Bayley injured at NXT TV taping?
Bayley could be out of action for the foreseeable future.

WWE have had a tough time recently with injuries, the curse that is lingering over the company like a dark cloud has taken down some of the company's biggest names from John Cena and Randy Orton to most recently, Bray Wyatt. 

According to speculation it appears that it may have struck again, with the victim this time being a major NXT star in the form of Bayley

Helped to the back 

The former NXT Women's Champion was in the middle of a match with rival, Nia Jax when everyone's favorite hugger attempted to reverse a suplex only for her knee to not comply, leading to the rumored injury to take place. Despite suffering an injury the popular star did continue for several more minutes and completed the match, which could be seen as a good sign and potential that it was simply a work, however she had to be assisted to the back following the match and was checked on by doctors. 

Bayley needed assistance getting to the back. Photo- Twitter
Bayley needed assistance getting to the back. Photo- Twitter

Jax picked up the win clean which could also be a sign that the injury was legit and they had to quickly decide to go another angle, but without further information fans will be left wondering. Speculation has surfaced claiming an ACL injury, which would be similar to what Seth Rollins is currently recovering from and would see Bayley out of action for quite some time. 

The timing of the injury is less than ideal for her, with the brands UK tour just around the corner her absence would be a huge blow to the passionate fans and to the shows overall, and for the entire NXT Universe it could mean they will be waiting to see her title rematch for a little while longer. 

Main roster rumors 

Ever since three of the Four Horsewomen moved to the main roster people have wondered and questioned when Bayley would be heading up to join them, and after dropping the title at Takeover:Dallas, many fans were hoping to see her the night after WrestleMania. With that not being the case it has been speculated that she is simply hanging around to have one more major match in NXT, likely her rematch with Asuka before heading to the main roster, in a similar fashion to what other former NXT talent has done. 

Should this injury be serious then Bayley's hopes of joining Sasha Banks and co. will have to be put on hold, and with the current rebranding of the Women's division the timing couldn't be worse for her.