Emma Requires Surgery
Photo: WWE.com

The career of Emma has been one of ultimate highs and lows. From her original call-up, to being sent down to NXT for a second time, she has had to overcome many obstacles to continue her career in WWE.

In her second time in NXT, she became the evil version of Emma. The one who would not play to the fans, dance, or have bubbles in her entrance. This version gave a very similar evil vibe as Kenny Omega in New Japan. The crowd enjoyed her as a bad guy enough so that she moved back up to the main roster and was beginning to feud with Becky Lynch.

Emma's Injury

Just as Emma was building her main roster career from scratch she suffered an injury at a live event earlier in the week. She underwent some test to determine exactly what the nature of her injuries was. After undergoing these tests, Emma, as well as the WWE Universe, was informed that she had something wrong with her back which would require some surgery.

"Emma has a ruptured disc that will require her to have surgery,” explained WWE ringside physician Dr. Chris Robinson. “She came to us in a great deal of pain, which seemed to be increasing. She was then given an M.R.I., which revealed that further action would need to be taken.”

Later in the day, Emma tweeted out some more information about the surgery and let the fans know that it will be taking place on Wednesday, May 18. Until the surgery is completed, there is no timetable to let fans know exactly when the superstar will be back on television or in the ring. Depending on the type of surgery need, Emma could be out for a significant amount of time, with the shorter end being around a month.

She's Got a Friend

Luckily for Emma, she has Dana Brooke there to wrestle in her place. The two have been part of a unit as long as Emma has been back down in NXT. When Dana was injured earlier in the year, Emma was able to step up and handle the physical in-ring stuff. It looks like this time, the new addition to the roster will be doing the same for Emma.

With the surgery on the way later this week, Emma prepares for a long road to recovery. While she's out of action for a bit, it will be time for Dana Brooke to earn her spot in the Women's Division on the main roster.