Lucha Underground Possibly On Netflix?
Photo: El Rey Network

Lucha Underground has been putting on fantastic and unique wrestling programs for nearly a year now. In that time it has gotten a lot of recognition as some of the very best wrestling going on in the scene today. Unfortunately for the show, it is on the El Rey Network, which reaches only about 25,000 homes in the U.S. When comparing to the reach of a major company like WWE, that is not many at all.

On the Bubble

While Lucha Underground has been able to cement its place as a great alternative to the WWE and other traditional American wrestling, it has been hard pressed to find enough of an audience to continue production. Because of the way that it is shot, the show isn't incredibly cheap to produce. Before the filming of the second season was announced, fans of Lucha were afraid that the show wouldn't live past season one. They took to Twitter with the hashtag #Netflixneedslucha in support of the show in an attempt to get theing service to save it. The support received from the fans helped the channel and the show producers decide to come back for season two.

Working on a Deal

In the nearly eight months since that hashtag made the rounds, it appears as though there are very real talks between Lucha Underground and Netflix to put the wrestling show on theing service. According to the Wrestling Observer, the creators of the show and the higher-ups at Netflix are close to signing a deal that would put all of the first season of Lucha Underground on Netflix.

If this was to happen, the show that has a relatively small following in the United States could potentially find a much larger audience who are more into the Lucha style or are simply looking for an alternative to the WWE product. This would also provide the show with a much needed revenue which could give them a more concrete future rather than living season to season hoping to find enough money to not be canceled.

The show is excellent and many fans hope that it will be able to sign this deal and get the praise and attention it deserves from the millions of wrestling fans who have been, so far, unable to watch it.