Toronto set for huge WWE Pay-Per-View?
Canada will receive WWE Survivor Series 2016 for the for the first time since 2016 (

Toronto set for huge WWE Pay-Per-View?

Is the most populous city in Canada about to stage one of the biggest events of WWE's calendar?

Joel Lampkin

One of Canada's largest cities is set to be handed one of World Wrestling Entertainment's 'big four' Pay-Per-Views.

The significance of this news may be miniscule for casual sports entertainment viewers but for wrestling fanatics, the soon to be confirmed announcement may make it one of the most shocking in years.

Ten Years Later

The Air Canada Centre will host WWE Survivor Series 2016 (image:
The Air Canada Centre will host WWE Survivor Series 2016 (image:

The words 'Montreal Screwjob' is a term that should resonate passionately with the WWE Universe, at least it should, considering it is one of the most documented and talked about incidents ever to exist in the world of professional wrestling. Its origins should never be more important as now, with Canada set to receive Survivor Series for the first time since the infamous event.

Explained Below is its significance and what it meant for the wrestling world.

It is ten years since a PPV (not including Roadblock) has taken place in Toronto, with the last being Unforgiven in 2006. It has also been seven years since any special events have taken place with the last being Breaking Point, which took place in Montreal back in 2009. 

The entire list of WWE events for the next year were leaked with the list below: 

June 19th - WWE Money in the Bank (Las Vegas, Nevada)

July 24th - WWE Battleground (Washington, DC)

August 21st - WWE SummerSlam (Brooklyn, New York)

September 25th - WWE Night of Champions (Indianapolis, Indiana)

October 30th -  WWE Hell in a Cell (Boston, Massachusetts)

November 20th: WWE Survivor Series (Toronto) 

December 18th: WWE TLC (Pittsburgh)

Montreal Screwjob

Michaels applies the Sharp Shooter to hart at the infamous Montreal Screwjob (image:
Michaels applies the Sharp Shooter to hart at the infamous Montreal Screwjob (image:

Could you imagine working all your life climbing your way to the top of your industry chain and then have your boss worry of your departure and he decides to permanently remove you from your desk? Well this is vaguely what happened to one of the icons of the wrestling business; Bret Hart.

Two of the best that the world has ever seen were set to meet in the champion's backyard, with a crowd firmly engaged in the match, what could possible go wrong? Everything and nothing.

Shawn Michaels and The Hitman were set to go one-on-one for the WWF Championship, but outside of the ring complications arose. Hart had signed a contract with rival promotion WCW, causing animosity backstage and brought fear into the heart of Vince McMahon

Could his champion leave his own company with the highest honor of silverware? That would have been embarrassing, so unbeknown to the former Hart Foundation member, a plan was hatched to see The Heartbreak Kid leave with the title; one way or another. 

With Mr. McMahon and referee Earl Hebner reportedly one of the only few that knew the scheduled plan, the man in black and white took the order from his boss to ring the bell while Michaels had the soon to depart Hitman in his opponent’s signature move, the Sharp Shooter, despite the Champ not tapping out; not even close. 

With the former Clique member declared the winner, the hometown hero went berserk, spitting in the direction of McMahon before reportedly breaking his nose in a backstage confrontation. Hart was cheated by his own company in the cruelest of circumstances but in hindsight, birthed the ultimate tagline, that Vinne Mac would do whatever he thought was "Best for Business."