News on WWE’s cryptic hatch tweets
Whats behind the hatch? Photo: Twitter (@WWE)

News on WWE’s cryptic hatch tweets

The WWE has been sending out a number of cryptic tweets, all leading to tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw

Connor Bennett

The WWE has been sending out cryptic tweets based on a hatch. This is prompted speculation from fans as to what they may be teasing. There are a number of easy conclusions to make but nobody is certain is to what the tease concerns.

Tweets have included the words “Extracting” “Locked away” and “Unleashed” so there hasn’t been much to make a concrete assumption on what could be behind the hatch. 

All that anybody knows for certain is that it will be revealed on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw. The last tweet about the hatch said: “Unleashed. See you tonight. #Hatch” 

Fans have guessed it could be anything from a WWE 2K17 video game teaser, the return of the ‘Big GoldWorld Heavyweight Championship and a new stage for Monday Night Raw. We’ll take a look at some of the speculation in a moment, including a few other thoughts. 

WWE 2K17 Tease

This is the most obvious conclusion as it is around this time the WWE begins its promotion for the annual video game. One interesting point this year, is that up to this point, the WWE2K or WWEGames Twitter accounts have not interacted with the main WWE account’s tweets.

In recent years, they have retweeted and shared the early teaser, even adding in a few of their own into the mix. This year, they’ve been radio silent on the matter.

Of course, this could be leading to a cover announcement or the first look at gameplay on Raw as pre-orders for this year's iteration went live earlier today.

The new cover for WWE 2K17? Photo: Operation Sports

Sister Abigail

Bray Wyatt has been teasing his return to WWE television for a few weeks and has even begun adding the mythical Sister Abigail into the mix. The photos that have been tweeted alongside the WWE’s hatch tweets may not line up with this theory, however as they depict a bank vault door like structure.

This isn’t to be ruled out in the future however, as reports suggest the WWE could eventually bring a woman in to fill the role of Sister Abigail in some capacity. 

The return of old SmackDown and Raw sets

The old SmackDown and Raw sets were unique to each show, adding to then present brand split. Obviously with a brand split coming up, fans have asked for the little nuances that separated each show to return.

Some ideas include the return of different uniforms for referees and the return of the SmackDown fist stage, some iconic sights from the previous brand split. However, it is unknown if the WWE is even considering these ideas. 

The stages for each show became universal due to cost cutting methods and even transitioned into some pay-per-view events. Having a different stage for each pay-per-view in the past gave the event a different feel and fans were always excited to see what the WWE brought to the event for that month. 

Will the SmackDown fist return? Photo: Liverpool Echo

The returning ‘Big Gold’ World Heavyweight championship

Again, the return of the classic World Heavyweight Championship is another idea born from the upcoming brand split. With reports and speculation saying that SmackDown and Raw will once again have separate world champions, there is a need for another belt.

Of course, the WWE could come up with a completely new and unique belt but digging up the old World Heavyweight Championship is an easy option. 

Is Big Gold returning? Photo: Bleacher Report

The belt hasn’t been seen in a number of months and was the biggest championship for SmackDown in the past brand split.