China is the first to be greeted by a sea of fans. The Arena is also open for spectators. It's going to be a packed house.

Canadian Elsabeth Black currently sits in fourth place in the all-around standings. For Canada to have a chance to crash the party, they will need Black to have another big day. She will compete in three out of four rotations, and Team Canada will be paired with the Netherlands.

Similar story for Japan, who will rely on Mai Murakami to help them. Murakami will compete in all four rotations for Team Japan. They will also need a big floor exercise routine from Sae Miyakawa, who currently sits in the silver medal position on the floor.

With all teams starting at 0, there is a chance for anyone to talk home with a medal, or even compete for the gold if Team USA has a horrible day. For the Netherlands to have a chance, they need another big day out of twins Lieke and Sanne Wevers. Lieke currently sits 5th in the all-around standings.

UPDATE: Brenna Dowell isn't even listed as an alternate. Team USA will take the floor with five gymnasts. Really strange. 

USA and Russia will be grouped together, and they will begin on the uneven bars, Team USA's weakest event. It also happens to be Russia's strongest. 

Viktoria Komova will lead Team Russia in three out of four rotations. The Olympic all-around silver medalist is returning from injuries and has struggled this season, but she still found a way to make two event finals, including the uneven bars, where she currently sits in silver medal position. 

Team USA announced their line up for tonight. Maggie Nichols will compete in all four rotations. Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles will join her on the vault. Douglas and Madison Kocain will go on the uneven bars. Biles and Aly Raisman will join Nichols on the floor and balance beam. This means Brenna Dowell will sit for the duration of the finals.

Here are the eight teams that will be competing today, and the order in which they finished at qualifying. All scores will be wiped clean, and every team will begin at 0 - USA, Russia, Great Britain, China, Italy, Japan, Canada, The Netherlands

UPDATE: Good morning everyone! The finals will not start for another five hours, but let's get set on what should expect to see today.

The finals will be without Romania. The team, who has medaled in every Olympics since 1976, was expected to be a contender again this year, but a poor showing during qualifications left them outside the top eight.

Great Britain isn't the only good story to come from qualifications. The Netherlands were the eighth and final team to qualify for the finals. Qualifying for the finals at the World Championships secures the country an automatic invitation into the Olympics, so the Netherlands will send a team for the first time in 40 years.

Team Great Britain was the feel good story of the tournament, as they finished qualification in third place. The team was lead by Amy Tinkler, who is 15 years old and competing in her first event as a senior gymnast. 

Over all, as a team, the United States performance was less than stellar. They made several mistakes through several rotations, and they looked off. Despite that, they lead the competition. Makes you wonder how much they would have lead by if all competitors were at their best.

2012 Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas, on the other hand, has a great chance to win the silver medal in the all-around. First thing's first, though.

Aly Raisman, who was expected to be a contender for an all-around medal, will not be making the finals in any individual event. She was really disappointed following Saturday's competition, but contributing to team gold will help ease the pain. Raisman remains one of the best gymnasts in the world.

This is not a new position for Simone Biles and Team USA. The Americans are the defending World Champions, and Biles is seeking her third straight all-around championship.

Team USA, and more specifically Simone Biles, dominated qualification. The Americans ended qualification with a five point lead, and Simone Biles finds herself at the top of the all-around standings.

Hello everyone and welcome to VAVEL's live blog of the women's final at the 2015 World Gymnastics Championship in Glasgow, Scotland. I am Anthony Distler, and I will be taking you through every rotation.