Does WWE Lack Star Power?
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WWE fans all have their personal favorites, they might be at the top of the card and fighting for the WWE Championship, they might have just started their journey to the top in NXT or perhaps struggling in the mid card, but everyone has a favorite superstar.

But ultimately it is the big names and the top stars that sell tickets or merchandise and make the company money to ensure that the business continues on to the next day, whether they are your favorite or not, that's the truth.

These top stars are not always the greatest in ring talents or have the ability to talk on the microphone but they have that often talked about 'it' factor that makes them a draw and ensures the WWE remains the number one company in the wrestling industry.

Nowadays the WWE seems to have a startling lack of star power, whilst they may boast the most talented roster that they ever have, there is a serious lack of big names that will draw in fans from around the world and keep them glued on WWE's product.

Especially when you take into account the current injuries that the WWE is having to deal with and look at which superstars have competed in the World title matches the past couple of specials, the WWE lacks a major name and has struggled to produce one ever since John Cena.

Is it simply bad booking?

So why is there a lack of star power given the fact that WWE has it's Network and is continuing to grow internationally, most would expect the product to be at it's peak, but sadly that's not the case.

The roster currently has several talents who have unbelievable ability inside the ring such as Cesaro or Dolph Ziggler but for some reason they can't get over in the way that Cena or Hulk Hogan did, even though they lacked the in ring ability that the previously mentioned talent have in abundance.

In truth there is many reasons why these talents don't get over in a major way and one of which being the booking and writing, the WWE hasn't put a strong investment and backing into a superstar in a long time.

Whilst people could argue that they pushed Daniel Bryan, the decision to do so was taken out of the company's hands simply down to the fact he was so overwhelmingly popular it couldn't be ignored.

But the writing of the current product is at one of it's lowest points in recent memory, with talent such as Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns being built up to look like major stars, only to get dragged back to square one with a major defeat.

This has been an issue particularly for Wyatt who has often started feuds looking dominant and powerful but ended up being defeated by pretty much everyone he has had a program with, making the fans struggle to buy into him as a top heel.

Even the booking of former WWE Champion, Seth Rollins made one of the strongest talents on the roster look incredibly weak, constantly losing on T.V. and only just escaping with his title on specials didn't make him a dominant champion like people hoped he would have been.

On the flip side, the entire blame can't be simply placed upon the creative team, the wrestlers have to take a level of responsibility for their own fate too, it can take something as small as saying 'Yes and No' to get you over with the WWE Universe, and talent have to think outside the box.

Injury Problems

Rollins was injured during the European Tour. Credit:

WWE is currently plagued with injuries with Randy Orton and Rollins both out for a prolonged period of time (the pair are likely to miss Wrestlemania) whilst Rusev and Nikki Bella both join them on the doctors table and Bryan remains out with his neck troubles.

To add to the Vince McMahons problems, his number one star, Cena has decided to take some time off (a rest well earned) allowing him to rest and return fresh some time in the near future.

All these stars missing added to the fact that the company's other major name, Brock Lesnar is only on a part time schedule means that most of the major talent that carry the star power to drive the shows are not involved anymore.

It could be argued that WWE is trying to build major stars such as Rollins and Reigns, but relying on the veteran big names of Cena to keep fans interested whilst they do so, but with so many experienced top level guys out of action it makes things more difficult.

This method is something the WWE has always used especially during their most popular period, the Attitude Era where The Rock and Stone Cold were the star power draws whilst the likes of Triple H would enhance and grow to that level, and then when he became the main focus, the attention was turned to Cena and Batista to grow to that level, but it's not something they can do right now.

However these injuries do provide WWE with an opportunity as they are going to be forced to push new stars to the top to ensure that the upcoming Wrestlemania season is a success, and the build for that begins now, especially with a new WWE Champion needing to be crowned.

Reliance on Legends

If you have been following WWE for awhile, you will be familiar with the fact that they love to bring back legends, either a one off surprise such as a Royal Rumble appearance or sometimes for a short feud such has been the case with Sting or for a final run like the Dudley Boyz are currently on.

The majority of the time, these returning legend deals work perfectly, it gives older fans a nostalgic moment and newer fans an opportunity to learn a little bit about the past, whilst giving the talent themselves one more moment in the spotlight (which if they are legends, they deserve).

But recently there has been a reliance upon these old timers to not just come back and compete at the highest level, but to carry the company one more time, as if they were still in the primes of their careers.

Simply looking at the final title defenses of Rollins' time as champion saw him take on two legends in the form of Kane and Sting, and whilst Kane might be a full time employee still, the fact that the Big Red Monster gimmick was brought back as a legend just to challenge him is telling.

It shows the company had a lack of faith in the roster that they have to get the job done and get people to watch the product, and whilst doing this angle every so often does make for a compelling story, continuously doing it shows that there is a real lack of star power.

But it isn't just the World Title picture where this is taking place, the six man tag team match at the recent Night of Champions provided another brilliant chance to push a talent, but instead Chris Jericho was brought in as a one off and hasn't been seen since.

Bringing back these legends can have a positive impact, as the chance to learn from the greatest of all time first hand is crucial in developing the next set of major stars, but when it becomes a constant situation it can start to have more harm than good.

With Wrestlemania around the corner and so many wrestlers injured, it will not come as a surprise to see the likes of The Rock or Jericho pop up to help drive the show to ensure it's success.

Sadly it isn't just wrestling legends where this takes place, the company also relies heavily on T.V. and Film stars and other 'celebrities' to come in and work angles, with The Arrow's Steven Amell most recently coming to work an angle with Stardust.

In small doses using legends and celebrities has a place in WWE, but it has become far too frequent and sadly it will damage the company in the long run should it continue, as major stars can't be built overnight and they need all the T.V. time they can get.

Transitional Period

Perhaps one reason why the WWE has a lack of star power is because the company is going through a transitional period and facing one of it;s biggest changes and challenges of all time, NXT.

Of course this is not the first developmental system they have had, FCW was a great success bringing the likes of Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin and Orton to the main roster, but this is a whole different beast.

Never before have fans been able to see the wrestlers develop each week, see gimmicks fail and talent stumble like they can with NXT and it means that fans are already invested in characters before they even reach the main roster, which can be tricky to handle.

WWE has had some hits and misses with bringing talent up from the main roster with The Shield being the biggest success story so far whilst the likes of Bo Dallas and Adam Rose haven't quite hit the mark.

This is a new phase for the company who have major talent with huge star power in a small environment and they must now learn the key to moving them on to the main roster, whilst keeping that 'it' factor with them.

Taking a look at the roster there is plenty of talent around who could easily grow and develop into major stars for the company and the fact that WWE's focus has been on the development as of later is a good sign that they are focused on creating more big names for the wrestling industry.

So whilst there may be a lack of star power right now, given the amount of quality superstars on the cusp of stepping up to the level of being a major talent and the depth and strength of NXT, it seems like it's only a matter of time before WWE churns out another set of major names that people will be talking about for years to come.