Stardust Confronts Stephan Amell
Amell & Stardust at Dallas Comic Con (

It is a feud that you would expect to see in comic books with the hero “Arrow” actor Stephen Amell going face to face with Stardust who has been the villain in the feud. This is a feud which began on May 25th of last year when Stardust confronted Amell who was in the crowd at Monday Night RAW. Then to poke fun at Amell, Stardust re-named the Cross-Rhodes the Queen’s Crossbow to mock Amell’s character in “Arrow”, Oliver Queen.

How The Feud Began

Stardust then began a feud with Neville after Stardust attacked Neville following the latter’s match with King Barrett only for Amell to make the save. A tag team match was made for SummerSlam pitting “The Green & Red Arrows” against Stardust and Barrett. The match at SummerSlam was won by Neville after he hit the Red Arrow on Barrett. It seemed as though that this feud was ending.

At this year’s Slammy Awards, Amell won the Slammy for Celebrity Moment of the Year. Stardust then stole Amell's trophy for celebrity moment of the year. The feud would then rest until just a few days ago. Stardust gate-crashed the “Arrow” Panel at Dallas Comic Con and threw a glass of water in Amell’s face and challenged the actor to a one-on-one match.

Wrestlers Put Aside Differences

However, despite the animosity between Amell and Stardust, both men have put their differences aside to help raise money for 8-year-old Elijah Manville who is suffering from Stage 4 Cancer but to this point in time Amell and Stardust are surpassing all goals to help Elijah.

Amell & Stardust had been teasing the WWE Universe in the lead-up to the confrontation at Dallas Comic Con. The question then becomes when the match between these two would take place with many believing that WrestleMania 32 is the most likely of events for these two to end their feud.