Bray Wyatt teases return to WWE
Bray Wyatt teases his pending WWE return with a mysterious Tweet (image:

Bray Wyatt despite acting in the role of a heel since his move to the main roster in 2012, has become one of the most beloved and interesting figures in the WWE to date. 

With his edgy character and his creepy look with a hint of intrigue coming from the Wyatt Family consisting of himself Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Brawn Strowman, the recipe for success has already been written and the release of a social media post, may create a perfect blend for a much-needed push for the Eater of Worlds.

Sister Abigail

Tweeted photo from the Twitter account of Bray Wyatt ?(image:
Tweeted photo from the Twitter account of Bray Wyatt ?(image:

Wyatt's not-so-cryptic announcement on Twitter has already got fans excited for his much-awaited return to the company with something or someone possibly accompanying him along the way.

The 29-year-old has been out of action since sustaining a calf injury during a house show back in April, the Wyatt Family were in the middle of what looked like a 'face turn' as they looked set to square off against the now defunct group consisting of Sheamus, Rusev, Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett; The League of Nations.

The Tweet reads "I make warriors out of the unwanted" and follows up with "For you Abby#TheReturn." There has been no speculation on the meaning of the words in the tweet as no one knows outside of the WWE who the 'unwanted' are, as the attention has been directed on the photo.

Accompanying the tweet was the photo above; presumably a female in the woods with the women likely to be Sister Abigail. Although she is still unknown to the WWE Universe she has been an ever present topic during the promos of Wyatt and this post may be signaling her imminent arrival. 

It is, however, not known when The Man of 1,000 Truths is returning from the sidelines but with his presence on social media continuing to grow thanks to his eerily creepy posts, it should not be long before the former Florida Championship Wrestling star is back in the squared circle.

Five things we know about Sister Abigail

The mysterious Sister Abigail has been teased in the past (image:
The mysterious Sister Abigail has been teased in the past (image:

1- She was Wyatt's mentor. The female (presumably) has already played a huge role Bray's life; he has dedicated his finishing move to her and has been the subject of several of his crowd dialogue. He said about her in adoring fashion "She led us with her love but she taught us that the fires, well, they were our friends too"

2- She is according to Wyatt himself, DEAD! During one his promos when he first made the move to the main roster, he declared that he was present when Abigail "took her last breath." Do not be mistaken that she will never become a physical presence because of this because if so, The Undertaker would have some serious explaining to do. 

3- She is responsible for the 'gift' of Brawn Strowman. Hopefully a gift to Bray rather than the WWE Universe, but the big man of the Wyatt Family was indeed a gift from Sister Abigail. The Eater of Worlds said "Thank you" for "giving" me "your greatest gift, the black sheep."

4- She is still important to Bray. Abigail has been one of the best-kept secrets in WWE to date, although it is likely however that they have not decided on the direction they want to take the ominous character. However, what is clear is that Wyatt is still very fond of 'Abby' as back in 2013 he finished a promo with the words "I love you, Sister Abigail." It seems like The New Face of Fear has failed to move on, but with her arrival essentially promised he may not have to wait long to show the world his 'love'. 

5- She could be... HIS ACTUAL SISTER! Bray Wyatt has a brother who is also a member of WWE, Bo Dallas and their sibling job titles are also transferred to their real life sister, Mika Rotunda. She has already been rumored to have had a tryout at a Live event last year so could be close to an appearance in the near future. Although Mika is certainly not dead, this will, however, mean Wyatt will have to make himself clear, but the Seducer is a master on the microphone these days and may be able to do just that.