Is It Time For A Tag Team Revival On The Main Roster?
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The WWE has seemingly stopped investing into the tag team division,leading to the question of whether there should be a revival for the division, in a similar way to what is happening to the Divas, but is now the right time?

It seems that the roster is so big that this could be the perfect time to concentrate on the tag teams. At the moment there only seems to be five main tag teams on the main roster with The Uso's, The Ascension, The Dudley Boyz, Los Matadores and The Lucha Dragons. Of course there are teams like The Prime Time Players and Tyson Kidd and Cesaro who are out injured at the moment or taking a break. Although there are a lot of stables within the WWE at the moment, including the WWE tag team champion The New Day.

It is funny that there seems to be no tag teams in the WWE, but yet everyone is in a stable, with The Wyatt Family having four members, The Social Outcasts have four members and with the League of Nation having four members and the New Day have three members all together that is 15 wrestlers in just four stables.

Now the WWE did have a decent tag team division in the past, with The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian, all who would put on show stealers on a regular basis. There was a great chance for the WWE to push the division but they held back and spilt up the teams. It is debatable that the tag team division have one of the greatest moments in Wrestlemania history with the spear from Edge to Jeff Hardy off the ladder. It shows that the division can and has the potential to be a key ingredient on WWE television programming. 


edge spear    source
Edge's famous spear.

So what can the WWE do to create a buzz around the tag team division again? 

Firstly they should bring up some talents from NXT! Why oh why are Enzo and Cass not on the main roster yet. They have everything that is needed to be huge stars on the main roster, it is like taking the New Age Outlaws and making them modern. Giving the division a fresh look would be great, having Enzo and Cass debut after Wrestlemania and taking the titles off the New Day or whomever is the champions after Wrestlemania. It makes them instant stars.

Also the audience would most definitely rebel if any other team at the moment take the titles off the New Day. Enzo and Cass have the fan base to be able to have a nice, long and fresh baby face run, something the division is in need of.

Secondly the division has clearly been treated better as of late and that is all because of the New Day.They have made their stamp on the division and really have made it their own. They have managed to bring the tag team division into the main event scene, producing some seriously great matches. None of the other teams even come close to the talent or charisma that they have.

The Dudley’s have sadly done nothing meaningful since their return, the Uso's have done the same gimmick for so long and have had the same matches for so long that it is hard to get behind them, all be it they are extremely talented, but fighting the New Day every week makes them boring and hard to watch.

The Lucha Dragons were very entertaining for a while and Kalisto has proven he is a top wrestler and Sin Cara is just holding him back. Putting them back together could kill Kalisto's current push. The division needs fresh meat and needs a re-shuffle. Making R-Truth and Goldust a tag team is not the fresh meat we want.

Hopefully with the huge reactions wrestlers such as Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are getting in NXT that we could have them on the main roster sooner rather than later. Of course we would love to see tag teams like the Hardyz back in the WWE or even new talent like the Young Bucks, but it doesn’t change the division unless you use them correctly. We sadly saw this with the Dudleyz, and nothing has changed since their return and now they hardly get a crowd reaction. 

Enzo and Big Cass
Enzo and Big Cass

Finally it use to be the case that the tag teams were not bringing in enough money and they had no drawing power. Now that was the case for the many years but the New Day have changed that completely. They are a huge draw and bring in serious merchandise numbers (even Kevin Owens wears their gear).

There is no excuse on why not to push the tag team division. This author thinks it is the perfect time. with all the injures and retirements, with NXT's tag team division doing so well, and with the crowd still refusing to follow Roman Reigns.

With the same storylines being pushed forward every week in the singles division it is finally time to give the tag team division the chance to shine. We have the characters and the talent. Give them time on air, give them a chance and you can be sure it will take off. Tag team wrestling offers an audience a unique experience when it comes to matches. If we let the tag team division have that Wrestlemania moment again, if the WWE gave them the platform to showcase their talent and to show the true beauty of tag team wrestling then of course it will shine!

So is it time for a tag team revival on the main roster?  Of course it is! WWE can only benefit from having more entertaining content on their shows.#GiveTagTeamsAchance.

New Day source:gadgets.ndtv,com
New Day source:gadgets.ndtv,com

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