What Impact Has AJ Styles Had In WWE?
AJ Styles in Action in the Royal Rumble photo:flickeringmyth.com

What Impact Has AJ Styles Had In WWE?

Since debuting in the Royal Rumble we take a look at the impact that "The Phenomenal One" has made in WWE

Brendan Kennelly

As the buzzer chimed for the 3rd entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble the WWE Universe saw the arrival of AJ Styles a man who has applied his trade across the globe finally has his chance to show everyone in WWE what he is made of, but what sort of impact has AJ made to this point in WWE?

AJ Debuts

AJ Styles made his eagerly anticipated debut in WWE at the Royal Rumble on January 24th as the third man in the Rumble match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The minute he came out the Amway Center came unglued as 'The Phenomenal One' entered the match. He quickly took the fight to all in the Rumble match. Styles eliminated Curtis Axel and Tyler Breeze and was eventually eliminated by Kevin Owens. AJ had a very impressive debut in the Royal Rumble as he lasted 28:58 in which he showed us why he has earned the moniker of 'The Phenomenal One'.

Will Pruett of ProWrestling.net noted a debuting AJ Styles "instantly seemed like he fit on the roster", although noting that he was "not presented in the upper echelon of WWE". It seems as though that WWE want AJ to prove himself and he certainly put the entire locker room on notice with his Royal Rumble Performance.

AJ’s Singles Matches (so far)

Styles’ WWE singles career began with a match against veteran WWE Chris Jericho on RAW and this was the chance AJ needed to take the bar and raise it to a whole new level. AJ showed us some of the offense that we all know and love with some new and more aggressive moves. He defeated Chris Jericho via roll-up.

Styles then made his way to Thursday nights as he took on Social Outcasts member Curtis Axel and again there was only ever going to be one result in this match but again AJ took the fight to Axel and ultimately it was a familiar move in the Styles Clash that got AJ Styles his second victory in the WWE.

AJ then made an appearance on Miz TV and he was berated by the 'Awesome One' said that Styles was nothing more than a "Redneck Rookie” and The Miz offered AJ  advice to become one of the biggest stars in the business. AJ Styles took offense to the term and proceeded to deliver a beat down to the Miz. This led to a match on Smackdown in which Styles showed more of his offense to the fans. AJ Styles must have been satisfied as he damaged the 'money-maker'. He won via submission with a Calf Crusher. After the bout Chris Jericho challenged Styles to a rematch which will take place on this week’s edition of Smackdown.

AJ Styles needs to keep this momentum going!

It is clear that AJ Styles has made a big impact in his first few weeks in WWE and AJ Styles brings new life, new energy and new storyline potential to a roster which has been decimated by injuries. He's fresh, fired up and ready to make an impact to go places. WWE needs AJ to be on the top of his game if WWE hopes to keep up this huge upsurge in great programming.