John Cena admits he misses blood in WWE
Cena would like certain aspects back from the past. Photo-What Culture

Ever since the WWE turned to PG there has been a constant barrage of complaints from the WWE Universe and former wrestlers such as Batista claiming that the product is weaker without the edgy aspects such as blood and swearing. However it has been clear that the company is not planning on changing things anytime soon and has geared the major stars of the show towards a family friendly atmosphere. 

Nowadays wrestling legends such as Stone Cold Steve Austin wouldn't be able to act the way he did in the Attitude Era, with a character such as Dean Ambrose supposedly a lunatic, yet he appears as sane as anyone else. The greatest example of the PG Era however is none other than John Cena. 

Cena targets the children and the family aspect of today's WWE, whether it's his bright colored shirts, his over the top cheesy jokes or his motto, it is rare you will ever see Cena's on screen character push the limit as to what he can and can't do. But it appears that even though Cena portrays the perfect PG superstar, he would like some changes himself.

Cena's Opinions

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the WWE star was questioned about the changes that have been made over the years from when he first burst onto the scenes to now and his answers were far from what would be expected. Admitting that due to his age, he would rather, "Have a program geared toward me" as that is "What I (Cena) like." 

It's clear that what it is he likes is, "TV-14 or sometimes even more graphic" which is the complete polar opposite to the current WWE program. One element of the business he made he clear he misses was the profanity. Cena explained how it is sometimes tough to think of creative things to say that are, "Fighting words" when you can't swear and you are portraying a character that is made. Admitting it is difficult to just say, "Oh, you're being poopy" as a method of creating heat.

But the bad language isn't something he wants to return simply for the sake of it, but the WWE has recently used some words, especially in the Undertaker and Shane McMahon feud to good effect. As Cena went on to explain, sometimes it can bring the "Fire" out of people and there are "Personalities that backed the language" so it would make sense. 

Missing blood 

One thing Cena was clear on was his desire to have blood return to WWE. With the current rule being that when someone begins bleeding, "The referee intervenes to stop the bleeding," which was something that frustrated fans recently during the Samoa Joe and Finn Balor match at NXT Takeover: Dallas. 

Cena is no stranger to blood. Photo-
Cena is no stranger to blood. Photo-

Cena felt that the blood aspect made the fights, "Cool" and was a clear sign to fans that, "It had gotten serious" and with the rumors prior to WrestleMania 33 that the WWE was planning on becoming slightly more edgy, there has been more blood return to fans screens. 

Understanding the reasons 

No matter what Cena thinks, the WWE is very unlikely to change their rules on aspects such as blood and that is something that he understands and he revealed that,"Vince (McMahon) has been a coach to me, a father figure, a boss and a friend" and he claimed that "His goal and my goal are the same," which is to "Make the company as big as it can be." 

Unfortunately for fans of blood and profanity, the company is bigger on a global scale now it can reach to all families and children with PG content, so there wont be any changes soon, despite Cena's wishes, but it was clear that "The blood" is a major aspect that Cena does "Miss."