WWE Royal Rumble 2016: Winners, Title Changes and Matches
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Triple H poses on the ropes with his new championship as the Royal Rumble goes off the air.

Winner: Triple H (New WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

The Crowd is going nuts for Ambrose. Ambrose hits his signature clothesline. Triple H eliminates Ambrose and becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Dean Ambrose eliminates Jericho and we are down to four. Ambrose, Reigns, Triple H and Sheamus. Sheamus hits another Brogue Kick to Ambrose. Reigns eliminates Sheamus then Triple H eliminates Reigns.

Triple H and Reigns start unloading punches on each other. Ambrose tries to eliminate Triple H and Sheamus gives Ambrose a Brogue Kick. Ziggler hits Triple H with a framasser. Triple H eliminates Ziggler. Wyatt has a staredown with Triple H and pretends to allign with him only to punch him in the face. Sheamus hits Wyatt with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus and Triple H both eliminate Wyatt. Jericho goes after Triple H and hits him with a Codebreaker.

No. 30 is Triple H. He returns to a thunderous applause. He stares down Reigns from the ring apron. Triple H hits Ziggler with a Pedigree. Roman hits Wyatt with a spear.

No.29 is Sheamus. Sheamus walks out into the ring and takes out Sheamus and eliminates the Miz. He eliminates Del Rio and tries to take out Wyatt.

No. 28 is Dolph Ziggler. Since Brock was eliminated the crowd has died. Miz enters the ring and hits Ziggler with a Skull Crushing Finale.

No.27 is Bray Wyatt. He is without his family. Wyatt stops just outside the ring and orders his family attack. Lesnar throws the family out of the ring again and suplexs Lesnar. The Family cuts off Lesnar and Bray hits Lesnar with Sister Abigail. The Family then eliminate Brock Lesnar.

No.26 is Alberto Del Rio and he goes after the Beast. Brock eliminates Braun Strowman.

No.25 is The Miz. Miz says he will turn Suplex City into MizneyWorld. He sits with the commentators at trash talks everyone. Harper is eliminated by Lesnar.

No.24 is Jack Swagger. He is F5'ed and eliminated instantly. Lesnar suplex Ambrose from one corner of the ring to the other.

No.23 is Brock Lesnar. He gets a massive ovation. He suplexs Rowan and Harper. He goes after Strowman and thumps him with clotheslines. He eliminates Rowan.

No.22 is Mark Henry. Henry goes after the Wyatt Family but Strowman catches him and eliminates him. Strowman eliminates Zayn.

No.21 is Erick Rowan. There are now 3 members of the Wyatt family in this match. Haper hits a discuss clothesline to Neville and he is eliminated. Harper hits a superkick to Stardust and eliminates him. Strowman chokes out Jericho.

No.20 is Sami Zayn. The Crowd goes nuts yet again. He also goes right after Kevin Owens as they hit each other with a flurry of punches. Zayn eliminates Owens.

No.19 is Dean Ambrose and he goes straight after Kevin Owens. The crowd is still chanting for AJ.

No.18 is a very pissed off Kevin Owens who is limping to the ring. Great acting by Kevin Owens. Owens goes straight after AJ, what a match that would be. Owens eliminates AJ to a massive groan from the crowd.

No.17 is Braun Strowman. He joins Luke Harper and takes out everyone. Strowman elimantes Kane and has a staredown with Big Show. Strowman hits some of the worst punches and then begins to choke out Show. He eliminates Big Show as well.

No.16 is Neville. Neville hits every body with kicks and hits a hurricarana to Luke Harper as Reigns is escorted by doctors to the back. Kofi was eliminated by Jericho.

No. 15 is Big Show, at some point during the League of Nations attack, Kofi was eliminated. Big Show eliminates Titus and then knocks out Ryback and eliminates him as well.

No.14 is Stardust, The League of Nations is setting up Roman on the annouance table. Rusev splashes Reigns through the table. Rusev hugs the boss as the League of Nations celebrate at ringside. This is obviously set up for Reigns to return later.

No. 13 is Luke Harper. Harper goes after Ryback and Kane straight away. Mr McMahon and the League of Nations appear from behind the ring and take out Reigns.

No.12 is R-Truth and he pulls a ladder from under the ring. He puts it in the centre of the ring, under the impression it was a ladder match. He goes to the top and Kane pulls him down and eliminates Truth. Kofi gets thrown over but Big E catches on his shoulder and parades around the ring. Kofi drinks someone's soda at ringside.

No.11 is Titus O'Neil he is also booed massively. Already lasting longer than his four second from last years Rumble. They have been no eliminations in about ten minutes. As I say that, Titus eliminates Goldust.

No. 10 is Kofi Kingston, hopefully he can have another escaping elimiantion spot. The New Day are still at ringside. Ryback hits a massive back body drop to AJ. Xavier starts talking to AJ at ringside.

No.9 is Ryback and he is booed heavily. Ryback goes after everyone, hitting running knees to people in the corner. Styles hits the worlds most athletic clothesline.

No.8 is Goldust. Goldsut gets a nice reaction and hits his trademark spots on Kane. AJ cuts him off. Jericho hits him with an Axehandle.

No.7 is Kane. Kane goes right after everybody. Kane hits AJ with a big boot then goes after Roman.

No.6 is Chris Jericho. AJ hits a big running clothesline to Jericho. AJ sets up the styles clash again but Jericho counters.

No.5 is Curtis Axel, who has been in the match for just over a year. Curtis goes after Aj and hits him with a big kick. The Social Outcasts are distacting everyone. Axel gets clotheslined by AJ and is eliminated.

No.4 is Tyler Breeze. AJ's selling is absoultley incredible. Tyler tries to eliminate Roman as AJ grabs Tyler and hits him with punches and kicks. AJ picks up Tyler as Roman punches him and they both elimimante Tyler Breeze.

No.3 is AJ Styles, HOLY CRAP. The crowd goes abosultely balistic. Roman tries to elimanted him, but styles counters into a pele kick. Roman hits a samoan drop and gets booed heavily.

Rusev hits a spinning kick on Reigns and tries to eliminate him. Roman goes through the second rope and lands on the outside. Rusev thinks he had elimanted him and gets dropkicked, speared and then eliminated.

The N0.2 entrant is the man that Roman eliminated last year to win the Rumble, Rusev. Rusev is accompanied to the ring by Lana.

Roman Reigns comes out at Number 1 as a result the McMahon's draw on Monday night. He comes out to a mostly negative reaction.

It's time for the Royal Rumble.

The 'By the Numbers' video is up next.

That was a good match but Charlotte was made to look a bit too weak with all of her father's distractions.

If these three had match at Wrestlemania and are given enough time they could finally revive the Divas division.

Charlotte continues her post match attack on Becky Lynch and poses in the ring. Sasha Banks music hits and she walks to the ring. The Crowd pops massively. Sasha goes to the ring and attacks Becky Lynch. Charlotte and Sasha Banks stare at each other in the ring. Sahsa and Charlotte appear to have a BFF's reunion from NXT, but when Charlotte turns her back Sasha hits the backstabber into the Bank Statement.

Winner: Charlotte (Still Divas Champion)

Ric Flair thows his jacket at Becky whilst Becky had her Disarmer locked in, and Charlotte uses the distraction to rake Becky's eyes and hit her spear to win the match.

Charlotte starts trash talking as Becky uses the top rope to lock in her Disarmer. Charlotte powers out into a powerbomb for a two count. Charlotte hits a basbeball slid and accidently hits Ric Flair.

Becky hits the Exploder Suplex and then hits a few leg drops. Charlotte eventually hits the spear and Becky kicks out at two. Charlotte looks shocked she kicked out.

Becky counters the submission into an electric chair and both women are down. Becky hits a few forearms. Becky hits a few clotheslines and her own kip up and gets the crowd fired up. Becky tries an exploder suplex but gets countered into a neckbreaker. Charlotte attempts a Figure Four and Becky counters and tries the same thing.

Charlotte continues to control the match with dropkicks and then kip ups and starts to gloat. Charlotte wraps her legs around Becky's neck and hold the sumbission. Charlotte uses the sumbission to flip Beck around the ring.

Charlotte gets thrown out of the ring and gets kicked off the tope rope by Becky. Charlotte uses her father as a distaction and Charlotte tries to kick her and gets countered into a clothesline. Ric Flair grabs Becky and kisses her and Charlotte uses the distraction to take advantage.

Becky goes for an arm drag but Charlotte cartwheels out and uses the rope for space. Becky hits a pair of arm drags and goes into an armbar. Charlotte goes for a figure for but gets countered. Charlotte hits a belly to back and goes into her own armbar.

Becky Lynch hits a belly to belly takedown and Charlotte counters with a kick. Becky bridges out of a pinfall.

Charlotte is next, along with her father Ric Flair. She has embraced the heel role very well.

Becky Lynch is out first in awesome looking camo gear, she gets a great reception.

Charlotte - Becky Lynch is up next.

Paul Heyman claims that Brock Lesnar will win the Royal Rumble tonight and when he does he wants to renogotiate his contact. Stephanie says she wants Brock Lesnar to take out Roman Reigns and Heyman says the Roman Empire will be overthrown by Suplex City.

They go backstage to Stephanie McMahon, who is interrupted by Paul Heyman.

They replay the ending for Pre-Show match and the ending sequence looks even worse that I remember.

Winner: Kalisto (New United States Champion)

Del Rio exposes the turnbuckle, but gets countered into hitting the tunrbuckle himself. Kalisto hits the Solida Del Sol for a second time for the pinfall victory and his second United States Championship.

Kalisto dives from the ring apron but gets dropkicked by Del Rio for a near fall.

Kalisto croches Del Rio on the top rope as they trade punches on the top rope. Del Rio goes for the tree of woe but Kalisto counters for a Solida Del Sol, but Del Rio grabs the bottom rope.

Kalisto gets caught in the top rop and Del Rio hits a facefirst superplex from the top rope and Kalisto rolls to the outside. Del Rio starts slapping Kalisto and Kalisto counters with an attempted code red. That did not look good.

Del Rio hits knees to the mid-section for a two-count. Del Rio tries to remove Kalisto's mask. Kalisto tries to hit a swinging crossbody but Del Rio dodges and hits a sitting superkick for a near fall. Kalitso hits a spinning DDT from the second rope for a near fall.

Del Rio hits an axe hand from the top rope. Kalisto gets baseball slid under the ropes and onto ringside. Kalisto hits a hurricanrana to Del Rio to regain control.

I was right, JBL does have a cold.

Del Rio poses in the corner for too long as Kalisto drops Del Rio with kicks. Kalisto dives through the second rope and takes out Del Rio. Kalisto goes to the top rope and Del Rio counters with a running enziguri.

Del Rio's physique is quite impressive. They start off trading whips into the corner, as Del Rio uses his strength to control the start.

Kalisto makes his way to the ring in traditional lucha ring gear.

Next up is Alberto Del Rio vs Kalisto, Del Rio makes his way to ring without the League of Nations. With no distractions at ringside, I feel that Kalisto will win tonight.

Wyatt Family promo backstage about slaughtering them all. Wyatt says he will have the whole world in his hands when he wins the Royal Rumble. He says the apocolypse is now and tells us to run.

They show the replay from Monday Night Raw of Chris Jericho's highlight reel with the Wyatt Family destroying Reigns and Lesnar.

The WWE 24 special featuring behind the scenes content of Sting's Wrestlemania match with Triple H looks great.

Winners: The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods) Still Tag Team Champions.

Big E hits a belly to belly suplex for another near fall. Kofi tags a flying dive from Jey as Big E spears Jimmy through the ropes. Big E throws Jimmy back into the ring and gets a near fall. Big E sets up Jimmy for their tag team finisher. Jimmy hits a superkick, and then Jey hits a frog splash. Xavier places Kofi's foot on the rope. Big E tags in without Jey knowing. Jey hits a superkick and goes for a frogsplash, but Big E catches him and hits a Big Ending for the victory.

Big E hits a splash on Jey for a near fall. E start slapping Jey on the chest to the beat of New Day Rocks. Jey counuters a Kofi kick into a enziguri and knocks Kofi to the ring. Jey tags Jimmy as Kofi tags Big E. Jimmy hits a Samoan Drop on Big E, Kofi dives off the top rope into another Samoan Drop. Jimmy hits what looks like Jeff Hardy's whisper in the wind for a near fall.

Kofi hits a kick to Jey and tags in Big E. E irish whips Jey into the corner and then thros him into the ring post. Kofi distract the ref as Xavier hits a swining DDT on Jey. Xavier picks up his trombone and starts singing New Day Rocks. The crowd starts chanting 'play francsesca' and Xavier picks up the trombone, only to drop it on the ground.

They begin with Kofi and Jimmy locking up. They counter each other a few times before Jimmy hits a big right hand, Jimmy tags in Jey as they hit a double team move of the top rope. The crowd is booing the Usos.

Very little reaction for the Usos, which is a shame because they are so good in the ring.

They say they will be All Gold everything, and start singing New Day Rocks when the Usos music hits.

They name the trombone Francesca 2, and Xavier Woods makes its sound like he is moving on from being widowed. They claim they will the end the night as Tag Team Champions and WWE World Heavyweight Champions.

Big E talks about how the New Day are mounring the loss of Francesca. They pretend to have a minute silence when they a hear a trombone in the distance, they turn to see Xavier Woods walking out with a trombone.

Big E comes on the P.A system and the New Day make their way to the ring, minus Xavier Woods for some reason.

Michael Cole brings up the Tag Team match between the Usos and the New Day, in which Chris Jericho broke Xavier Woods trombone. Xavier's overacting was amazing.

That was a great match, had to of gone 20 minutes, yet had the crowed enthralled for the enitre duration. Owens trash talking during his match is always incredibly entertaining. He is the best heel in the company by a significant margin.

Winner: Dean Ambrose (Still Intercontinental Champion)

Owens can't answer the count and Ambrose is declared the winner.

Owens hits a massive chair shot. Owens sets up chairs in the ring and puts Ambrose on top to hit a Top Rop Senton. Ambrose counters and pushes Owens into the two tables set up at Ringside.

Ambrose makes the count of 9. Kevin Owens yells to stay down then hits Ambrose with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. He makes it by the count of 9 again.

Ambrose start hitting Owens with a steel chair. Owens yells out 'I hate you' to which Ambrose replies 'I Hate you too.' Owens counters Ambroses suplex into s a swinging fishermans suplex through the table.

Both men get back to their feet at 8.

Ambrose sets up a table on the other side of the ring. He sets up Owens on top of the table and goes up onto the top rope. Ambrose drops a flying elbow onto Owens and through the table.

JBL sounds like he has a cold.

Owens rolls outside onto his feet at the count of 9.

Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds again, this time onto a steel chair.

Owens makes the count at 8.

Owens hits a supekick and goes for a Pop-up Powerbomb but Ambrose counters into Dirty Deeds.

Owens sets up two tables, with one on top of the other. Owens sets up Ambrose for a Superplex through the two tables, but Ambrose counters and throws a chair into Owens face and the chair gets stuck around his neck.

Crowd starts a 'This is Awesome' chant as Owens pulls a table from under the ring.

Owens catches a running dive from Ambrose and plants Ambrose on the ring apron. Owens continues to throw Ambrose into the steel steps at ringside.

Ambrose goes for a second richochet clothesline and Owens dodges that and sets up a powerbomb. Ambrose counters into a backbody drop onto two chairs.

Ambrose dodges a punches and then hits his signuatre richochet clothesline.

Ownens hits Ambrose with a chair, then sets up two chairs into the ring and sits with his legs up to a massive cheer from the crowd.

Owens hits a forearm followed up with a running senton. Owens throws Ambrose outside and then tosses him into the barricade. Owens goes under the ring and start throwing chairs into the ring.

Ambrose makes it up by the count of 8, Owens starts pounding into Ambrose with a Kendo Stick.

Ambrose start wailing Owens with a Kendo Stick, Owens dodges a Kendo Stick then hits a superkick followed by a running cannonball into the timekeepers area.

Ambrose whips Owens into the corner and hits a running bulldog. Ambrose hits a running dive and Owens wipes out Michael Cole at ringside, while on the ground Owens takes Cole's glasses and then Ambrose hits Owens with an iPad.

They start trading punches right from the start. Owens and Ambrose mess up and irish whip, and Owens uses it to trash talk, brilliant.

Owens is also cheered when comes out to ring, this has a big fight feel to it, despite it being the opening match.

Ambrose is out first to a massive ovation

We begin with the Last Man Standing match for the Intercontinental Championship betwen Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens

Michael Cole welcomes everyone to the 29th annual Royal Rumble.

The Crowd booed heavily when Reigns appeared on the Titantron, looks like its that type of atmosphere again.

The Show opens with a limousine. Stepping out is Chairman Vince Mcmahon and his daughter Stephanie, they are greeted by Jojo and asked about Roman Reigns chance of winning the Rumble. Vince makes fun of Jojo's height and states that he loves the Royal Rumble 'almost as much as me.'

Here we go, we are live for the 2016 Royal Rumble.

Hopefully they can continue this fued through to Wrestlemania.

The Charlotte - Becky Lynch fued is the kind of storyline that the Divas Revoultion should have been when it started.

I won't miss Jerry's Dad jokes on commentary.

Hopefully the don't turn into a jobber group within a few month.

Rich Brennan is backstage with the Social Outcasts, they are actually quite funny.

Winners: Jack Swagger and Mark Henry (Both now entered in the 2016 Royal Rumble match)

Swagger and Konnor badly mess up a kick out spot, Henry thows Bubba out of the ring and covers Viktor for the win.

Bubba sets up Darren Young for the Wazza Up spot.

Konnor hits an awful shoulder tackle for a near fall.

Viktor provides the distraction and allows Konnor to take down Devon.

Even during the commericals, you can hear the crowd chanting "We want Sandow"

The Ascension tag themselves in and all four teams enter the ring to argue as we go to a break.

Sandow tags in for a massive response, and hits a Russian Leg Sweep and the Elbow of Disdain

Very loud "We want Sandow" chants!

Darren Young and Jack Swagger start things off

YES! Damien Sandow has gone back to his englighted gimmick, the crowd pops for his return as well.

It's not until he stands next to Mark Henry, that you realise just how big Jack Swagger is.

The Kickoff show match is getting underway, The Dudley Boyz are out first.

This crowd in Orlando seems very fired up tonight!

This segment is why Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose are the two best promo cutters in the industry at the moment.

Backstage Skit with the League of Nations disccusing which one of them should win the Royal Rumble. Has there ever been a less impressive top heel stable?

The Pre-Show Panel consists of Renee Young, Booker T, Corey Graves and Jerry Lawler, I guess that means that Byron Saxton will be calling the Royal Rumble.

The Kickoff Show is under way!

I always love these 'By the Numbers' videos.

We go live in 2 hours for the Royal Rumble. Leave down in the comments below who you think will the Royal Rumble.

The Rumble at its finest. Credit: WWE
The Rumble at its finest. Credit: WWE

Royal Rumble Match: For the first time since the first ever Royal Rumble back in 1988, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be defended in the Royal Rumble Match. Current champion Roman Reigns will enter the Match at the No.1 Spot as a result of the McMahon family yet again attempting to stack the odds against Reigns walking out as Champion. Also in the match will be the League of Nations (Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett and Rusev) who hope to reclaim the title back into the stable. Chris Jericho returned to WWE three weeks ago and announced his intentions to enter the Royal Rumble and win the Championship. The Wyatt Family laid out most of the Royal Rumble competitors during the final segments of Raw, and made it clear that they intended to dominate the Royal Rumble. They have also been rumors of the possible debut of AJ Styles during the Royal Rumble since his reported singing with the WWE. Finally, the beast Brock Lesnar announced his desire to win the championship that he was never pinned for and go into Wrestlemania as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The way I see it, this match has 3 possible outcomes: Roman Reigns retains, Brock Lesnar wins or a surprise entrant wins. I predict the final two to be Reigns and Lesnar with Lesnar winning as a result of a returning Triple H.

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Clash of the Titans. Credit: WWE
Clash of the Titans. Credit: WWE

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose have been in the midst of one of the most entertaining feuds in recent memories. They are both excellent at promos and Kevin Owens recent history in big matches, gives it all the makings of 25 minute 'slobberknocker' as JR would say. Given the rumors that Kevin Owens is set to have a big Wrestlemania match, I can see Ambrose retaining the championship to allow Owens to move onto his next feud, either in the Rumble match or at the Fastlane PPV.

Part Three! Credit: WWE
Part Three! Credit: WWE

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Kalisto for the United States Championship: What a waste of a push! Kalisto pins Del Rio clean on Raw to capture the United States Championship, the crowd goes ballistic and what does WWE do? They give the title back to Del Rio on the following Smackdown. I mean why do they even bother! In the midst of the League of Nations lackluster run as top heel group, Del Rio as United States Champion does improve the groups appeal so I see Del Rio retaining the championship and Kalisto being pushed back into the mid card before Wrestlemania.

Good friends, better enemies. Credit: WWE

Charlotte (c) (with Ric Flair) vs. Becky Lynch for the Divas Championship: The slow burn heel turn of Charlotte has been surprisingly effective as her run as face champion was rather uninspiring. Becky Lynch on the other hand, as the babyface chasing the championship has worked well, and the storyline of one friend's ego causing a rift has been built solidly. These two worked with each other a lot in NXT and both have the capabilities to have outstanding Divas matches and hopefully if they are given enough time they can produce a match similar to the NXT women's matches between Sasha Banks and Bayley in the latter half of last year. Look for Charlotte to retain her title through underhanded tactics to continue their feud.

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Will New Day continue to rock? Credit: WWE
Will New Day continue to rock? Credit: WWE

The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and/or Xavier Woods) (c) vs. The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) for the WWE Tag Team Championship: The two best tag teams in the company face each other in what should be an action packed and frantic encounter. The New Day are the most entertaining act in the WWE at the moment and their mic skills combines with their in ring abilities have led to them being pushed into segments with main event talent. Whilst the whole Rooty Tooty Booty segment with Chris Jericho was rather un-amusing, they are still very much at the top of the mountain that is the Tag Team division. The Usos on the other hand, whilst rather uninspiring on the Mic are probably the most skilled tag team in terms of in ring match quality. These two teams have had several tag matches as well as singles matches with each other on the last few Raws and they have been highly entertaining, so expect this to be no different. I expect the New Day to retain their Titles as a result of DQ or some Xavier Woods shenanigans.

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Who will win?  Credit: WWE
Who will win? Credit: WWE

Darren Young and Damien Sandow vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley) vs. The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor) vs. Mark Henry and Jack Swagger: A Fatal-Four-Way Tag Match between eight people whom WWE creative have absolutely no idea what to use for. Darren Young, who four months ago was a Tag Team Champion, will tag with the man formally known as Damien Mizdow in the hope of escaping the perils of the undercard. The Dudley Boyz will hope to resurrect what has been a very underwhelming return to the WWE with a spot in the Royal Rumble, whilst the Ascension desperately cling onto any TV time they can manage, desperately wishing they were back in NXT. As for Mark Henry and Jack Swagger, the two former World Champions (hard to believe) will also try to recapture some of their former glory with a chance at entering the Royal Rumble. The way I see it, this match can only be won by the either the Dudley Boyz or Jack Swagger and Mark Henry and considering one teams consists of two former champions, I see Swagger and Henry winning this one.

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Welcome to VAVEL’s live coverage of WWE Royal Rumble! I’m Joshua Campbell and I’ll be providing you with updates throughout the show. Here’s a preview for the matches set for the PPV so far.