Original plans for WWE Payback tag team match
Enzo and Cass vs The Vaudevillians has a lot of potential for a good match at Payback. Photo: WWE.com

After Enzo Amore suffered an injury during the WWE Payback tag team number one contenders match, The Vaudevillians picked up the win. Aiden English and Simon Gotch were always meant to pick up the win but the ending obviously had to be altered with the injury to Amore. 

The match had to be stopped when Amore went for a baseball slide spot towards the ropes but the spot ended up going wrong, which led to Smacktalker Skywalker suffering a concussion. The injury looked significantly worse and many fans feared it was much worse than the announced concussion. 

The following night on Monday Night Raw, The Vaudevillians were announced as the new number one contenders and will face New Day at Extreme Rules for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

While The Vaudevillians were always planned to get the win over Amore and Cassady, rumors suggested the match could have ended with interference from The Dudley Boys

The WWE could revisit the Enzo and Cass - The Dudley’s feud. Photo: WhatCulture
The WWE could revisit the Enzo and Cass - The Dudley’s feud. Photo: WhatCulture 

Enzo and Cass to the back of the line?

WWE does not look kindly on concussions. Daniel Bryan and Corey Graves both had to give up their careers due to a number of concussions and Dolph Ziggler will reportedly not receive a title push due to his injury problems. 

Enzo and Cass are white hot in the WWE and are already over with the WWE Universe. In the past during their time with NXT, Enzo suffered a leg injury that meant he was unable to compete. He still appeared on TV and in backstage segments while Big Cass received a singles push.

Cass has future WWE World Heavyweight Champion written all over and a singles push for him is inevitable in the future, so could that mean the injury to Enzo is likely to accelerate those plans? There is always a possibility but at this stage it’s unlikely. 

WWE can’t miss with Enzo and Cass as a tag team and a program with the New Day is likely in their near future. Can you imagine those promos? Wow.