A Women's Money in the Bank match in the works?
The women of WWE, although Brie Bella (front and center) is no longer with the company.  Photo credit: WWE.com

A Women's Money in the Bank match in the works?

Lately the women of WWE have been given more chances to out shine the men. First there was the Give Divas a Chance campaign then a Divas Revolution. Now the women's division has been re-branded, could a Money in the Bank match be the next?

Bridgit Dunahee

The Wrestling Observer has reported that there has been backstage talk about the possibility of an all-female Money in the Bank match. This news brings excitement to fans everywhere because women in the business are starting to get the same chances as men and a Money in the Bank match is monumental. However, it isn’t time yet for a match this huge to take place.

Dave Meltzer, who spoke with the Wrestling Observer about the backstage talk, has said that although there has been a discussion on the matter, it is unlikely that an all female Money in the Bank match will happen. In recent history, WWE has made their women’s division to be dainty and fragile. WWE has come a long way from the time where women got in the ring with men, that same time period where the women had hardcore matches, ladder matches and even the first ever women’s cage match. Then came the period of bikini and costume contests. Slowly but surely WWE has begun building the women’s division back to where it once was, which leads to today’s age. Now there’s a Give Divas a Chance Campaign and a Divas Revolution. A Money in the Bank match would be fitting for current events, but also risky.

Low on numbers

WWE currently doesn’t have enough women on the roster to fight in a ladder match. That is when considering the amount of injury that comes from a ladder match. Right now WWE has one main roster and a developmental roster. Rumors have it that there will soon be two main rosters with another brand split. This could be helpful with planning a Money in the Bank match but it’s still too soon for an all female one to occur this year. Yes, the main roster has enough women for the match and could even borrow a few from NXT, but WWE needs backup in case of injuries.

Collateral damage

A Money in the Bank match is hard to put on because of all the work that goes into it. There’s the bumps people have to take and the stunts that need to be done, hitting the spots right and anything could go wrong. It’s easier for the men to put on the match because they’re trained to do it. Women haven’t had ladder matches in WWE in years, and some might not have trained for one before. That does not mean that the women in WWE can't do it. History and other wrestling promotions have shown that women can be equivalent to the men in the squared circle.  

Women's ladder matches have worked before. Photo-TNA Wrestling
Women's ladder matches have worked before. Photo-TNA Wrestling

Given the opportunity for a match the same equivalent as the men surely the women are going to want to make it the best that it can be and steal the show. With all that hard work and effort comes the possible injuries that could follow. At the moment, WWE doesn't have enough female talent to cover all the grounds of a multi women's ladder match. A women’s Money in the Bank match would be awesome, just not this year.