Raw Review: 11/23/15
Raw Review: November 23rd, Photo Credit: WWE

Raw Review: 11/23/15

Embroiled by controversy following Survivor Series, does Roman Reigns get his rematch? How is Sheamus aligned with the Authority?

Jameus Mooney

24 hours after the Survivor Series controversy surrounding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Raw kicks off with the normal as HHH and Stephanie McMahon go to the ring and talk about how life is defined by opportunity. After a little bit Sheamus comes out, as the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and is still surrounded by the same stupid chants of "you look stupid". 

Sheamus goes on about the history of the Roman Empire. Reigns proceeds to come out, and demand his rematch. Stephanie tells Roman he isn’t in the position to make demand. Roman asks Triple H if he's standing behind Stephanie because he's scared. Trips and Roman go toe to toe. Triple H then says that he'll be granted a rematch when the Authority decides. Roman is upset. Roman turns around into a superkick by Rusev? Sheamus then brogue kicks Reigns. Trips tells Roman that he will receive his rematch at the TLC PPV. 

Next up, we have the Dudley Boys and they're taking on Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. In a decent tag team match, Luke Harper makes up for last nights last by pinning Bubba Ray after a discus clothesline. After the match Strowman and Rowan attacked the Dudley's.

(Side note: Michael Cole should not say "WAZZZAAAAAP" ever again).

Next up, we have the greatest women's wrestler of the era, “The Boss” Sasha Banks, taking on the Lasskicker Becky Lynch. After a few minutes, Lynch locked in the dis-armer, before Naomi pulled Banks to the ropes. Banks rolled Lynch up for the victory.

Now it's time for the greatest thing on cable TV today, the New Day's Country Music jamboree! The New Day rewrote Willie Nelson, and changed the infamous lyric to "Mama don't let your babies grow up to be booty". The New Day issues an open challenge for a shot at the tag titles. The Lucha Dragons would accept the open challenge. The Usos would come out next, and accept as well. The New Day trolls the crowd and cancel the open challenge. The Usos and Lucha Dragons take out New Day.

The next match The Primetime Players and former Intercontinental Champion Goldust defeat the Cosmic Wasteland.

Neville would beat Mark Henry.

Then it was time for Alberto Del Rio's state of the union Mex-America address, before being interrupted by Jack Swagger, who SHOULD NOT feud with Del Rio. 

Next is the Divas championship matched because Charlotte's hand was under the rope. After a decent match both Charlotte and Paige were both counted out. Paige would lock in the PTO on the announce table, even though that does not in fact, make the move hurt more.

Next we have Heath Slater, before being interrupted and assaulted by Ryback. They come back commercial with a tag team match where Tyler Breeze and Kevin Owens were defeated by Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose in a decent match. 

It’s main event time! Rusev (accompanied by Sheamus) is up against former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns. After a really good main event, Wade Barratt would hit the bull hammer on Roman in cause for disqualification , when Roman would grab a chair, destroy them as they went off air. 

RATE: 6.5/10