John Cena Merchandise Drop Could Spark Heel Turn
John Cena's merchandise drop could spark a much anticipated heel turn (image: BleacherReport)

John Cena has been the subject of a rumored heel turn for a number of years now with many older fans seeing it as what is needed to bring the WWE back to its peak.

The merchandise sales for the current 38-year-old are dropping rapidly which could force the company's hand to give the 15 time World Heavyweight Champion the heel turn that many have been crying out for. 

With a whopping 36 current Cena shirts in stock, the inventory of WWE has become overstocked with his merchandise, despite still being the top seller, the demand for material is dropping. 

Despite still being the biggest draw, the profile of other superstars are beginning to grow, which could mean the company can afford to take the gamble on the veteran's character change. 

Heel Turn

While the former United States Champion remains out with a shoulder injury, this has presented the backstage creative team to rethink the character design of their top babyface. 

With his return not expected before WrestleMania 32, his merchandise sales will continue to drop rapidly which is 'bad for business,' couple this with the already declining Monday Night Raw ratings a catastrophe could be en route.

Cena has spoke in the past about the option of turning heel as on a Chris Jericho WWE Network podcast he said "It is not like I am not ready for it" while saying "I thought it would be great."

The last time the veteran was in a heel situation was when he went through his 'thuganomics' phase which portrayed him as a rap obsessed character in the upper mid card. 

Speaking about his current gimmick, he said "it is so rewarding" and "Inspirational (to wrestle as he is now)" the man from Massachusetts does many behind the scenes charity work for kids and has granted the most Make-a-Wish wishes out of anyone else in history. 

Looking ahead to who could alternate as the main guy he said "I just hope that they have someone ready to replace my role" and that it would be "truly what’s best for everybody."

Cena Main Event Absence

Cena feuded with various stars in the upper mid card section (image:
Cena feuded with various stars in the upper mid card section (image:

Despite being the biggest company draw, Cena has not been in the main event picture for a while now as his attention has been fixated on the United States Championship.

Squaring off against the likes of Kevin Owens and several others via his U.S. Open Challenge, after being defeated by Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell he was given time off to recover from his hectic schedule. 

Upon returning he quickly picked up a shoulder injury for which he underwent surgery on which has kept the star out since. His return has not yet been announced but it is likely to be after WrestleMania 32, which is already beginning to take shape even without their top guy.

With the 'leader of the Cenation' moved aside it is believed he lost some popularity from the younger fans which may have presented an opportunity to try something new with the current baby face that they previously have not been able to and now repackaging Cena may be the best way to get ratings up and merchandise.

Other stars have now been able to aim high in the main event scene as Roman Reigns moved in to feud with his former Shield member Seth Rollins. The big man's character has so far received mixed reviewed but in terms of replacing the former 'Doctor of Thuganomics' he is the company's best shot. 

Can Reigns take over?

Roman Reigns has been hailed as the next top guy in WWE (
Roman Reigns has been hailed as the next top guy in WWE (

Roman Reigns has been hailed as the company's next 'top guy' for a while now with Vince McMahon personally seeing him as the future of the company, despite this the way the 30-year-old has been presented over the past two years have done little for the audience to build a proper connection.

The fan negativity towards the former Shield member resulted from him winning the Royal Rumble 2015, which many felt was an undeserved push that gave him an opportunity he had not warranted yet. The hope now is that with Reigns one of just a limited number of main eventer's left in the company he can solidify himself before Cena returns. 

Despite this he seemed to have won many over after winning the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series 2015 as the arena fell silent after Seamus cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to steal the title away after just five minutes and 15 seconds, as the image of the star heartbroken in the ring resonated with the WWE Universe.

Reigns has been depicted as the underdog ever since bursting onto the main event scene, and his status has also been slowly growing, despite looking like holding onto the title until WrestleMania his title was stolen away by Triple H at the Royal Rumble 2016 as 'The Game' returned at number 30 to eliminate both Dean Ambrose and Reigns. 

With a number one contender match up featuring 'The Beast IncarnateBrock Lesnar, 'The Lunatic Fringe'  Ambrose and 'The Big Dog' Reigns he has an opportunity to win back the gold. Despite this the profile of 'brother' Ambrose is rising steadily and fans are getting behind the unstable star, so could this be the beginning of the end for the former Georgia Tech footballer, as his former partner could be in line for a push?