Brock Lesnar not yet confirmed for SummerSlam
Lesnar must pass a physicial examination to be allowed to compete at SummerSlam (image:

Brock Lesnar has been a huge draw regardless of where he has performed, whether that be in the WWE or the UFC as his natural physique and ability have been enough to make him a star in both companies.

After leaving the WWE back in 2004, The Beast tried to force through a career in American Football but upon failing he decided to dabble back into wrestling before setting his sights on the UFC where he took the industry by storm.

But with his near future confirmed for UFC 200 his time thereafter remains unclear as the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is yet to be announced for SummerSlam 2016.

Will Lesnar be at SummerSlam?

Will Brock Lesnar feature at SummerSlam this year? (
Will Brock Lesnar feature at SummerSlam this year? (

With UFC being a complete legitimate sport, many fans were concerned that allowing Lesnar to compete within the octagon was a mistake as it puts his health at a serious risk.

Despite this, it seems Vince McMahon was resigned to letting one of his prized assets perform for a company he has in the past shown little love for, but it may be turn out to be best for business.

The Beast has however not yet been confirmed for the WWE's Biggest Part of the Summer; SummerSlam as they are worried about the health of Lesnar following his bout with Mark Hunt which will take place on July 9.

The Athletic Commission of New York will also have a say on whether the heavyweight is allowed to compete on August 21, at the Barclays Centre as the commission will have to clear him following his UFC 200 fight.

Laz Benitez of the New York State Athletic Commission said the following statement:

Potential participation by Mr. Lesnar in an August WWE event would depend on his medical fitness and physical condition at the time of the professional wrestling show. No person is allowed to participate in a professional wrestling exhibition in New York State until he or she is cleared as medically fit to do so by a New York State licensed physician.”

So for wrestling fans wishing to see the summer tour of Suplex City in a WWE ring they should be paying close attention to the MMA battle in Las Vegas next month, with special eyes fixated on Lesnar and hope he can conquer his opponent. 

Lesnar's record at SummerSlam

Lesnar's opponent last year was The Undertaker (image:
Lesnar's opponent last year was The Undertaker (image:

The wrestling career of Brock Lesnar will highlight huge wins over some of the greatest names ever to compete in the industry with many of his victories coming at SummerSlam.

The first: The Beast's first ever victory in the Summer pay per view came in 2002 with Lesnar competing in the main event against The People's ChampionThe Rock in a singles match for the WWE Undisputed Championship. This matchup set the tone for what would be a hugely dominant career for the Paul Heyman Guy and marked the first in a string of high-profile victories.

The first loss: Following a win in his debut SummerSlam the Olympic Hero Kurt Angle took the Beast down a couple of pegs as he defeated his nemesis to retain his WWE Championship via submission. The two former friends battled it out for the gold, in a storyline that saw Lesnar eventually turn heel soon after.

Played the Game: Pin-fall victories over Triple H do not come often, as the Cerebral Assassin has a history of winning matches despite no logical behind the win. As Lesnar main evented SummerSlam for the first time since 2002, he took on the King of Kings following a personal feud that saw him break The Game's arm several months earlier. HHH eventually tapped out to Kimura Lock and was made to look weak as the much bigger Lesnar dominated much of the contest.

Taking out the Punk: Lesnar had C.M. Punk in his sights during the months proceeding to SummerSlam as he attacked the Straight-Edged Superstar following his brawl with Alberto Del Rio that he won by count-out. Leading to a match at the Biggest Party of the Summer which the following interference by Paul Heyman, the Beast managed to defeat Punk.

Defeating the Face: John Cena was the face of the WWE for 10 years, but Brock Lesnar, took exception to this, feeling that if he has not disappeared from the company he would be in The Champs shot. The two squared off for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, in what was a fairly one side bout featuring 16 suplexes from Lesnar to Cena, despite a late rally call from the champion, his days were numbered as The Beast performed his second F-5 to win the contest and win the Title for the fourth time. 

The Dead shall live on: Lesnar's feud with The Undertaker will remain as one of the most high profile in history with their three matches eventually ending up as 2-1 to Lesnar but The Deadman was able to score a victory over his foe, last year at SummerSlam. Despite Taker tapping out, the official was unable to see, this allowed him to take advantage of Lesnar and put him in the Hell's Gate submission as he protested about his opponents tapping; Lesnar, however, opted to fall unconscious rather than tap out.