The Future Of Reigns And Ambrose
Has WWE pushed the right guy?

"Dean Ambrose should face Triple H at WrestleMania for the title"- 95% of the WWE Universe, the people that put their time and money into WWE week in and week out.

"Roman Reigns should face Triple H at WrestleMania for the title"- WWE creative team, the people who seem to pay attention to the fans less and less each week.

As we all know, Dean Ambrose will not be the man who goes on to face Triple H  for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at this year's WrestleMania, instead, the number one contender will be Roman Reigns, the guy who can't cut a promo and the crowd hates. It's turning out to be 2015's Royal Rumble all over again, except WWE corrected their mistakes that time, iff nothing changes this year, Reigns will continue to face heat from the fans. 

Ambrose's Future

On this week's episode of Monday Night RAW, it was announced that Ambrose will go on to face Brock Lesnar in a street fight, and Ambrose fans should not be upset by that, because this feud has classic written all over it, starting with the mic work. The Lunatic Fringe and Paul Heyman can work together to put together masterful promos, that will build the hype tremendously for the match.

Then when you look at the in-ring side of things, this feud becomes even better, it's the Beast Brock Lesnar, the guy who can dish out endless amounts of pain; against Dean Ambrose, the Lunatic who seems to be invincible at this point and has the ability to turn every match he wrestles into a classic, imagine the possibilities.

Dean Ambrose gets right in Brock Lesnar's face| WWE
Dean Ambrose gets right in Brock Lesnar's face| WWE

Reigns' Future

The short-term future of Reigns seems to be trending in the complete opposite direction of Ambrose's, as fans love him, so they will definitely cheer him in his feud that could result in him being a title contender, on the other hand, fans really dislike Reigns, so there's only a small chance that they will support him in pursuit of becoming the top guy in the company.

If a battle with The Authority won't generate support for Reigns, there isn't much the creative team can do to get him over, they even tried having Triple H beat the life out of Reigns on RAW, yet the crowd enjoyed every second of it and actually cheered for The Game.

Someone's character will have to change, or we will be headed to WrestleMania with a very confusing storyline as the WWE Universe seems hell bent on ruining WWE's plans to make Reigns the next baby face, and he could be facing the prospect of being booed out of 'Mania.

Will the crowd cheer for the Authority over Roman Reigns?|
Will the crowd cheer for the Authority over Roman Reigns?|


It's a stretch to say that the company hurt Ambrose's future by having him lose the triple threat, no matter what he does at this point, the crowd is going to love it. However, having Reigns win the match almost makes it seem like he will never get over with the fans, if he lost, he had a great opportunity to turn heel and feud with, say, Undertaker. Instead, Reigns will have to live with being hated by the crowd and do his absolute best in the coming weeks to change that before it's too late.