Finn Balor teases Monday Night Raw appearance
Balor is ready for the main roster.

The WWE Universe have been hoping for Finn Balor to debut on the main roster for quite some time now and even though he has been arguably the greatest thing to happen to NXT, becoming the face of the ever growing brand, the Irishmen has been clear about having a similar desire.

With his former Bullet Club members, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows now officially in the WWE the possibility of creating a new stable (Perhaps, Balor Club?) is something that has got fans talking and with the surprise of him dropping the NXT Championship this week, those rumors have never been louder.

Balor tease

The former NXT Champion has been known to enjoy teasing the fans about moving to the main roster and potentially joining his former New Japan friends, with tweets and pictures showing him with Gallows and Anderson he has certainly got the fans hopes up on more than one occasion.

However following his defeat to Samoa Joe, Balor created his latest tease to the WWE Universe, but given the circumstances, perhaps this is his most realistic. Heading to the coach following the event that saw him lose the belt, Balor was caught on video telling a section of the fans the he will, see them on Monday, alluding to an appearance on Raw. He also sent out a tweet simply stating, "It was an honor #NXTLowell" which could be his way of saying goodbye to his beloved brand.

Whether this is just the latest tease from Balor will remain to be seen, but given the currently storyline on Raw of Gallows and Anderson helping former Bullet Club member, AJ Styles it would make sense for the ex-leader to join the group. If it wasn't to happen on Raw, then perhaps Payback would mark the perfect chance for the Demon to make his debut.

Plenty of potential

There are many ways that the WWE could go should they decide to bring Balor to the main roster and get involved with his former allies. He could lead the group that helps Styles become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but the former TNA star has made it clear on Raw that he isn't calling the shots and wants to do things on his own.

With that in mind, Balor could also turn heel for the first time in his WWE career and cost Styles his opportunity against Roman Reigns, starting a feud between the two former Bullet Club leaders, something that would provide fans with some wrestling classics between two of the very best.

Either way, Balor has been a favorite of fans since his debut and a move to the main roster would be well received and the fact that Triple H is also high on him will only see him in good stead, it seems now that it is a matter of when and not if Balor moves to the main roster.