Which Match Will Steal The Show At WrestleMania?
Which match will steal the show at WrestleMania? (image: Joel Lampkin)

Which Match Will Steal The Show At WrestleMania?

With the Grandest Stage of Them All looming which match will be the spectacle or spectacles and stand out among the rest?

Joel Lampkin

Shane McMahon's trip to the devil's playground, the beast unleashed in a street-fight in the Ambrose Asylum or the foundation carving of the Roman Empire, three great matches that are all main events in their own right but which match at WrestleMania XXXII will be stand out above the rest?

The show of shows is just around the corner and with so many matches that could potentially be the match of the night this author gives his verdict on which matches you should pay special attention to. 

The Diva's Championship match

The diva's match may be the match of the night (image:youtube.com)
The diva's match may be the match of the night (image:youtube.com)

In terms of storyline building, this match-up has been perfect, the battle for Charlotte to establish herself as a singles competitor to Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch putting their difference aside to take out a common enemy. 

With three of the four-horsewomen of WWE all in a match together at the grandest stage of them all the recipe for success can not get much sweeter, with the ability of all of the competitors well showcased throughout their time in NXT and ever since their introduction to the main roster back in July 2015.

After moving on from the disaster storyline that was the Divas Revolution these three women have since announced themselves as fine top performers in the ring, being able to display moves that has finally gathered respect from a division that was once looked upon as embarrassment; due to the focus on women as sexual objects. As recently as WrestleMania XXV the winner of the women's battle royal was Santino Marella in drag making a mockery of an area that featured top talents such as Beth Phoenix and Natalya.

Even looking back as far as 'Mania XXII there was a Playboy pillow fight between Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle that was only on the card to once again glorify women as sexual artifacts for the caveman fan to oggle their eyes at. These matches only enabled the perspective that the women's division should be viewed as the parody section of the company rather than viewing the competitors for the athletes that they should recognized as. 

The reason this match is this author's match of the night candidate is mainly down to the desire of the three women to 'prove them wrong.' The desire to be a female wrestler in the WWE will have been met with concern as why would you want to perform for a company that has such an open history of mocking women? 

However, these three women have made statements in NXT and are continuing to cement their legacy on the main roster and shed the skin of unease that has haunted the industry since the noughties. With the ability to put on a spectacle of a wrestling master-class, this match has all the ingredients to make Vince McMahon and the creative team of old eat a sweet slice of humble pie. 

Notable Mentions

Shane McMahon - The Undertaker will likely be a spot-fest (image: pwpnation.com)
Shane McMahon - The Undertaker will likely be a spot-fest (image: pwpnation.com)

In terms of spot-fests, two matches immediately spring to mind, Shane McMahon - The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar - Dean Ambrose. With the stipulations of both matches seemingly provoking ungodly amounts of violence, it is likely to see huge maneuvers performed resulting in the coveted WrestleMania oh my god moments that are discussed for years to come. 

Shane O'Mac was never the most technically gifted wrestler during his time with the company and was instead known for his jaw dropping, dangerous moves such as the 50 foot drop from the titantron or his coast to coast maneuver. The Dead-man however was and still is one of the finest competitors to ever step foot in the squared circle, he is taking Vince's son on a tour of his demonic structure and will surely use some instruments of destruction to make the journey full of carnage.

The beast - the owner of the Ambrose Asylum, similar to the above match, this will be a huge spot fest. With the former Shield member weighing probably half of what the former UFC Champion does, taking the fight to the ground will not likely be an option for the lunatic fringe but with his cart full of wicked toys and a pat on the back from the legends of hardcore wrestling the Ambrose Asylum will be open for business and will see Paul Heyman's client left a bloody mess as the WWE Universe is taken hit by nostalgia with the attitude era steam rolling through.