John Cena: Why The Hate?
Why do people hate John Cena so much? Credit:

Yes you've probably read that headline and scoffed at it. "Oh another guy who thinks he knows about John Cena and why people hate him." Truth is, you probably will have heard what I'm about to write. But this writer still feels the need to express it. Read on if you may.

"You've become exactly what you hate John, you have become the New York Yankees!"

Success Despite Hate

It's funny the man who walked out of the company just over a year and a half later told John Cena this. CM Punk, despite probably not believing a word of what he said in that feud, perfectly summed up why Cena is hated by the masses. You can not achieve the extraordinary amount of success Cena has without being hated on by the thousands, if not millions.

Manchester United, The New York Yankees, The LA Dodgers or The New England Patriots. All are successful, insanely successful but they're all hated. Not because they're not good, quite the opposite. But Cena attracts a rare aura of being both successful and talented yet still gets despised. Is he a bad person? No. Is he a good person? He's a human saint. So why, why do people hate Cena if its not his success?


Cena has grown to accept it. Photo- WWE
Cena has grown to accept it. Photo- WWE

Why all the hatred?

First of all, John Cena is not AJ Styles or Daniel Bryan in his prime, nor is he the male Eva Marie. However, he is in the quantum space of the middle where he's just a tiny bit over the middle. He's good, the guy can go but unfortunately for too long he ended matches predictably and its the same thing that's holding Roman Reigns back at this moment.

There is no shock factor in 75% of John Cena's matches. He hits his 2 flying shoulder blocks and the crowd boos as they realize what is coming. He does the spin out powerbomb and the boos become louder. Cena stands alone and raises his hand as the crowd raise up in octaves as the man they boo laughs it off and hits his signature move,though sometimes he misses to throw in that bit of surprise.

But even then, the crowd gets brought back down to earth when Cena hits the AA and covers his opponent 1-2-3. The crowd just throw their arms up, cover their faces and take out their phones and tweet their displeasure. But.... other than that, why? Many people, including myself, fully understand this attitude. No one wants to see a match end at the obvious moment. We want shock, we want moments like Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker where the match could end at ANY MOMENT! Kick outs at the last possible second can lift the roof just as much as a return can. But the fact stands that the predictability is the IWC's main reasoning for their hate of the face of WWE.

This author wouldn't call himself a John Cena fan but the hate just seems so unwarranted. The guy is a complete package as an entertainer. That's what people forget, WWE is an entertainment brand, not a wrestling brand. Particularly the main roster. If you want a wrestling brand, check out NXT. That being said, Cena can go. Cena produced many match of the year candidates in 2015. At the end of the day, no matter how much people hate him, he will stay and still be the most hard working guy to walk through the curtain every week.