Ric Flair's WWE status
Flair is still under contract. Photo- fansided.com

Ric Flair's WWE status

After being sent away by Charlotte what does the future hold for the Nature Boy?

Matthew Wilkinson

Following Charlotte's successful title defense against Natalya with the help of Dana Brooke, the Women's Champion decided to send Ric Flair packing, telling him to get out of her ring and claiming she wants nothing to do with him anymore. With the father/daughter partnership seemingly being brought to an end fans have been left wondering what the future is for Ric Flair?

Under contract 

Despite his current run as Charlotte's manager coming to an end, the two-time Hall of Famer is still under contract with the company, which leaves the door open for a return at any point. Whether he returns to help his daughter again in the future or if he becomes a valet for a different wrestler to go against Charlotte remains to be seen.

Flair has been by his daughters side since she won the belt. Photo- SkySports.com
Flair has been by his daughter's side since she won the belt. Photo- SkySports.com

Flair will still be used by the company in other roles such as his recent voice work on Camp WWE. The WWE often use legends for their Network projects and the Nature Boy has been involved in a lot of them to this point which will carry on. 

Storyline purposes 

Flair's removal from his daughter's storyline hasn't been done due to anything he did and Flair doesn't have any heat on him backstage and he is not in trouble despite recent reports regarding an airport incident. He has been taken out of the story simply for creative purposes to further the storyline that the WWE are telling with Charlotte and it has been used as an effective way of gaining heel heat and she will now have Dana Brooke by her side. 

Flair's initial role was simply portraying a proud father when Charlotte first won the belt, but after her babyface character was struggling to make an impact on the main roster the WWE made the decision to turn her heel. Flair played a crucial role in helping to form her character with his actions at ringside allowing Charlotte to gain cheap victories and now the Women's Champion will be looking to continue her development without her father at ringside.