The Latest On Hulk Hogan Trial
Hogan Courtroom update (image scott keeler)

The Latest On Hulk Hogan Trial

The hulkster is in the midst of a huge legal case and here is the latest on the trial

Joel Lampkin

The courtroom is Florida will seem a long way from the bright lights at WrestleMania, as the $100 million lawsuit involving Hulk Hogan continues. The icon of wrestling is in the midst of a legal prosecution case in which he is suing Media and gossip company Gawker for their publication of a sex tape involving the 62-year-old.

Once seen as a role model and hero of America, the veteran now portrays a much different figure to the person that sold out countless shows and body slammed Andre the Giant, as a series of racist remarks released last year as well a sex tape scandal has had a major negative impact on the Hulkster's career. 

Courtoom update

Hogan is in the midst of a $100 million prosecution case (image:
Hogan is in the midst of a $100 million prosecution case (image:

In summary, over the past 24 hours Hogan's attorneys have been giving their opinion and evidence over the events that took place, and are in the midst of portraying the defendant media company Gawker as a soulless company. Nutshell. 

The defendants’ representative claim having the sex tape on their website was not "invasive of Terry Bollea's privacy." The defendants brought up the fact that TMZ reporter Mike Walters wrote an article about the sex tape in question to which Hogan retaliated saying it did not bother him. 

The prosecution insist that Gawker could have covered the news without showing the video which earned over seven million views, which in turn allowed the gossip website to then profit. The defense however, have brought up several interviews to use as evidence where the former Wrestler speaks frankly about his sex life. 

"I went along with it to get through it" was the main source of reply as he says "The person sitting here is Terry Bollea" and "I do not lie under oath." Hogan claims that the video caused him to 'change forever' and claimed that it was "still tearing me up."

In a strange serious of events the conversation drifts to the open discussion the Rocky III star has had in the past during an interview, where he said he would "discuss" the "length of his penis" if his "daughter's album stayed at number one." 

To clarify the 'elephant in the room' he says "I do not have a 10-inch penis" which in turn draws snickers and laughter from both sides of the camp.