Have the WWE given up on The Shining Stars?
Is Time up for the Shining Stars (image: todaysknockout.com)

Have the WWE given up on The Shining Stars?

Following a lack of interest from the WWE Universe, it seems as though the backstage creative team have already given up on the Puerto Rican pair.

Joel Lampkin

There were some eyebrows raised when vignettes of Primo and Epico began airing on Monday Night Raw several weeks ago, as the video packages resembled a promotional offer for a travel agents.

With that being said despite immediate fan negativity the videos continued and after three weeks The Shining Stars debuted on the Monday Night flagship show; but have they already had their fun in the sun?

Have The Shining Stars fallen?

The Shining Stars may have had their fun in the sun in WWE (image: Hollywoodlife.com)
The Shining Stars may have had their fun in the sun in WWE (image: Hollywoodlife.com)

Despite looking strong during a 'squash' match against Scott Jackson and Brian Kennedy who are regulars on NXT under the names John Skyler and Corey Holls.

There was more backlash towards the repackaged stars as the Internet Wrestling Community vented their disgust at the poor treatment of their rookie opponents.

It seems that with the odds already stacked against the Stars; Vince McMahon and co. now appear to have already given up on the duo after just one match as he feels he has seen enough.

It may be the best in the long run as in this 'New Era' that the WWE are keen to remind the viewers consistently, it would be next to impossible to get a repackaged tag-team over with their crowd with gimmick being simply their origin of birth.

How to make The Shining Stars succeed

Could Carlito save The Shining Stars (image: youtube.com)
Could Carlito save The Shining Stars (image: youtube.com)

The Stars are almost under the 'forgotten' category in WWE, but rather than give up on the declining tag-team here is one way they could become a force in WWE.

Primo and Epico are at this point on their last legs with the company, despite being proven workers they have been stuck with 'Z-list' gimmicks but this one despite the obvious flaws has the potential to be great.

Not to be stereotypical but Puerto Rico could easily be a country that may or may not have an illegal drug problem; just for the use of getting The Shining Stars into a favorable position lets just so that it does.

Although this angle is never likely to fly in the PG era so at this point this could be viewed as fan fiction, however bringing in another Caribbean wrestler that is well known to the WWE Universe as a bad guy could help with the angle pitched above; Carlito.

Bringing in Carlito a known heel to the WWE Universe in a suit, sunglasses and showing him in vignettes as a business figure (or drug lord) would create more depth to The Shining Stars especially if they are shown to be speaking to the suspicious Carlito would create interest and speculation. 

The duo would in one sense be a 'front' for Carlito acting as the happy and cheery faces with a criminal image backstage. Now with a cool gimmick, a whole load of storylines could be created.

If they decide to 'take out the competition' for the tag-team belts: beating up the clean-living New Day or even attempting to establish 'their turf' on WWE by taking out the aging R-Truth and Goldust.

Rather than completely dismiss The Shining Stars alls they need is a slightly edgier look, creating interest and generating some sort of momentum as practically anything would have been better than a Puerto Rico travel agent gimmick.