WWE Monday Night Raw preview 30/5/16
Photo: WrestlingNewsPost

WWE Monday Night Raw preview 30/5/16

A preview of Raw as it broadcasts live on Memorial Day with the WWE Universe anticipating the return of John Cena.

Connor Bennett

Monday Night Raw broadcasts live on Memorial Day and it has a few questions to answer. The WWE is building to the Money in the Bank pay-per-view and has a sole spot left to fill in the Money in the Bank briefcase ladder match. Also, John Cena is returning, who knew?

There should also be news on the upcoming brand split and what it means for the future of the Monday Night Raw roster. 

Excited? Good, It’s time for Monday Night Raw.

What is John Cena after?

With John Cena being out of action for an extended period of time, questions arise when talking about where he fits in with the WWE’s current storylines. Seth Rollins is battling Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship so rule Cena out of that storyline.

The United States title has just changed hands and is now held by Rusev. With it being Memorial Day, there is always the chance Cena and Rusev reignite their feud from last year, with Cena once again playing the patriot and Rusev the bad guy foreigner. 

Cena could also target the Intercontinental Championship. The Miz is set to begin filming The Marine 5 the day after Monday Night Raw, so could a title change be in his future? 

Of course with Cena, we never know what the WWE is going to do but the 15 time World Champion will make it entertaining either way.

He’s back! John Cena is returning to Raw. Photo: Complex. 

What is Seth Rollins next move?

Seth Rollins has his sights firmly on reclaiming the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and has already fired the first shot at Roman Reigns. Rollins is yet to get back into the ring since his return from injury at Extreme Rules but we could see that on Raw.

Of course, it’s rather unlikely he will face Reigns but it’s more than likely that their paths will cross sometime on Monday. 

The most obvious conclusion to draw is that Roman needs to respond to Rollins and lay down a marker heading into Money in the Bank. Reigns may be ‘The Guy’ but Rollins is still ‘The Man’ and when The Man comes around, you need to step up and answer the call.

Will Reigns fire back on Monday night? Photo: WWE.Com

Who is going to fill the final MITB spot?

Nobody is quite sure who is going to take the final spot in the Money in the Bank briefcase ladder match. A number of different names have been mentioned, from the returning John Cena, to Big E to former NXT World Champion Finn Balor.

These names have been speculated because it is quite easy to connect the dots between reports to even what they post on social media. For Cena, he needs something to do on his return as mentioned earlier but the Money in the Bank match may just be a stretch too far right now.

Big E is rumoured to receive a singles push with the New Day sticking around him. What could be better than a group holding the briefcase, debating whether or not E is bigger than the group itself and them holding the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Finn Balor is notorious for his social media shenanigans and he is at it again with the Money in the Bank match. Balor continues to tease his move to the WWE main roster and even went as far as posting a photo of him holding a Money in the Bank briefcase lunchbox on Instagram. 

Whoever takes the final spot has a good chance to capture the briefcase. Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have all qualified and a few of them have had disputes recently in the WWE.

Owens and Zayn can’t keep their hands off each other, fulfilling their destiny of fighting forever. Ambrose and Jericho have gone against each other in the past few weeks, including the first ever Asylum Match at Extreme Rules.

Who will fill the final spot? Photo: Inquisitr  

Del Rio and Cesaro may not have had any run-ins recently with each other in the WWE but when there is a guaranteed world championship title match on the line, everyone becomes an enemy.