Enzo Amore Health Update
Photo: 411mania.com

Enzo Amore has been removed from all upcoming WWE events up to May 20 following his concussion at last night's Payback pay per view. Though he is still advertised for events after that date, depending on the severity of the concussion, those could change as well. Big Cass is still advertised for all of the shows.

The Injury

In what was their debut on WWE pay per view, Amore got a concussion after hitting the ropes and then slamming his head into the ring. Visually it looked really off and viewers noticed that something was up when the camera's stopped focusing on the ring and stayed on the announcers. Amore was placed on a stretcher and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

Later in the show, Michael Cole announced that Amore had suffered only a concussion and that he was being treated at the time. Based on looks at the time, many beloved the injury was something far greater than a concussion.

Health Update

Amore was up and talking later in the evening when fellow wrestlers Kevin Owens and Big Cass stopped by to see him. They posed for a picture which Owens tweeted out in order to give a visual update on Amore's condition.

Amore was released from the hospital last night but will still be unable to wrestle for some time. There is no timetable given for his return at this time, only that he will be out until at least May 20.

The similarity between the tag team's early work on WWE and NXT has been eerily similar as Amore broke his leg early in their NXT run. It was his interactions with Big Cass and the mic time that he got that really allowed him to shine and gained the pair many fans. It remains to be seen how long he will be out with this concussion but if this injury goes anything like the last one, the crowd is going to go insane when he is healthy and ready to go again.